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The Warabide Sword is the primary weapon of Basil Hawkins. It is a longsword whose blade is composed of straw generated by the power of the Wara Wara no Mi.[1] It is a Meito of an unknown rank.[2]


The Warabide Sword is a long and thin double-bladed longsword. Its hilt is brown, covered in bandages, and possesses a black effigy at the tip of a man's head wearing a brown top hat, which resembles a voodoo priest. The hilt has a small tan circular guard at the start of the blade and no hand guard. In its normal state, the blade is colored silver.[1]


Hawkins transforms the sword.

The primary feature of the Warabide Sword is its composition being made of straw with the power of Hawkins' Devil Fruit, the Wara Wara no Mi. When transformed, the straw can extend in any way Hawkins pleases to perform long-range attacks, maintaining its sharpness and being capable of creating a large attack radius. The straw has also been used to form a giant scarecrow effigy known as the Straw Man's Card that can aid Hawkins in combat.[1]


Straw Man's Card.

  • Straw Man's Card (藁人形ストローマンズカード Sutorōmanzu Kādo?): By generating a large amount of straw from his sword, Hawkins creates a large straw monster that resembles his Goma no So technique. Once the entity detaches itself from his sword, Hawkins is able to remotely control it at will, with the Straw Man mimicking his movements.[3] The Straw Man wields a variety of weapons, including a large spike-covered club, which it can swing with enormous strength (enough to make the superhumanly strong Zoro struggle to hold it back), and can also spit nails at its targets. However, the Straw Man's behavior is seemingly governed by what tarot cards Hawkins draws, which do not always have advantageous results. However, according to Hawkins, drawing bad cards tends to give better results for later draws. The cards have effects on his giant straw monster, those linked to him via straw dolls and his target(s). Since the Straw Man is linked to Hawkins's body, damaging it will also damage Hawkins himself, although he can still use his straw dolls to transfer the damage to someone else. This technique was first used during Hawkins's battle with Luffy and Zoro at Wano Country.[4] In the Viz Manga, the technique is called Strawman Cards.
  • The Fool, Reversed (「愚か者」逆位置 "Orokamono" Gyakuichi?): The card of infighting. Causes those linked to Hawkins to attack each other.
  • The Hierophant, Reversed (「法王」逆位置 "Hōō" Gyakuichi?): The card of pursuit. Prompts the straw monster to pursue its targets.
  • The Hierophant (「法王」 "Hōō"?): The card of reinforcements. Indicates that his targets will escape with someone's help.
  • Death, Upright (「死神」正位置 "Shinigami" Seiichi?): The card of destruction. Prompts the straw monster to strike its target with a scythe.[5]
  • The Tower (タワー Tawā?): The card symbolizing the collapse of the old with a hidden meaning of "a new path forward". It is unknown what effect this card entails on the straw monster, if any, since Hawkins was defeated by Killer before it could manifest again.[6]


  • The sword's name represents a pun, with "Warabide-tō" (蕨手刀? "Fern-Shoot Sword") being an ancient type of Japanese katana from the Nara period, named for its fern shoot-shaped pommel.


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