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Volume 8 is titled "I Won't Die".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

Volume 8 Illustration

The illustration on page 3 of this volume.

The colored cover uses a school bus yellow background, while the title logo is blue, light blue, purple, and light purple. The author's name is colored blue.

On the front Luffy stands in the center, covered in blood and holding one of Krieg's stakes. Behind him are the Krieg Pirates, with Pearl on the left, Krieg in the center, and Gin on the right. In the background is the Dreadnaught Sabre, which has a blue hue.

On the spine Krieg and Gin are featured, and the skull is lavender purple.

For the volume illustration the Straw Hats are lined up in a line, looking like they are having a blast.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 008 Intro Image

There's this short little story. A long time ago, rabbits—in the distant past—seemed to have been able to fly. The reason why we still count rabbits the same way we count birds in the Japanese language is because of this. Rabbits that freely soared through the ancient, clear, blue skies with those great, big ears---.

...That kind of occult story.


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  • 063. I Won't Die (死なねェよ, Shinanē yo?): Luffy becomes angry at Krieg for attacking Gin and attacks Krieg.
  • 064. The Mighty Battle Spear (大戦槍, Daisensō?): Krieg brings out his ultimate weapon, the Battle Spear. However, Luffy manages to break the tip of it.
  • 065. Prepared (覚悟, Kakugo?): Krieg and Luffy continue battling, but after several attacks Luffy manages to shatter Krieg's armor.
  • 066. The Chewed-up Spear (噛み殺した槍, Kami Koroshita Yari?): Luffy defeats Krieg, and Krieg tries to make him drown as a last resort, but Sanji saves Luffy.
  • 067. Soup (soupスープ, Sūpu?): The Krieg Pirates leave, and Luffy tries to get Sanji to join his crew. After Sanji is harassed by his fellow cooks, they tell him they support him leaving with Luffy.
  • 068. The Fourth (4人目, Yoninme?): Yosaku returns and reveals that he knows where Nami is, and Sanji joins the Straw Hat Pirates. They then depart from the Baratie after Sanji receives a tearful farewell.
  • 069. Arlong Park (アーロンパーク, Āron Pāku?): Yosaku explains about the Shichibukai, and how this relates to where Nami is apparently heading. Nami is revealed to be part of a pirate crew led by Arlong, a Fish-Man.
  • 070. The Great Adventure of Usopp the Man (男ウソップ大冒険, Otoko Usoppu no Daibōken?): Zoro, Usopp, and Johnny enter Arlong Park to look for the Going Merry, but Zoro is captured, and after being separated from Johnny, Usopp is almost attacked by a Fish-Man, but is saved by Nojiko, Nami's adopted sister.
  • 071. Lords of All Creation (万物の霊長, Banbutsu no Reichō?): Nojiko reveals to Usopp how Arlong's crew controls their village, and Zoro is taken to Arlong Park, the Arlong Pirates' headquarters. However, Nami later helps him escape.

SBS Notes[]

SBS Vol8 MarinesRank

The full Marine rankings system

Main article: SBS Volume 8
  • Sanji's kick power is stated to be "21 baseball bats."
  • Benn Beckman, Kuro, and Nami are revealed to have the top three IQs in the East Blue, respectively.
  • The full Marine rankings system is revealed.
  • Luffy is natural rubber, not artificial rubber, from eating the Gomu Gomu no Mi.
  • Oda first acknowledges the mystery of the "D" in Luffy's name, but tells fans that he cannot give the answer yet.

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 188-191.
  • Total number of fan submissions featured: 31
UGP Volume 008a
Page 188-189.
UGP Volume 008b
Page 190-191.

Grand Prize: Aono, Hideo [蒼野ひで緒] (Saitama, Japan)

Volume Extras[]

Page 104[]

Oda provides a One Piece style timetable that was requested by a fan.


R(Reader): Sensei, there's something I reeeeeally want from you.

That is... a "ONE PIECE style timetable"!!

*Oda provides a large One Piece style timetable*

O(Oda): A timetable. How... how nostalgic!

How's this!! Photocopy it, enlarge it, use it the way you like!! I don't even know if school actually have 7 periods. It's there just in case.

Page 125[]

Titled Coloring book segment [ぬりえコーナー], a self-colorable drawing of the Straw Hat Pirates seated on a large bear is provided.


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