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The White Tiger was the Neo Marines' main ship.

Ship Design and Appearance[edit | edit source]

The White Tiger was a huge dark-brown ship with seven white canvasses, three white flags on the flagpoles and a black one on the top. The front of its keel had a huge blade coming out from it, presumably used to attack and destroy other ships. The ship's figurehead resembled the head of a white tiger with a cannon in its mouth.

History[edit | edit source]

Z's Ambition Arc[edit | edit source]

As Shuzo was trying to reach Panz Fry, the White Tiger appeared navigating in an unknown sea of the New World with Ain and Binz on board. Later, Z appears in a cabin of the ship talking with Ain about Shuzo's capture and deportation to Impel Down, before they arrived at Firs Island.[1]

One Piece Film: Z[edit | edit source]

After launching a successful attack on Firs Island, the crew started loading Dyna Stones onto the ship, until Borsalino made his appearance. They then sailed away from the island without their captain, who was holding off the admiral. Z ended up detonating a Dyna Stone and had been blasted far away. Ain and Binz then sailed the White Tiger and the rest of the fleet in the direction of their captain's Vivre Card. Seeing that he was on a pirate ship, the White Tiger and the Neo Marine fleet surrounded it. After Z made his appearance, he commanded his crew to sink the Straw Hat Pirates, commencing a bombardment from the White Tiger and the other ships. However, they failed to sink the Thousand Sunny, which escaped using the "Coup de Burst".

The Neo Marines then decided to ignore the Straw Hats and sail to the second of the Endpoints, Secon Island. There, the Neo Marines again made landfall and destroyed the island using the stolen Dyna Stones. The White Tiger and the rest of the fleet then sailed to an unspecified island, where Z alone disembarked to visit a grave.

The Neo Marines then used their fleet to blockade the final Endpoint, Piriodo. However, the Straw Hats then launched an attack on the island, penetrating the blockade. During the attack, the White Tiger was annihilated by the Thousand Sunny's "Gaon Cannon".[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. One Piece Movie 12, The White Tiger in One Piece Film: Z

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