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The Who's-Who Pirates were a pirate crew that was once captained by Who's-Who before he joined the Beasts Pirates.[1][2]


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Who's-Who Pirates 
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Unnamed Crew Members

  • A large man with a cat-eared mask, a white scarf and tiger-like arms.
  • Two young women wearing cat masks and tails.

Crew Strength

Given that the crew was led by someone who was once among the strongest members of CP9 and then became one of the top officers of the Emperor-led Beasts Pirates, it can be assumed that the Who's-Who Pirates were formidable. However, nothing is known about their overall strength in detail.


In the past, the crew was founded by Who's-Who after he escaped from prison, but at some point he was recruited by Kaidou into the Beasts Pirates.[1][2] It is unclear what happened to the whole crew afterward, but some of its members still follow Who's-Who in the Beasts Pirates as a band of subordinates called "CAT'S".[1][3]


  • The Who's-Who Pirates are the second pirate crew to follow a cat theme; the first was the Black Cat Pirates.


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