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The Who's-Who Pirates were a pirate crew that was once captained by Who's-Who before he joined the Beasts Pirates. Currently the only known member is the captain Who's-Who.[1][2]

Crew Strength

Given that the crew was led by someone who was once among the strongest members of CP9 and then became one of the top officers of the Emperor-led Beasts Pirates, it can be assumed that the Who's-Who Pirates were formidable. However, nothing is known about their overall strength in detail.


In the past, the crew was founded by Who's-Who after he escaped from prison, but at some point he was recruited by Kaidou into the Beasts Pirates.[1][2] It is unclear what happened to the whole crew afterward, but some of its members still follow Who's-Who in the Beasts Pirates as a band of subordinates called "CAT'S".[1][3]


  • The Who's-Who Pirates are the second pirate crew to follow a cat theme; the first was the Black Cat Pirates.


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