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Wavers are small vehicles created in Skypiea.

Design and Function

The typical Waver bears a resemblance to a water scooter, in both appearance and functional design. They are made from a small boat with a Breath Dial installed within, and a set of handle bars that are connected to the front wheel.

Wavers are extremely hard to control and it usually takes ten years to master riding the vehicle.[2]

Shiro Mokuba I

Main article: Shiro Mokuba I

The one Nami owns has been modified by Franky in both design and functionality, and has been rechristened as Shiro Mokuba I.[3] It is faster than other Wavers, as it is very light in weight and uses a Jet Dial for propulsion instead of the standard Breath Dial.[4] Nami managed to master riding it after finding it and realizing its function in a surprisingly short time, due to her exceptional natural ability and delicate touch.


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