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Whitejack is a quack doctor and a participant in the Turtle Car Race. He first appears in One Piece Film: Gold.[1]


Whitejack's concept art from the anime.

Whitejack is a man with dark gray skin and bright pink hair growing from the sides. The top of his head is wrapped in bandages, and he wears a head mirror over his left eye. He wears a white shirt with a cross design on it, and over that he wears a doctor's coat and a pink cape with a bow and high collar. He also wears pink pants and brown shoes.[1]


Whitejack takes racing seriously and is willing to use weapons against other racers.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As a doctor, Whitejack presumably has medical knowledge, but given his title as a quack doctor, it is likely to not be advanced. He is also a proficient racer, managing to stay on the track for a considerable period of time and use weapons against other racers successfully.[1]


One Piece Film: Gold

Whitejack and his assistant Kiruko competed in the Turtle Car Race. When Straight's car ran off the track, Whitejack took the lead. He then had Kiruko spray a liquid onto the track in order to cause the Straw Hat Pirates' car to skid and stop. However, Kent Beef Jr. caught up to him, and easily rammed his car off the track with his much larger car.[1]


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