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Wetton is the main antagonist of the anime-only Ruluka Island Arc. He was captain of the Wetton Pirates before becoming the mayor of Ruluka Island.[1]


Wetton is an old, wrinkled man with red hair and beard, arranged into a so-called "chin curtain" (hair and beard meet via whiskers, but facial hair above the chin is shaved off). He apparently has been using this style for at least 50 years.[1]

When he was younger, he had blue tattoos on his front, with a common cape, and wore a nose ring on his left nostril that he has since taken out.[5] As of now, he wears a purple uniform similar to those of all his soldiers and his relatives.

He walks with a cane that has a handle resembling a red bull's head - similar to the front-piece of his former pirate ship, the Tarielishin.


Wetton Portrait.png
A close-up of Wetton's face.
Wetton as a Pirate.png
Young Wetton, during the sack of Ruluka.
Wetton Pirate Portrait.png
A close-up of Wetton's face when he was young.
Wetton's Wanted Poster.png
Wetton's bounty poster as shown in Movie 9.


Wetton yearns for peace and security, retiring from piracy in order to settle down as a mayor. However, he still maintains his ruthlessness as a pirate, as he tyrannically conquered the island, though in a more comedic way than true evil, as he forced the citizens to pay horrendous and silly taxes such as paying for eating food that has already been paid for.

Abilities and Powers

Political Powers

As mayor of Ruluka, Wetton had control over the island's laws, tyrannically enforced by his Ruluka Government, in which he was able to create ridiculous taxation such as paying for eating food that has already been paid for. With his arrest for piracy, Wetton lost his privileges.


While still a young, active pirate (at the time of his burning down Ruluka), he used to be a person with considerable strength, fighting with a huge and ornately decorated single-edge axe.[5] At his current age, he wields a much smaller axe without much force behind his swings.

Flame Suit.

Currently, due to his advanced age and declining strength, his primary method of fighting is using his Flame Suit (火焔スーツ Kaen Sūtsu?), a mecha suit armed with two flamethrowers attached to the mechanical arms. The suit has fuel pumped into it by a team similar to the Dynamo Team. He has one named attack while using this suit.

  • Silver Barbecue (シルバーバーベキュー Shirubā Bābekyū?): Wetton shoots his flames at his target when they are taken down by Flip's net.



He is a former pirate, who burned down Ruluka and then became its mayor, because he yearned for safety and power. He later funds Henzo's research, by putting up silly and exorbitant taxes, to complete the construction of the Rainbow Tower, so as to get access to the Rainbow Mist's treasures.

Ruluka Island Arc

Wetton's last futile attempt to resist arrest.

He attempts to fight Luffy in a flame suit in the Rainbow Mist, but is swiftly and easily overpowered. With the protective seal on his suit destroyed, Wetton panics, throws a few bombs into the tower (now a horizontal passport into the Rainbow Mist) and runs away. He is confronted by Sanji, finished off by a mature Rapanui Pasqua, and then arrested.


  • His son, Flip, and grandson, Lake, both share his features.


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