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Who's-Who,[8] also known as Who of the Droplets,[3] is one of the Tobiroppo, the strongest six Shinuchi of the Beasts Pirates.[9]

Over a decade ago, he served as an agent of CP9 before his failure to guard the Gomu Gomu no Mi led to his dismissal from service and imprisonment.[4] Upon escaping, Who's-Who turned to piracy, becoming captain of the Who's-Who Pirates before eventually joining the Beasts Pirates.[5][3]

Due to his actions and role, Who's-Who is a supporting antagonist in the Wano Country Arc.


Who's-Who is a very tall man at over 3.3 meters,[7] lean yet well-toned with particularly long legs and a light complexion. A mane of wavy, pink-colored hair goes down his back a little past his waist, and a pair of long, upward-curving horns jut out of his head. A chain smoker, Who's-Who is always seen with a cigarette in his mouth.[9][10]

Like some of his subordinates,[11] Who's-Who wears a mask over the top half of his head down over his nose, which comes centrally to a slightly raised edge and point. It is red in color and bears two horns (fitting over his natural horns) that are connected to the mask's sides by a circular base each. While Who's-Who's lower face remains bare, including his full-lipped mouth and square jaw, his ears are half-covered, with a golden hoop earring still visible on each, and his eyes obscured by large, yellow, circular coverings that do not seem to obstruct the man's vision. For his upper body, Who's-Who dons a plain, button-cuffed jacket colored the same red as the mask (paired with black gloves) over a black shirt with a double-winged collar, both unbuttoned to show off his chest and abdominals. The former is tattooed with two swirl-ended lines topping a stylized, thick-lashed eye motif, with his name below spelled "WHO S WHO", all in black color (dark-purple in the anime, with the S bolded). His lower wear consists of matching red, slim-fit pants held up by a wide, purple belt with a big, round, stud-lined gold buckle (bearing a yellow pinwheel shape in the middle), and lastly black dress shoes with single latchets buckled on each side.[9][10][11]

As a young child seen busy with martial arts training, Who's-Who wore simple dark pants with a flowing, light-colored sash and dark slip-ons, otherwise going shirtless; the upper half of his face was obscured by his wild hair in place of a mask.[12] As an adult while a CP9 agent, 13 years ago, Who's-Who took to wearing a simple dark suit paired with a dark dress shirt, plus a tie of contrastively light color; like in his childhood, he wore his hair at neck length, his long bangs still hiding his eyes.[13]


Who's-Who Manga Color Scheme
Who's-Who color scheme in the manga.
Who's-Who Anime Concept Art
Who's-Who's concept art from the anime.
Who's-Who as a Child
Who's-Who as a child.
Who's-Who at Age 25
Who's-Who at age 25.
Who's-Who Bounty Rush
Who's-Who in One Piece Bounty Rush.


Who's-Who tends to maintain a calm and serious disposition while around peers, like showing annoyance at their bickering.[9] Somewhat ironically though, he has also shown himself to be loquacious at times, such as rambling on about his past while in the middle of a fight.[4][14]

An ambitious man, Who's-Who strives to become one of the Beasts Pirates' All-Stars by taking a spot from one of the current three, leading him to completely disregard their senior authority; this desire, according to King, stems from Who's-Who's past as captain of his own crew. In accordance, he has shown himself to be confident in his strength, believing it enough for him to kill an All-Star and smirking excitedly at the thought of gaining an opportunity to try.[15][10] Further evidencing his self-confidence is Who's-Who's claim of having had the same potential as Rob Lucci, the strongest-ever CP9 agent.[16]

In battle, Who's-Who tends to be derisive toward enemies, openly laughing at their or their allies' predicaments. He also feels no need to honor the spirit of a fair fight, as he freely chose to gang up on Jinbe with his subordinates all the while mocking his foe about that very situation.[17][18] What is more, Who's-Who has shown himself to be casually racist and ignorant of the history of other kinds of people, having remarked that Jinbe was fast "for a fish-man" fighting on land and also heavily correlating the fish-men race with slavery,[19] with both remarks drawing ire from Jinbe.[20]

Due to his painful past, Who's-Who has grown spiteful toward anyone who reminds him of it, including the Straw Hat Pirates and, especially, Luffy due to the latter's indirect connection to said past.[21][22]

Amid his imprisonment starting over a decade ago, Who's-Who gained a vested interest in the legend of the so-called "Sun God" Nika, which a certain prison guard had told him about. Just like slaves of the long-distant past supposedly believed in said Sun God as a savior figure who would free and deliver them from suffering, Who's-Who himself became attached to the legend, due to his misery in jail and a wish for someone to save him. Even in the present time as a free man, Who's-Who remains interested in the myth, bluntly asking his enemy, Jinbe, in the midst of combat whether he knew of anything relating to Nika, on the flimsy assumption that he may do so because of fish-men's history with slavery and the Sun Pirates' symbol of the sun.[14]



Among the Tobiroppo, Who's-Who and Sasaki are considered to be particularly dangerous troublemakers.[3]


As with the other Tobiroppo, Who's-Who seems to hold heavy respect for Kaidou, in contrast to his impertinence toward the All-Stars. When Ulti insulted their boss without such being present, Who's-Who still grew shocked along with his peers and yelled at her.[9] When Kaidou assigned the Tobiroppo with the task of finding Yamato, saying that they would win an opportunity to challenge the All-Stars for their spot if they succeeded, Who's-Who gleefully agreed with the terms.[10]


Due to his goal of claiming a spot among the All-Stars, Who's-Who (like Sasaki) refuses to answer to the current ones, viewing them first and foremost as obstacles to said aspiration and justifying his insolence toward them through their crew's unfixed hierarchy system.[10] His disregard for their seniority is further denoted by how, unlike the majority of his crewmates, Who's-Who refers to Queen and King without any honorific, with Queen in particular being an All-Star whose death Who's-Who has contemplated aloud.[15][10]

Yet, in spite of his dislike of Queen, Who's-Who has shown willingness to set aside their differences in order to deal with internal threats together with his superior, namely by ambushing the perfidious X Drake (suggesting that the aforesaid mention of Queen's death may have been a mere ruse meant to prevent Drake from expecting said ambush).[23]


Who's-Who is at least friendly enough with the other Tobiroppo to make casual small talk with them.[9] Because, however, some of the other five share his rank-climbing ambition, he views them as rivals, most expressly Sasaki, stating how he wished to find Yamato as fast as possible to preempt Sasaki from doing so first.[11] Ulti and Page One on the other hand are viewed as brats by Who's-Who, with him calling their squabbling annoying.[9]



Some of Who's-Who's cat-themed subordinates.

A personal band of subordinates called CAT'S (CAT'Sキャッツ, Kyattsu?) follows Who's-Who within the Beasts Pirates, made up of members of his former crew.[3]

True to their name and befitting Who's-Who's Zoan powers, said subordinates have a cat theme to them: some of them are costumed with cat masks (matching Who's-Who's, but with feline ears instead of horns) as well as catlike tails, and others (possibly ability users) resemble various such felines as lions and leopards. Who's-Who's and his subordinates' residence on Onigashima is aptly named Nekoka-fé.[11][24]


World Government[]

Who's-Who, given his own statements of having been Rob Lucci's peer, presumably enjoyed respect among his colleagues within CP9. However, after his failure to prevent the theft of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, he was dismissed from his position as an operative and sent to prison. Who's-Who managed to escape but has developed a grudge against the World Government for inflicting such a punishment on him over a single mistake,[4] culminating in his decision to become a pirate and form his own crew.[5] The government, in turn, seeks his elimination. CP0 agents were seen discussing on Onigashima how, while the classified intelligence Who's-Who has as a former agent is outdated, his survival meaning no direct harm to the government, they still favored his death since letting a rogue secret agent live would set a negative precedent.[25]


Who's-Who greatly resents Shanks for being the one who stole the Gomu Gomu no Mi 13 years ago, holding the now-Emperor directly responsible for his past imprisonment.[22][26]

Straw Hat Pirates[]

Who's-Who feels vindictive toward the Straw Hats for being indirectly connected to his past of being imprisoned by the World Government, thus bringing back bitter memories.[21]

Monkey D. Luffy[]

The main reason for Who's-Who's detestation of the Straw Hats is because the Gomu Gomu no Mi that Who's-Who once failed at protecting on the government's order (the reason for his imprisonment) is the very fruit that would go on to be eaten by their captain, Monkey D. Luffy.[21] However, Who's-Who has claimed that the main target of his anger is still Shanks and the Straw Hats are merely the ones to whom said resentment has spread, on account of Luffy having inherited his Straw Hat and Devil Fruit from Shanks.[22]


When coming across Jinbe, whom Who's-Who had seen at one point during the latter's tenure as a Warlord of the Sea, Who's-Who directed his spite toward the newly joined Straw Hat, antagonistically refusing to show his face to Jinbe. He later exploited the company of his subordinates for a united assault on the fish-man, even mocking his enemy for expecting a fair fight.[24][18] Jinbe, on the other hand, grew visibly irritated at the Tobiroppo member for his prejudiced, generalizing way of speaking about fish-men, like calling Jinbe fast for a fish-man out of water and equating his race's history with one of slavery.[19] Despite this, Jinbe acknowledged Who's-Who's talents and admitted that his past imprisonment was unjust.[4] Still, Jinbe did not tolerate Who's-Who's behavior and defeated the Tobiroppo with a mighty final blow.[19]

Worst Generation[]

Who's-Who appears to look down on the Worst Generation's Supernovas, referring to Luffy, Zoro, and Kid as mere "rats".[11]

Who's-Who was at some point made aware of then-Tobiroppo X Drake's status as a traitor, and he thus aimed to kill him.[11] Instead of tackling Drake head-on, Who's-Who was smart enough to trick the former into an ambush organized by him and Queen.[23]

Abilities and Powers[]

As one of the Tobiroppo, Who's-Who holds great authority in the Beasts Pirates, only Kaidou himself and the All-Stars ranking above him.[9] An ex-pirate captain, Who's-Who also commanded his own crew, the Who's-Who Pirates, before joining Kaidou.[3][5] Before that, he had been a noteworthy member of the World Government's CP9 agency,[4] implying a certain level of authority he must have held in it before his imprisonment.

In combat, Who's-Who is very formidable, being one of the strongest members of an Emperor-led crew and potentially able to challenge the All-Stars for their position—something Who's-Who appeared confident in his ability to do.[15][10] Among the Tobiroppo, he also has the highest bounty at Beli546,000,000,[3] attesting to his power. Twelve years ago, before committing to piracy, Who's-Who was powerful enough to be considered, by his own word, a bright prospect among CP9 with the same potential as the genius Rob Lucci, who would grow to be the agency's most renowned superhuman assassin.[16]

Shigan Madara

Who's-Who overpowering Jinbe.

In the present, Who's-Who has proven himself capable of holding his own in a fight against the ex-Warlord of the Sea, Jinbe, impressing the latter with his skill. He even gained the upper hand against the fish-man for a brief period, through a relentless barrage of attacks, though Jinbe in turn began overwhelming the Tobiroppo member shortly after and went on to defeat him with a single decisive blow.[17][27][20][28]

Who's-Who can also be rather strategic, leading his then-fellow Tobiroppo Drake into an ambush by using his own supposed feud with Queen as a pretext to convince the SWORD captain into following him.[23]

Physical Abilities[]

Who's-Who possesses tremendous levels of strength, speed, and durability which are elevated by his mastery of Rokushiki. It is stated that his strength and potential is rivaled to that of Rob Lucci. He was capable of going toe-to-toe against Jinbe, one of the strongest known fish-men, and matched his foe's strength for some time, though he was eventually overpowered.[17][27][20]


Main article: Rokushiki

As a renegade CP9 agent said to have talent on par with Rob Lucci's, Who's-Who is a powerful Rokushiki master capable of using all six styles. He has exhibited skill with using the basic techniques—like Soru, Geppo, Tekkai, and Rankyaku—alongside more advanced, self-developed variants, like three Shigan derivatives that employ the use of his dagger as well as the fangs and claws gained from his Zoan transformation.[27][20]

Devil Fruit[]

Further information: Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Saber Tiger
Neko Neko no Mi, Model Saber Tiger Human-Beast Form

Who's-Who transformed into his Human-Beast Form.

Who's-Who ate the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Saber Tiger, an Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a saber-toothed tiger (Smilodon) and a hybrid between a human and said animal. Who's-Who is notably large in his full Beast Form, dwarfing normal humans.[24]

His muscular Human-Beast Form greatly bolsters his physical strength and combat ability, typical of a carnivorous Ancient Zoan type. His saber-toothed tiger attributes also vastly enhance the versatility of his Rokushiki, e.g., letting him utilize his fangs to shoot maw-shaped, "biting" shockwaves that rip through anything they hit[29] and which ordinary Busoshoku Haki cannot block,[30] or using his clawed fingers for a stronger barrage version of Shigan.[31]


Main article: Haki

Busoshoku Haki[]

Who's-Who possesses great skill in Busoshoku Haki. He can harden select parts of his transformed body, such as his cat fangs and clawed fingers, thereby boosting his durability and strengthening his physical attacks. However, despite his skill, his Busoshoku Haki-hardened fingers broke against Jinbe's own hardened body, and Jinbe crushed Who's-Who's hardened wrists in his grip.[32]

Kenbunshoku Haki[]

Who's-Who possesses the ability to use Kenbunsoku Haki.[3]


Who's-Who's Dagger

Who's-Who's dagger.

Who's-Who carries a straight-bladed dagger disguised as a long katana. It sports a hilt with pink tsuka-ito that through rhombus gaps shows the white hilt wrapping below (in the anime having red tsuka-ito over pink wrapping), alongside a golden, quatrefoil-shaped tsuba. The pink saya is patterned with white, multi-petaled flower motifs and, due to its length, greatly belies the blade's shortness.[1][9][33]


  • Hagan (刃銃ハガン, Hagan?, literally meaning "Blade Gun"): A variant of the Rokushiki technique Shigan where Who's-Who thrusts forward his dagger repeatedly, launching a series of flying, piercing air projectiles. The attack was first seen used against Jinbe, who deflected it using Fish-Man Karate.[34] In the Viz manga and Funimation adaptations, the attack's name is Blade Pistol.



Who's-Who was born in the North Blue 38 years ago.[3] He was seen training in martial arts from a young age.[12]

At an unknown age, he became an agent serving in the World Government's secret intelligence agency CP9,[16] in the same generation as Jabra;[3] among CP9, Who's-Who was considered a man of great potential comparable to Rob Lucci's.[16] However, 13 years ago, he was tasked to escort a government ship holding the Gomu Gomu no Mi. The fruit was stolen by Lucky Roux due to Who's-Who making, according to himself, a "small mistake", and the fruit would soon go on to be eaten by Monkey D. Luffy. For Who's-Who's failure in guarding the fruit, he was arrested and imprisoned despite his prior service.[4][22][26]

While in prison, a guard told Who's-Who about the "Sun God" Nika, a warrior of legend believed in by slaves in ancient times as a savior figure, to whom he ought to pray for salvation. Who's-Who, wishing to be saved from his cruel sentence, clung to this legend, sparking in him an interest in the history of slavery, like that of fish-men and the Sun Pirates. Eventually, after the aforementioned guard had vanished from duty for an unclear reason, Who's-Who himself risked his life to escape prison, fearing that the Sun God legend was forbidden knowledge and that, for knowing it, the government may come after him too.[14]

At some point following his escape, Who's-Who encountered then-Warlord of the Sea Jinbe, although they did not make direct contact.[24] Upon defecting into piracy, Who's-Who initially captained his own pirate crew, the Who's-Who Pirates,[3] before joining the Beasts Pirates and becoming one of the Tobiroppo. After joining, he developed the goal of usurping a post from one of the All-Stars.[5] Two years ago, after Luffy had first become a pirate, Who's-Who was surprised to learn that the rookie had eaten the very fruit that had been stolen under his watch.[21]

Wano Country Saga[]

Wano Country Arc[]

At some point before the latest Fire Festival, Who's-Who was made aware of X Drake's possible treachery (due to the latter freeing Trafalgar Law from imprisonment) and thus conspired with Queen to lead Drake into an ambush.[23]


The Tobiroppo gathered together on Onigashima.

Sometime after the Fire Festival had commenced, the Tobiroppo, including Who's-Who, arrived on Onigashima.[1] Kaidou was supposedly the one who had them brought to his fortress, where they waited for him. Ulti expressed her desire for Queen to die, and Who's-Who wondered which of the six would take his spot if that happened. When this discussion caused Ulti and Page One to start arguing, Who's-Who told them to be quiet. Ulti then insulted Kaidou as they awaited the meeting, causing the other Tobiroppo to rebuke her.[9] After Kaidou then greeted the six in his castle, Who's-Who was perplexed to learn that King was the one who had summoned them under Kaidou's name, with King bringing up Who's-Who and Sasaki's ambition to become All-Stars and telling them to know their place. Kaidou then gave the Tobiroppo the mission of finding his son Yamato, saying he would let them battle one of the All-Stars for their position if they succeeded, terms that Who's-Who eagerly accepted.[10]

Later, Who's-Who gathered his men and told them to ignore the commotion caused by Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, and Eustass Kid invading Onigashima, to instead focus their efforts on finding Yamato.[35] He was later notified per Den Den Mushi that Luffy and Yamato had gone to the Live Stage in front of Kaidou's castle.[36]

Queen and Who's-Who Ambush Drake

Who's-Who and Queen ambush Drake.

After the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance had fully begun waging war inside the Skull Dome, Who's-Who decided that he had a certain business to attend to away from the Live Floor.[37] He proceeded toward a certain room in Kaidou's castle while receiving a call from King, who informed the Tobiroppo that the challenge for an opportunity to fight the All-Stars was cancelled, and that they were to stop the enemy alliance from getting to the Skull Dome's roof where Kaidou was fighting. Who's-Who then opened the door to the aforesaid room, with X Drake and Basil Hawkins inside and urged the former to join him in killing Queen. However, this was a setup for Who's-Who and Queen to instead launch a planned ambush on Drake once they were at the All-Star's location. As they accused him of treachery and questioned him, a sudden explosion occurred (in the anime triggered by a grenade from Drake) that enabled Drake to flee the castle to the Live Stage.[38]

Some time later, Who's-Who received another call from King, who ordered the Tobiroppo to find Kozuki Oden's son, Momonosuke, and kill him in order to break the enemy samurais' will to fight.[39] Consequently, Who's-Who and his subordinates camped out at the Nekoka-fé on the fourth floor of Kaidou's castle, with Luffy and Jinbe eventually reaching said floor. Whereas Luffy went further up toward the Skull Dome's roof, Jinbe remained on the floor, defeating several of Who's-Who's subordinates until coming face-to-face with the Tobiroppo, now as a fully transformed saber-toothed tiger. Who's-Who complained about Luffy getting away and Jinbe beating up his men, before revealing that he had seen the former Warlord in the past. Jinbe noted how he might recognize Who's-Who if he took off his mask, but the Tobiroppo stated it would not happen.[24]

Who's-Who Vs

Who's-Who facing Jinbe.

The two subsequently started their fight. When Sanji's cry for help was broadcasted throughout Onigashima, this caught Jinbe's attention, while Who's-Who tried an attack on him with his fangs.[40] Who's-Who later returned to human form, engaging in further melee combat with the opposing fish-man. When the news of Luffy's defeat at Kaidou's hands, and the Straw Hats fall to the ocean below the floating Onigashima, was broadcasted across the Skull Dome, Who's-Who delightedly noted how this was good news.[17] When then, however, Momonosuke send out his voice the same way to declare how Luffy was still alive and would return, Who's-Who looked on in dismay.[41] This expression remained when Bao Huang accidentally projected her voice to notify the island of the defeats of two Tobiroppo: Ulti and Page One.[42]

Following this, Who's-Who was seen laughing at Jinbe taking attacks from the former's subordinates and wondered if the fish-man was going to make excuses. Jinbe simply noted how from the get-go, he had expected the enemy to exploit their numbers advantage. When then, however, many brainwashed Gifters started turning on and assailing Kaidou's non-Gifter forces on a certain girl's order, Who's-Who showed himself irritated, wondering what was happening. With the numbers advantage lost, he then set upon Jinbe personally. Both men had a brief exchange of blows, using Rokushiki and Fish-Man Karate respectively, before Who's-Who started entering his Human-Beast Form. As he did so, Jinbe commented on his foe's past as a CP9 agent, who had been arrested 12 years ago. Who's-Who explained that he used to be an agent with as much potential as Rob Lucci, before launching his Gagan attack at Jinbe that the latter dodged. With Jinbe's consequent suggestion that he had nothing to do with Who's-Who regardless, the latter disagreed, pointing out how Jinbe was now subordinate to Luffy, the man who had eaten the very Devil Fruit that Who's-Who had once been tasked to guard as an agent, his failure to do so being what led to his bygone imprisonment.[43]

Onigawara Seiken

Who's-Who is defeated by Jinbe.

As the duel continued, Who's-Who elucidated his grudge against Shanks, the man responsible for stealing the Gomu Gomu no Mi, while jumping to shoot from up above a rapid-fire version of Gagan at Jinbe, breaking down into the lower castle floor. Who's-Who commended Jinbe for dodging the attack, since Haki was not enough to defend from it, before jokingly calling his foe faster than he had expected from a fish-man on dry land. The Tobiroppo member proceeded to use Tekkai and Busoshoku Haki to temper his body, then pounced on Jinbe in another attack using his fangs, pushing the fish-man back until the latter used Fish-Man Jujutsu to grab Who's-Who by the fangs, shoulder-throwing him into the ground. After dodging yet another attack from Jinbe, Who's-Who began recounting how, during his time in prison, he had learned about the legend of the "Sun God" Nika, inquiring of Jinbe whether he, a former member of the Sun Pirates, knew anything about said legend. While speaking, he began relentlessly barraging Jinbe with a two-fingered Shigan, forcing Jinbe on the defense until, suddenly, Who's-Who's fingers broke on the fish-man's body. Jinbe grabbed hold of his foe's wrists, leaving Who's-Who helpless to break away, even after hitting Jinbe's face with a Rankyaku and then his Gagan, which did no damage. Jinbe then stepped on his foe's tail to make him trip before hitting Who's-Who's own face with a secret Fish-Man Karate move—Onigawara Seiken—which blew Who's-Who back[20] and knocked him out.[28]

Major Battles[]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

In the anime amid Kawamatsu's flashback showing his past with Onimaru (well before the Tobiroppo's introduction on Onigashima), Who's-Who is seen in a brief shot alongside Kaidou, the All-Stars, and Sasaki, in Kawamatsu's imagination.[2] This introduces a plot hole, since Who's-Who was not associated with Kaidou 13 years ago, having been under CP9's employment during that period; at the time of the episode's release, the details of Who's-Who's past[4] were not revealed yet in the manga.


Video Games[]

Playable Appearances[]


  • Who's-Who's Road To Laugh Tale entry revealed early design concepts for him, including the fact that he was originally supposed to be a dual-wielding swordsman named Baigao (バイガオ?), possibly named after the card game pai gow poker.[44]
  • Possibly as an artistic error, Who's-Who's dagger is depicted differently in Chapter 1017 and its anime adaptation, the tsuba being round as opposed to quatrefoil-shaped.[45]
  • The ship Who's-Who was on as a government agent escorting the Gomu Gomu no Mi was referenced by Lucky Roux all the way back in Chapter 1.[46]
  • Who's-Who is both the oldest member of the Tobiroppo, at age 38,[7] and has the highest bounty of the six.[3]

SBS-Based Trivia[]


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