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Wanted! is a collection of five manga one-shots that Eiichiro Oda produced prior to One Piece. It is named for the leading story, Oda's first professionally-published work.

Oda provides a page of commentary after each story, musing on his inspirations, challenges, and various other subjects.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Wanted! Intro Image

This is a 「masterpiece collection」. No matter what any of you say, this is a 「masterpiece collection」.

You could say these 「masterpieces」 are some of the few successful successors of the will of the countless one-shots out there that have been left to rot. To simply call them "short stories" would be such a shame.

Oh ... but wait, on the cover, the sub-title says "Collection of short stories by Oda Eiichiro".......!!

Ah, whatever.



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God's Gift for the Future[]

Ikki Yako[]

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