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Watashi ga Iru Yo (Translated: I'm Here With You) is the third ending theme for the One Piece anime, sung by Tomato Cube in Japanese. The Funimation dub version is called "You've Got Me".


Starts off with a view of the clouds and trees then pans down to the Going Merry as it sail a river. Cut to a top down view of the crew doing various things on the ship (Zoro lounging, Luffy fishing, Usopp checking out the sights through a telescope in the crow's nest, and Nami tending to her mikan groves with the help of Sanji). Cut to the men's quarters of the ship as we see their hammocks sway to and fro. Then to the women's quarters (which at the time was solely Nami's room) fan turning above and hot coffee on of the tables. Cut to the Northern style Lights in the air then to the crew enjoying the phenomenon on their ship. Then to quick cuts of the crew doing something corresponding to the timing in the next verse: Zoro cleaning his sword with Luffy jumping and Usopp in football gear in the background; Usopp drawing against a mountain setting with Sanji and Zoro now in the background looking at the setting with Luffy running by giving peace signs; Nami trying on a dress in a store in front of a mirror with Sanji admiring her in the background till Luffy pops in wearing pants on his head and gets smacked by the cook; Luffy grinning at the camera with his mouth full and holding onto a piece of meat which Sanji and Usopp are trying to pry from him while Nami just looks on in annoyance in the background and Zoro simply drinking something (this is actually a callback to the end of the RUN! RUN! RUN! which also had the former three fighting over food); and finally Sanji twirling a knife before cutting into some lettuce with Luffy and Nami jumping in the background with dinner utensils in their hands. It then shows a top down view of the Straw Hats walking up some stairs with a bit of map on the side (where the credits are rolling) Luffy, whose was in front, take a bit of notice of this as the crew walk on till Zoro pushes him back forward and he run on with the other right behind him. Final shot of the five as they lay around their Jolly Roger and smile at the camera as the song ends.


Japanese Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
大きな声で 笑って イイ気なもんね

傘もないのにどしゃ降り 目も当てられない

Ooki na koe de waratte ii ki na mon ne

Kasa mo nai no ni do shaburi me mo aterarenai

Doesn't it feel good to just laugh out loud?

Even without an umbrella, the pouring rain can't hit our eyes

赤いシグナル 点滅 立ち止まって

君は迷って 一歩も 踏み出せないで

Akai shigunaru tenmetsu tachidomatte

Kimi wa mayotte ippo mo fumidasenaide

Stopped at a flashing red light,

You hesitate, you can't even take the first step

いつかもらった 下手な鼻歌より

ちょっとゆるんだ ネジを巻くよ

itsuka moratta heta na hana uta yori

Iryouku wa nai kedo
chotto yuru n da neji o maku yo

My power isn't as great

As the poor humming I received back then
But I can still tighten this loose screw!

私がいるよ Ah 愛しい人ねえ


watashi ga iru yo Ah itoshii hito nee

Zutto daiteite ageru

I'm here with you, Ah, the one I love!

I will hold you always

波がさらった 小さな砂のお城

流れる雲を見上げて 泣きそうな笑顔

Nami ga saratta chisana suna no oshiro

nagareru kumo o miagete naki souna egao

The waves washed away your little sand castle

With a tearful smile, you looked up at the passing clouds

もしも世界中に 敵しかいないなら


Moshi mo sekai juu ni teki shika inai nara

senaka o makasete
Shinjiru kimochi o wasurenaide

Even if the world turns against us,

I've got your back
Never forget, you can trust in me

私がいるよ Ah 愛しい人ねえ

私がいるよ Ah やさしい唄ねえ

Watashi ga iru yo Ah itoshii hito nee

Zutto daiteite ageru
Watashi ga iru yo Ah yasashi uta nee
Todoke futari no tame ni

I'm here with you, Ah, the one I love!

I will hold you always
I'm here with you, Ah, a gentle song
Reaching out for the two of us

そうだ 明日晴れたら 行こう 見せてあげる Sou da ashita haretara yukou misete ageru If it stops raining tomorrow, let's go! I want to show you
空も海も全部 Ah キラキラキレイね

いつもそばにいつも Ah 愛しい人ねえ
ずっと mm ずっとmm

Sora mo umi mo zenbu Ah kira kira kirei ne

Kimi o aishiteiru kara
Itsumo soba ni itsumo Ah itoshii hito nee
Zutto mm zutto zutto

The sky, the sea, and everything, Ah, they sparkle beautifully

Because I love you
Always, always beside, Ah, the one I love
Forever, mm, and ever



Watashi ga iru yo

Watashi ga iru yo
Watashi ga iru yo

I'm here with you!

I'm here with you!
I'm here with you!

Funimation Version[]

English Credits

Funimation's credits do not reference the English covers of the theme song. The English singer is Leah Clark.[citation needed]


Oh, you've got me heart and soul
I wrote you a love song to let you
Know that I wanna be with you 'til the end of time

Even when the sparkle fades
The doubts invade our once so trusting minds
Promise you that I will stay,
we'll find a way to look through the cloudy skies

We built a castle of sand
And now we're watching it wash away,
It doesn't have to end
We'll start again, this time 'round,
we'll build a stronger love

Oh, you've got me heart and soul
I just wanna hold you and not let go
You know that I'll be with you 'til the end of time
Oh, you've got me heart and soul[1]


  • This ending start on episode 64, matching the start of the Whisky Peak Arc and the timeslot change to Sunday evenings on April 15, 2001.


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