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Volume 81 is titled "Let's Go See Master Nekomamushi".


The cover is camouflage green, and the title logo is gray, white, and transparent white. The author's name is written in dark green.

The Curly Hat Pirates stand in the center in the outfits they wore when arriving on Zou. Luffy is below them, reading the note that Sanji wrote. Behind the Curly Hats are various members of the Mink Tribe, with Inuarashi and Nekomamushi at the back.

Author's Note[]

Author's Notes
Volume 081 Intro Image

They say that half-bathing is good for one's health! Time for Volume 81 to begin!!


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  • 807. 10 Days Earlier (10日前, Tōka Mae?): The Straw Hats reunite with Brook and find out how the Sunny crew escaped the Big Mom Prates. Upon receiving word that one of the dukes has awakened, Wanda takes the Straw Hats to see him, telling them about Jack's invasion.
  • 808. Duke Inuarashi (イヌアラシ公爵, Inuarashi Kōshaku?): Wanda tells the Straw Hats how Jack invaded to look for Raizo of Wano Country, but refused their offers of peace and attacked. The Straw Hats then meet Inuarashi, and find out Jack used Caesar's gas weapon to claim victory.
  • 809. Master Nekomamushi (ネコマムシの旦那, Nekomamushi no Dan'na?): Inuarashi explains the antagonistic relationship between him and the other ruler of Zou, Nekomamushi. During Jack's invasion, Inuarashi arrived to stop him, but retreated as dusk fell. Nekomamushi then arrived and attacked Jack.
  • 810. The Curly Hat Pirates Arrive (ぐるわらの一味、上陸, Guruwara no Ichimi, Jōriku?): Jack battled the Mink Tribe for five days, but grew exasperated and won by using the gas weapon. The next day, Jack left and Sanji's group arrived, helping the minks in danger.
  • 811. Roko (ROKOロコ, Roko?): Sanji's group drove the Beasts Pirates away and cured the minks of the gas poisoning. However, the Big Mom Pirates arrived at Zou several days later.
  • 812. Capone "Gang" Bege (カポネ・“ギャング”ベッジ, Kapone "Gyangu" Bejji?): Pekoms and Capone Bege arrived on Zou, but Pekoms became friendly to Sanji's group after finding out they saved his people. However, Bege shot Pekoms and took Sanji's group captive, revealing Sanji, as the third son of the Vinsmoke Family, is set to marry Pudding of the Charlotte Family during Big Mom's tea party.
  • 813. Tea Party Invitation (お茶会の招待状, Ochakai no Shōtaijō?): Bege revealed a secret about Sanji's family, causing him to agree to go, and he wrote a note to his crew. However, he freed Nami, Chopper, and Brook from Bege's body, and the Fire Tank Pirates were forced to retreat. Sanji wrote in his note that he had to meet a woman and would be back soon.
  • 814. Let's Go See Master Nekomamushi (ネコマムシの旦那に会いに行こう, Nekomamushi no Dan'na ni Ai ni Yukō?): In the present, the Straw Hats visit the recovering Nekomamushi and Pekoms, and the latter reveals that the Vinsmoke Family is a family of killers.
  • 815. Take Me with You!! (おれも連れてけ!!, Ore mo Tsureteke!!?): Luffy decides to go with Pekoms and rescue Sanji alone. Robin, Franky, and Brook attempt to prevent the samurai from getting to Zou, but they fall asleep. The samurai arrive the next morning, and the monkey with them runs off to report them.
  • 816. Dog vs. Cat (イヌvs.バーサスネコ, Inu Bāsasu Neko?): The minks are alerted to the samurai's arrival, and both Inuarashi and Nekomamushi send troops to look for them. However, the two rulers come face to face and start squabbling. The samurai come to stop their fight, and the minks reveal that they knew Raizo was on Zou the entire time.

SBS Notes[]

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Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 192-197.
UGP Volume 081a
Pages 192-193
UGP Volume 081b
Pages 194-195
UGP Volume 081c
Pages 196-197

Volume Extras[]

  • One Piece World Guide (One Piece ワールドガイド, Wan Piesu Wārudogaido?), Luffy explains the Blue Sea. (page 190)
  • "Straw Hat Pirates" Voyage Route Fast Facts (早わかり"麦わらの一味"航海ルート, Hayawakari "Mugiwara no Ichimi" Kōkai Rūto?), a recap on how each Straw Hat Pirates member joined the crew. (page 191)

Volume Changes[]

Magazine Version Volume Version Explanation
Volume Change 807a Volume Change 807b

Chapter 807, page 9.
Change: Swirly Hats' lines changed from
「バカ!! 正面向いてる場合かよ!!」

(trans. We don't know how to do that without Franky or Usopp! But I do know how to use the "Gaon Cannon"! Don't be stupid! We can't face them head-on!)



(trans. We don't have enough cola after we used it earlier!! The "Gaon Cannon" is also no good! What do we do?! Don't be stupid, you guys! We can't face them head-on anyways!)

to fix a contradiction with Chapter 724, where Chopper used Coup de Burst on his own.

Volume Change 809a Volume Change 809b

Chapter 809, page 4.
Change: Luffy's line changed from 「この帽子おれシャンクスから貰っ」 (trans. I received this hat from Shan--)


「この帽子おれシャンクスから預かっ」 (trans. I'm holding on to this hat for Shan--)

Volume Change 809c Volume Change 809d

Chapter 809, page 17.
Change: Line in Nekomamushi's infobox changed from (夜の王) trans. (King of the Night)


夜の王 (ネコのミンク) trans. King of the Night (Cat Mink)

Volume Change 812a Volume Change 812b

Chapter 812, page 5.
Correction: Removed the pearl decorations from Caesar's hat, as they're only used on Brook's hat.

Volume Change 813a Volume Change 813b

Chapter 813, page 4.
Correction: 「おれ」 (lit. I) added to Sanji's line for consistency with his corresponding line from Chapter 227, page 7.

Volume Change 814a Volume Change 814b

Chapter 814, page 1.
Correction: Changed Drum Kingdom to Sakura Kingdom.

Volume Change 815a Volume Change 815b

Chapter 815, page 15.
Correction: Franky's 「Yeah...!?」 in response to Robin switched to 「Yeah...!!」in order for his tone to convey more of a sense of agreement than doubt.

Volume Change 816a Volume Change 816b

Chapter 816, page 13.
Correction: Furigana for 光月 corrected from "Kogetsu" to "Kozuki".

Volume Change 816c Volume Change 816d

Chapter 816, page 17.
Correction: Furigana for 光月 corrected from "Kogetsu" to "Kozuki".


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