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Volume 9 is titled "Tears".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The background cover is seagreen, with the title being light-pink fading into a dark-pink gradient. The author's name is in blue.

Nami is featured in the foreground, sitting on a cliff, holding her staff and balancing a mikan over her head while looking up with a happy expression. Behind her are shots of the Straw Hat Pirates' males, at various moments of the Arlong Park Arc.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 009 Intro Image Ah-. It is currently the year of 1999, month of July. This is the month that our Bro, Nostradamus, predicts that "the world will be ended by the hands of the King of Angolmois". For this reason, when the King of Angolmois' wanted poster came out, the World Government made this decision. His appearance is as shown in this image. His punishment is 「To lock him up until the month of August」. In conclusion, if you spot him please do not attack him with moves such as the Rolling Sobat or the Piledriver. (World Government)

(Translator's Note: On King of Angolmois's forehead of this image is a small "A" in Japanese [あ].)


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  • 072. Appropriate (分相応, Bunsōō?) Arlong attempts to murder Genzo, the village headman of Cocoyasi Village for possessing weapons, but he is saved by Usopp.
  • 073. Monsters of the Grand Line ("偉大なる航路"から来た怪物, "Gurando Rain" Kara Kita Kaibutsu?) Zoro has Hachi help him leave Arlong Park. Meanwhile Luffy's group is attacked by Mohmoo a monster from the Grand Line, which Sanji easily defeats. Arlong later returns to Arlong Park and learns Zoro attacked the crew he left there as Usopp is captured.
  • 074. Business (仕事, Bijinesu?) After learning their prisoner was Zoro which causes some doubts towards Nami's loyalty, Nami is forced to "kill" Usopp to prove herself. Meanwhile after using Mohmoo to tow them, Luffy's group arrives in Cocoyasi Village running into Zoro who was on his way to save Usopp.
  • 075. Of Sea Maps and Fish-Men (海図と魚人, Kaizu to Gyojin?) Johnny reveals he witnessed Nami kill Usopp which Luffy refuses to believe. Meanwhile a Marine unit sent to liberate Cocoyasi Village is easily defeated by Arlongs top officers, Chew, Hachi, and Kuroobi.
  • 076. Sleep (ねる, Neru?) After Nami reveals she was never really friends with the Straw Hats, as well as Johnny and Yosaku also leaving out of fear, Usopp is revealed to still be alive as his death was faked. Nojiko arrives offers to explain the circumstances of Nami's situation if the Straw Hats do not interfere any further.
  • 077. The First Step Toward a Dream (夢の一歩, Yume no Ippo?) Though only Usopp and Sanji agree to listen to Nojiko, Nojiko explains about their foster mother Bell-mère and the difficult yet happy life they led ten years ago before the Arlong Pirates arrived shortly afterwards.
  • 078. Bell-mère-san (ベルメールさん, Berumēru-san?) After the Arlong Pirates take over the village and demand heavy taxes for the townspeople to survive, they notice Bell-mère's house, she instead uses her money to save Nojiko and Nami and is killed for trying to attack Arlong.
  • 079. To Live (生きる, Ikiru?) Noticing Nami's skills at cartography, Arlong forces Nami to join his crew. However she later reveals to Nojiko that she made a deal with Arlong to buy back Cocoyasi Village with a large amount of money.
  • 080. A Crime is a Crime (罪は罪, Tsumi wa Tsumi?) A marine named Nezumi who is aware of the large amount of money Nami has confiscates it. Nami realizes Arlong is responsible as he exploited a loophole in their deal as she also learns that the village knew about it the whole time as Nojiko informed them in the past.
  • 081. Tears (, Namida?) Realizing they will never be free, the villagers decide to rise up. Not wanting them to die, Nami finally chooses to ask Luffy for help. Luckily, an injured Johnny and Yosaku who learned the truth about Nami earlier stop the villagers and acknowledge only the Straw Hats stand a chance against the Arlong Pirates.

SBS Notes[]

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  • A knife Sanji used in Chapter 54 had a small reference to the classic Shonen Jump manga Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star)
  • The guns in the One Piece world are Flintlocks and a diagram showing how they work is revealed.

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 126, 166, and 206-207.
UGP Volume 009c
Page 126
UGP Volume 009a
Page 166
UGP Volume 009b
Pages 206-207
UGP VIZ Volume 009a
Page 126.
UGP VIZ Volume 009b
Page 166.

Volume Changes[]

  • The VIZ translation of Chapter 75 reverses Arlong's (planned) parlay terms; instead of offering the Marines Beli2,000,000 to leave, he instead demands Beli2,000,000 for their lives.


  • This is the first volume to contain 10 chapters.


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