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"We Can!"[1] is the 19th opening for One Piece and the 5th opening for the second half of the series.


The opening begins with a silhouette of the Straw Hat Pirates before the camera focuses on Luffy putting on his straw hat and rushing forward, followed by the rest of his crew. Zoro, Usopp, Nami, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook and Luffy are posing with their name board (in Brook's only his face is shown and his name is written as "The SK Brook") before the entire crew stand together as the logo flashes around.

The logo fully appears as the Thousand Sunny sailing on the open sea. Luffy is sitting on the ship figurehead as Brook starts performing for the crew. The opening then shows the Straw Hats standing in a circle witnessing many poneglyphs around them as Robin watches in amazement. Cut to Gol D. Roger and Shanks standing back to back, and flashes of the Four Emperors, the current Shichibukai (with Edward Weevil silhouetted until Episode 753), and the Eleven Supernovas minus Luffy and Zoro.

Cut to Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper having a water fight as Nami, Robin and Franky sit nearby. Franky then joins Usopp and Chopper using his shoulder cannons to spray Luffy into Sanji and Zoro who start to bicker and fighting among themselves as Franky and Chopper chase Luffy and Usopp. Brook is then shown ecstatic as Nami and Robin (using her Devil fruit abilities to hold multiple water pistols) prepare to join the fight.

Cut to the Sunny sailing on a stormy sea next to an unknown island where the Beasts Pirates are marching forward. Luffy stands in an open rocky area and is joined by the rest of the crew, ready to fight, with Luffy charging ahead. The Straw Hats are then fighting the member of the Beast Pirates as Sanji and Zoro team up to fight Jack in his mammoth form as Luffy attacks Kaidou before activating Gear 4 and clashing fists with the Four Emperors.

Then it cuts to different scenes, depending of the episode the opening is seen in:

Cut to the Straw Hat Flag in the wind and the Crew smiling as the song ends.


TV Size Version[]

Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
この世界の果てなんて kono sekai no hate nante I've never seen the end of
この目で見たわけじゃない kono me de mita wake janai the world with my own eyes
だから旅立つんだ君とウィーキャン! dakara tabidatsun da kimi to, we can! That's why I start a journey with you, we can!
海から海を股にかけて umi kara umi o mata ni kakete Traveling from sea to sea
ひとつの宝探しに hitotsunagi no takara sagashi ni In search of the one-piece treasure
そんなの夢物語だと sonna no yumemonogatari dato Despite the fact that everyone laughs and says
誰もが笑っているけど daremo ga waratteiru kedo That it's just fantasy
胸の昂ぶりだけが羅針盤 mune no takaburi dake ga rashinban A rush of excitement is our only compass
しったかぶりしてろよ shittakaburi shitero yo Just keep pretending you know everything
許可書なんてさガイドブック kyoukasho nante sa guidebook Textbooks are just guidelines
雨も涙もいつかは止む ame mo namida mo itsuka wa yamu Both the rain and our tears will eventually stop
顔を上げろ錨を上げろ kao o agero ikari o agero Hold up your head, pull up anchor
心の嵐が過ぎたなら kokoro no arashi ga sugita nara Once the storm in your heart subsides
舵取れさぁ勝ち取れ kajitore saa kachitore Take the helm, now, win a victory
明日の風が吹くころには ashita no kaze ga fuku koro niwa By the time tomorrow's wind blows
晴々帆を張れ胸を張れ harebare ho o hare mune o hare Get refreshed, spread sail, chest out
誰かに逢いたくなるんだ dareka ni aitakunarun da It makes me long to see someone
想像つかない真実ばかりだろ souzou tsukanaikoto bakari daro There are tons of unimaginable truth
見て見ぬ振りするなよ miteminufuri suruna yo Don't turn a blind eye
常識なんてさ多数決 joushiki nante sa tasuuketsu Common sense is just the mind of the masses
この世界の果てなんて kono sekai no hate nante I've never seen the end of
この目で見たわけじゃない kono me de mita wake janai the world with my own eyes
だから行こうぜアマノジャック船長 dakara ikou ze amano jack senchou That's why we've got to go, Captain Live-By-My-Own-Rules
出来やしないことって何? dekiyashinai koto tte nani? Who says it's impossible?
まだ何も始まってない mada nani mo hajimatte nai Nothing has started yet
すべて知りたいんだ今イエス・ウィーキャン! subete shiritain da ima, yes, we can! I want to know everything now, yes, we can!
イエス・ウィーキャン!ユー・キャン! Yes, we can! You can! Yes, we can! You can!
この瞬間 kono shunkan This moment
ウィーキャン!アイキャン! We can! I can! We can! I can!
この快感 kono kaikan This great feeling
今今オー・イエス・ウィーキャン! ima ima, oh yes, we can! Now, now, oh yes, we can!
イエス・ウィーキャン! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!



  1. Weekly Shonen Jump 2016 Issue 27 - We Can! is first revealed.

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