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Volume Wano Country is a volume that was included in the appendix of the Saikyo Jump July 2019 issue. Due to limited distribution of the magazine, this volume has been discontinued.[1]


  • Presenting One Piece Goods
  • Chapter 910. Onward to Wano Country (いざワノ国へ, Iza Wano Kuni e?): Luffy's group heads for Wano Country, but Luffy is separated from the others after being caught in a whirlpool and ends up on Wano alone.
  • Chapter 911. Adventure in the Land of Samurai (侍の国の冒険, Samurai no Kuni no Bōken?): Luffy saves a young girl named Tama from some Beasts Pirates and meets her master Hitetsu. However, Tama falls ill from drinking contaminated water.
  • The Wano Country arc will be more fun!
  • Chapter 912. Amigasa Village (編笠村, Amigasa-mura?): Luffy acquires Hitetsu's cursed sword Nidai Kitetsu and takes Tama to the nearest village. He reunites with Zoro, but they are confronted by Basil Hawkins, a Beasts Pirates headliner.
  • The Wano Country arc will be even more fun!
  • The future of "Wano Country"!


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