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Volume 777 is a free volume that was distributed to the first five million attendees of One Piece Film: Gold. It is stated to contain a "secret page".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The volume cover uses the same illustration by Eiichiro Oda that is used as a poster for the film. It depicts Luffy in the center, surrounded by all other members of the Straw Hat Pirates who are illustrated in different sections of a roulette wheel. Right above Luffy, Gild Tesoro, the film's main antagonist, can be seen as part of a star shape, talking into a microphone. Playing cards which can be seen scattered all over the illustration add to the cover's casino themed design.

Author's Notes[]

Volume 777 Intro Image It is said that 150.000 tons of minerals have been excavated all over the world by humankind. It's about the size of a cube with a side of 20m!!? The Giants in One Piece are described to be 12-13m tall, and the Giant Oars that appeared in the Thriller Bark Arc is described to be about three times as tall, as depicted in the picture above. If you have money, take good care of it (like a gold tooth). Volume 777 is starting!!!


  • Chapter 1: Eiichiro Oda presents: Film Gold Design Works
  • Chapter 2: Eiichiro Oda presents: Making Of Film Gold


  • This volume number is a reference to the slot machine result "Jackpot" which in shown as the number "7" on each of its three reels, also known as "Triple Seven".

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