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Waford is a mysterious island that the Straw Hat Pirates shipwreck on in One Piece Odyssey.[1]


Waford is a nature-filled island that is surrounded by storms. It has distinct forested and beach-covered areas, with ruins of a past civilization scattered across it.[2]


King Kong Garden

King Kong Garden is a forested area of the island off of the coast. It is defined by a river that runs through it, a massive tree that grows along the water, and the Del Kong's nest. This is where the Straw Hat Pirates first reunited with Nami and Roronoa Zoro after shipwrecking on Waford.[3]

King Kong Garden.png
King Kong Garden.
King Kong Garden Map.png
A map of King Kong Garden.


Aside from its wildlife, Waford's only known inhabitants are Adio Suerte, the Colossus, and Lim.[2]

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Adio Suerte Lim Colossus
Kung-Fu Dugongs Blue Gorillas Bananawani Sazae Kanchou Del Kong
Shogun Jishi Jura Chou Seiuchi Mountain Big Sasori Rock Panda
Eisa Hieisa Hidélie Penguin Black Belly Mouse Kaio Dragon


Waford has its own ecosystem and species that are native to the island. However, other creatures like the Del Kong, Jura Chou, and Shogun Jishi, thought to only inhabit Merveille, appear as well.[2]


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