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Volume Stampede is a volume that was included in the appendix of the Saikyo Jump September 2019 issue. Due to limited distribution of the magazine, this volume has been discontinued.[1]


  • One Piece: Stampede Special Interest File
  • Chapter 99. Luffy Died (ルフィが死んだ, Rufi ga Shinda?): Luffy is miraculously saved from execution by a bolt of lightning, but he and his crewmates are then pursued by a platoon of Marines led by Captain Smoker.
  • Member Introduction 1: Buggy
  • One Piece Story Digest 1
  • Chapter 588. Sabo's Ocean (サボの海, Sabo no Umi?): The World Noble arriving at Goa shoots down Sabo's ship. Ace and Dadan return alive and Ace and Luffy mourn Sabo's loss.
  • Member Introduction 3: Sabo
  • One Piece Story Digest 2
  • Chapter 907. The Empty Throne (虚の玉座, Kara no Gyokuza?): Sterry is introduced to the Empty Throne, while outside, Charlos attempts to kidnap Shirahoshi before being stopped by Mjosgard. Meanwhile, Big Mom makes contact with Kaido, and Shanks goes to Mary Geoise to talk with the Five Elders.
  • One Piece: Stampede: The big battle begins this summer!
  • One Piece: Stampede: Big admission benefits!
    • A one-page advertisement for One Piece: Stampede, with a breakdown of rewards given to early viewers

Member Introductions are short, one-page recaps about the character's involvement in the story.


  1. Saikyo Jump on the Shonen Jump website.

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