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Wagomuland is an amusement park that opened in Skypiea during the two-year timeskip. It is a very popular place to visit. Its name, basis, and creation are due to Usopp introducing rubber bands to the Skypieans during his time there.[1]


  • Nola Bungee - A ride where Nola holds riders with his tongue and lets them use it like a bungee cord to jump.[2]
  • A Ferris Wheel[2]
  • Dial Boat roller coasters using Milky Road as the tracks.[2]


Wagomuland Employees
Amazon Aisa Nola


From the Decks of the New World

The Nola Bungee

Wagomuland opened on Skypiea, and Amazon, Aisa, and Nola all became employees. Amazon took a job collecting the entrance fee (Esymbol.PNG30,000,000), and Aisa became a cloud balloon vendor.[1] Nola joined the park as part of the "Nola Bungee."[2]


  • Usopp's statue at the entrance is misspelled as "Usop".


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