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Water 7, known as the "Capital of Water" (水の都 Mizu no Miyako?), is a city in Paradise known for its shipwrights.[1] It is the main setting of the Water 7 Arc and Post-Enies Lobby Arc.

The Straw Hat Pirates stopped here to trade in their gold for belly, as well as to repair the Going Merry and also to find a new shipwright for their crew. It is part of the route their log was on, heading there directly after Long Ring Long Land, making it the eighth island in Paradise that they visited.

Layout and Locations

There are water-ways and canals that are used for transportation almost like roads, often surrounded by sidewalks on the canals. Many citizens use Bulls which are seahorse-like creatures that are attached to boats to move around the city. Also, some shops rent bulls of various sizes, although they rarely rent King Bulls as they are gigantic in size. There are 3 main types of bulls, of which the 2 smaller sizes are used for transport. The bulls are good to use because they can go up ramps of water and move about the city. Architecture is very colorful, often using a tan or peach color for the walls and roofs which are many time red and semi-circular; nearly all the roofs are of red color and texture. The houses are tiered to allow for more houses to take up room and are usually made keeping in mind the city sinks. Some canals are wide enough for ships, but those are mostly just to let some ships enter the city so they may be docked somewhere. The city resembles a giant fountain in a volcano shape because of the tiered system of building houses.[citation needed]

Water 7 Map In The Anime.png
A map of Water 7 as seen in the anime
Shipbuilding Island.png
Shipbuilding Island
Water Gate Elevator.png
Water Gate Elevator
Back Street Map In The Anime.png
A map of the Back Streets seen in the anime
Water 7 Canals.png
The many canals that makeup the Back Street
Shopping District.png
Shopping District
Back Street Shops.png
Shops seen in the Shopping District

Shipbuilding Island

Main Street

Galley-La Headquarters
Further information: Galley-La Headquarters

This is where Iceburg lives. It is probably the largest home on the island and is generally well protected. A fight occurred here between the Straw Hat Pirates and CP9, but the CP9 quickly beat them, since they were unprepared for battle, and CP9 were attempting to get away quickly on the Sea Train, but could not find the blueprints they were looking for.[3]

First Galley-La Headquarters.png
The first Galley-La Headquarters
Second Galley-La Headquarters.png
The second Galley-La Headquarters
Dock 1
Further information: Dock 1

Dock One

Dock One is considered the best dock of the Galley-La Company, and is the only one shown. Dock One is one of the 7 docks once owned all by different companies. Each of them grouped together to form Galley-La Company. All of them are assumed to be roughly the same size, but Dock One has some of Galley-La's finest. Iceburg's mansion is near here.

Beli.png Cashing

Beli.png Cashing

Beli.png Cashing is a currency exchange on Main Street on Shipbuilding Island where Ishigo Shitemanna works. Luffy, Nami and Usopp had their gold exchanged here for Beli.png300,000,000 after almost being swindled for Beli.png100,000,000.[4]

Blue Station

The Blue station.

The Blue Station (ブルーステーション Burū Sutēshon?) is where the Sea Train stops in Water 7. Sanji snuck aboard here and this is where the CP9 boarded the train with Nico Robin and Franky. This station becomes very crowded when Aqua Laguna comes, as many citizens board up their houses and leave for other islands. Bushon and Stevie are two mustachioed employees at the station who enjoy gossip and eavesdropping, though they try to maintain some level of professionalism in their jobs.[5]

Blueno's Bar

Blueno's Bar

This is a bar run by Blueno when he was undercover. After the timeskip, Mozu and Kiwi work at the bar. Franky usually stocked up on his cola here.

Also, a large amount of gossip is spread or started here.[6]

Franky House

Further information: Franky House

The Franky House

The Franky Family lives here and uses it as a base. Like most of Water 7, it is very colorful. The house has big gold letters reading FRANKY HOUSE in front and has large robot-like "arms" hanging off the sides. After the Franky Family stole most of the Straw Hat's Belly, Usopp blamed himself for the loss and tried to get the money back by fighting them, but the Franky Family beat him up. When the other fighters of the Straw Hats found Usopp, they took revenge by destroying the Franky House and fighting the rest of the Family. Franky was not there and later came looking to find Monkey D. Luffy.

The Franky Family later began construction to rebuild the house after Enies Lobby raid, and stopped to force Franky to join the Straw Hats.

Scrap Island

Further information: Scrap Island

The Thousand Sunny being constructed at Scrap Island.

Made up of the debris of hundreds of wrecked or scrapped ships this man-made island is featured prominently in Franky's flash backs. It later becomes the location for the construction of the Thousand Sunny.

Rental Bull Shop

Rental Bull Shop

Rental Bull Shop is the place to rent Bulls. It is located at an entrance to the city from the Rocky Cape. The Bulls are kept in a fish tank with Yagara Bull two seat coaches costing Beli.png2,000. It was Luffy, Nami, and Usopp's first stop in the city.[7] Upon seeing their gold, the owner of the shop jokingly asked for Beli.png1,000,000 for two Yagara Bulls, but did not succeed.

Rocky Cape

Rocky Cape is a cape located on the outskirts of the city where the Straw Hats first docked.[8]

Rocky Cape .png
Rocky Cape
Rocky Cape Compared To Water 7.png
A bird's-eye view of Rocky Cape from Water 7

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Tsui Village

Further information: Tsui Village

Tsui Village

Tsui Village is an anime-only location in Water 7. It is known by the citizens as a place of legends and the final resting place of Yagara Bulls. In reality, the spiritual realm exists and Tsui Village is located in the abandoned undergrounds of Water 7.

Concludes non-canon section.


  • Chiza Hotel, where Iceburg had a meeting with the owner of the glass factory, before canceling it.
  • Liguria Plaza, where Iceburg should have given a speech before canceling the engagement.[9]


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Water 7 is slowly sinking. The current group of houses is built on top of the last group from at most a couple decades before.

Water 7 used to be on dry land, while Shipyard Island would be outside of the city. However, as centuries went by, as the water began to rise, the people of Water 7 would build new houses and buildings on top of the older buildings to survive.

Generations ago, the ancient weapon Pluton was constructed here,[10] before it was shipped off to the Arabasta Kingdom.[11] The blueprints, however, remained in Water 7 for generations.[12]

Gol D. Roger visited this city, the fish-man shipwright Tom built him his ship, Oro Jackson.

Twenty-two years ago, the city was dying, pirates had pillaged the trade ships that the populace depended on to survive. Tom was put on trial for building Roger's ship but Tom made a deal that he wanted to build a Sea Train to save Water 7 from becoming a ghost town, repelling pillaging pirates. The judge liked the idea and gave him ten years to build it.

Tom built the tracks that connect to Pucci, St. Poplar, San Faldo, and Enies Lobby. After that, Water 7 was saved from becoming a ghost town and once again it was a thriving city.

A man named Spandam tried to obtain the blueprint from Tom, who refused to give it to him. Spandam had to frame Tom and his workers to be able to acquire it but Tom sacrificed himself to release his workers from government custody.

Formerly, Water 7 had seven docks, each were large dry docks used for building ships. Each one was run by a different company. One day, a student of Tom, named Iceburg united all 7 docks into one company, named Galley-La Company. Ever since the docks have worked as one, each taking orders and building ships as part of the same group, however Dock One is known for having the best shipwrights and building the best ships. Iceburg, as well as being the CEO of Galley-La Company, also is the beloved mayor of Water 7.






  • The Liguria Plaza mentioned by Kalifa shares its name with the homonymous Italian region.
  • Water 7 was inspired by Italy,[13] with its geography seeming to be inspired from the city of Venice which is also water-logged and has similar canals that people travel on, and has been similarly gradually sinking with the first floors of many old buildings now underwater. The masks usually seen being used by the city's citizens during the celebration could have also been inspired by the popular Venetian masks. Hanging laundry between buildings is also a common practice in Venice.[14]
  • Canonically, this is the last island in Paradise the Straw Hats visit that has a magnetic charge.
  • This is the first island the Straw Hats visit twice. The second was Sabaody Archipelago, and the third was Cacao Island.


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