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Wapometal[1] is a special kind of alloy that was inadvertantly invented by Wapol when he was turning garbage into toys during his cover story, manufactured via his Baku Baku no Mi powers. It was this metal that turned him from a homeless bum into a very wealthy CEO of a toy company. His wapometal toys were so successful, the World Nobles granted him a new kingdom as a reward.[2]

Franky used Wapometal for his Iron Pirate General Franky.[3] It is a shape-memory alloy that can be restored to its preconfigured shapes, being used to create merger modes in the components of the Iron Pirate General Franky.


  • Though it isn't stated by name, the Vinsmoke Family Raid Suits are also said to be a shape-memory armor, and, like the General Franky, have proven to be fire-resistant.[4]


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