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Wanyudo[2] is a Gifter in the Beasts Pirates, serving as Black Maria's weapon.


Wanyudo's pug body.

Wanyudo has a large face with flame-shaped beard and sideburns, bushy eyebrows and a bulbous nose. Due to the effects of SMILE, the rest of his body has become that of a small pug dog.[2]


Wanyudo is almost always seen laughing, seemingly enjoying the destruction his master Black Maria employs him for, although he appears to suffer from shortness of breath due to his constant running effort.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Devil Fruit

Furisode Wanyudo.

Wanyudo ate a Pug SMILE (パグのSMILEスマイル Pagu no Sumairu?) that has transformed his entire body (sans head) into that of a pug, a small dog breed.[2]

Wanyudo is employed by Black Maria as her personal weapon. Due to his small dog body, he can run along a hamster wheel-like mechanism installed on Black Maria's polearm, allowing him to generate fire around himself and increase the destructive power of Black Maria's swings.

Despite being surrounded by fire most of the time, Wanyudo seems to be vulnerable to freezing.


  • Furisode Wanyudo (振袖輪入道 Furisode Wanyūdō?, literally meaning "Swinging Sleeves Wheel Monk"): Black Maria swings Wanyudo down in a crescent motion, destroying the floor in front of her. It was first used against Nico Robin and Brook, while pursuing them both down a hallway.[2] In the VIZ manga, the technique is called Wanyudo Sleeve Swing.


At some point in the past, Wanyudo joined the Beasts Pirates and ate a Pug SMILE. He joined the group under Black Maria's command and she began to use him as a power source for her fire generating polearm.

Wano Country Arc

After Brook and Nico Robin freed Sanji from Black Maria's web and started to turn the tide of the fight, Black Maria took up Wanyudo and used him to attack the two Straw hats. Brook used his soul to freeze Wanyudo so he could no longer assist Black Maria.[3]

Major Battles


  • Wanyudo is based on a yokai of the same name, which is often depicted as the disembodied head of a monk stuck inside of a flaming oxcart wheel.
    • Due to his pug SMILE, his name is also likely a pun, as the Japanese onomatopoeia for a dog's bark is wan (ワン?).
  • Because of his SMILE ability, Wanyudo is also a reference to the yokai Jinmenken, a human-faced dog, which he is referred to as by Brook.


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