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Wany[2] is Wanda's crocodile-boar steed.[1]


Wany resembles a giant hybrid of a crocodile and a boar. It has a huge body compared to its legs and tail, the latter being curled up at the end of its body, with a short snout and big fangs popping out of its mouth from both the upper and lower jaw, the biggest fangs being located at the corners of its mouth. It has small eyes fixed in an angry look and a saddle strapped around its belly for its owner, Wanda, to ride on.[1]


Wany is loyal to its owner, Wanda.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Wany is very fast due to his long legs, having traversed the distance between the entrance to Zou and the Whale Forest very quickly.[4]


Zou ArcEdit

Wanda rode Wany as she interrupted Carrot's skirmish with the Straw Hat Pirates.[1]

At Wanda's command, Wany took her and Carrot to the Whale Forest, where Monkey D. Luffy was being attacked by the guardians Roddy and Blackback.[4] Shortly afterward, it took Wanda, Carrot, and Luffy to the Rightbelly Fortress.[5]

As night fell, Wany took Wanda and some of the Straw Hat Pirates to the Whale Forest alongside another steed much like it.[6][7]


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