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The Whole Cake Island Arc (ホールケーキアイランド編, Hōru Kēki Airando Hen?), also referred to as the Totto Land Arc, is the twenty-ninth story arc of the manga and anime One Piece, the second story arc of the Whole Cake Island Saga, and the sixth story arc of the second half of the series.

Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Brook, and the minks Pekoms, Pedro, and Carrot head to Whole Cake Island, where Big Mom of the Four Emperors resides. Nicknamed the Sanji Retrieval Team, the group seeks to rescue their crewmate Sanji from his arranged marriage with Charlotte Pudding, set up to finalize a political alliance between the Charlotte Family and the Vinsmoke Family. However, during their operation, they become involved in a plot to assassinate Big Mom herself.


Entering Totto Land: Big Mom's Unified Paradise[]

Gotti Threatens Sanji

Tensions rise between Sanji and his captors.

The Big Mom Pirates reached their territory, Totto Land, with Sanji in tow. Sanji refused to accept his situation, although he became enamored with Charlotte Pudding when Vito gave him a picture of her.[1] Vito then talked to Sanji about how he admired Germa 66, who were portrayed as villains in the comic Sora, Warrior of the Sea. Sanji blew off Vito, causing Vito's crewmate Gotti to threaten Sanji, but Bege's wife Charlotte Chiffon prevented Gotti from harming Sanji.[2]

Poison Pink

Sanji's sister Reiju saves Luffy from poisoning.

Meanwhile, the Sanji Retrieval Team was starving when Luffy finally caught a fish. He immediately started eating it, but its skin turned out to be extremely poisonous and put him on the brink of death. The Thousand Sunny then entered Totto Land and was soon confronted by a ship belonging to Germa 66.[2] They were greeted by Sanji's brother, Vinsmoke Yonji, and Yonji refused to help Luffy. However, his sister Vinsmoke Reiju then attacked him and came to the Sunny, where she used her "Poison Pink" abilities to suck the poison out of Luffy's body. Reiju revealed that the upcoming marriage had been arranged by her father, who initially had trouble finding Sanji until his bounty poster had been updated. This caused Luffy to become antagonistic toward her and Yonji, but the two siblings decided to part ways peacefully with the Straw Hats to avoid making a scene before the wedding.[3]

On Broc Coli Island, Vinsmoke Ichiji and Vinsmoke Niji led a Germa 66 army to help end a two-year war. They beat the side they were hired to fight against in just four hours, and after collecting their payment, they prepared to head to their brother's wedding.[4]

Sanji Retrieval Team in Pudding's Home

The Sanji Retrieval Team meets Sanji's fiancée Pudding for the first time.

The Sanji Retrieval Team arrived at Cacao Island, and Luffy and Chopper were awed as they saw that everything was made of chocolate. Pekoms told the rest of the team how Totto Land was a place where all races lived in harmony, and stayed on the ship as everyone else disembarked. Pedro was greeted by a wolf mink who recognized him, but he told the mink to not draw attention to him. Luffy and Chopper were then arrested after eating almost an entire building, but they were saved by the building's owner, Charlotte Pudding, who claimed that she had told them to demolish it. Pudding took the team to her cafe, and as she talked with them, Luffy inadvertently revealed who he was.[5] Pudding then revealed who she was, and said that she had already met Sanji once; he still wished to rejoin his crew, and she accepted it and was willing to help the Straw Hats take him back, recalling one of her own sisters who left Totto Land to marry for love. Pudding mapped a secret route for the Sanji Retrieval Team to take to Whole Cake Island, where she would be waiting with Sanji. The team then received chocolate rations from her before heading back to the Sunny, but discovered that Pekoms was nowhere to be seen and had left a message on the wall saying to turn back.[4]

Jinbe Leaves the Sun Pirates

Jinbe parts ways with the Sun Pirates to join the Straw Hats.

Meanwhile, Aladine had spotted the Sunny from underwater and reported this to Jinbe.[3] Jinbe requested from his crew that he break off from the Big Mom Pirates and join the Straw Hat Pirates, and they happily agreed, wanting him to make a decision benefiting himself for once. The Sun Pirates were prepared to flee should Jinbe's request to cut ties with Big Mom go wrong, and Big Mom's daughter Charlotte Praline was more than willing to accompany her husband Aladine wherever he went.[6]

Big Mom Eats Sweet City

Big Mom rampages due to a food craving.

On Whole Cake Island, Big Mom sang and danced with anthropomorphic objects known as homies as she received reports of her crew members massacring people to acquire ingredients for the wedding cake. She then looked forward to dealing with Luffy, who she already knew had arrived.[5] However, Big Mom was later stricken by a craving for croquembouche, and her mental illness made her mindlessly violent as she attacked Sweet City to find it. Her son, Charlotte Moscato, attempted to intervene, but she pulled out 40 years of his lifespan, causing the onlookers to pronounce him dead on the scene. As Big Mom neared her own castle, Jinbe then arrived and threw a pile of croquembouche tourists into her mouth, satiating her. Big Mom did not remember what she had done, and Jinbe asked to discuss something important with her.[7] Big Mom took him to the Whole Cake Chateau, and Jinbe asked to leave her crew. Big Mom seemingly accepted, but stated that Jinbe would have to spin a roulette wheel to give something up in return.[6] Realizing that the wheel would cause him to lose all of his remaining lifespan and threaten the lives of his comrades as well, Jinbe took back his request.[8][9]

Big Mom's Soul Nation: Struggle in the Seducing Woods[]

Seducing Woods

The Sanji Retrieval Team enters the Seducing Woods, where everything is alive and wants to kill them.

The Sanji Retrieval Team sailed along Pudding's secret route, dealing with a variety of sea creatures and getting stuck in a syrupy ocean that froze over in the night. As they worked to free the Sunny, Pedro revealed that he was once a pirate who had sailed to Totto Land before, but had been defeated. Now, in addition to helping rescue Sanji, he also wished to help the Straw Hats acquire Big Mom's Road Poneglyph, and told Luffy to leave that mission to him. The team reached Whole Cake Island the next morning, and Luffy spotted Sanji and Pudding standing on the coast.[6] Pedro and Brook went off on the Shark Submerge III to find the Road Poneglyph, and the rest of the team disembarked, not seeing Sanji or Pudding anywhere. They entered the Seducing Woods, where they were almost eaten by a homie called the Noble Croc and encountered a clone of Luffy. Luffy started fighting with his clone, who perfectly mirrored his words and actions, when the team spotted someone, they thought was Sanji. The Sanji lookalike ran away, and as Nami, Chopper, and Carrot chased him, they encountered a large man named Pound buried in the ground and were attacked by a rabbit homie named Randolph as the many homies of the Seducing Woods prepared to kill the Sanji Retrieval Team.[10]

Brûlée Traps Carrot

Charlotte Brûlée traps Carrot in a mirror.

Nami, Chopper, and Carrot ran away from Randolph, and Carrot briefly clashed with the rabbit. They ended up by Pound again, and as they tried running back to the coast, they got back to Luffy still fighting with his reflection. However, they were accompanied by Luffy's reflection while the real Luffy was sent running the other way, and ended up going right back to Pound. The mirror version of Luffy then transformed into the eighth daughter of the Charlotte Family, Charlotte Brûlée, and Brûlée grabbed Nami as she prepared to scar her face.[11] Nami managed to use her Clima-Tact to free herself, but when Carrot tried attacking Brûlée, Brûlée reflected her attacks before sending her into an alternate dimension known as the Mirro-World. Brûlée then had the homies in the Seducing Woods attack Chopper and Nami, and Chopper activated Monster Point to allow Nami to run away. Eventually, Chopper was overwhelmed and sent to the Mirro-World as well.[12]

Homies Infobox

Pound explains how homies are created.

Meanwhile, Luffy captured several animals that Brûlée had turned into mirror duplicates of his comrades, including Sanji and Pudding.[8] As night fell, he realized that he had captured the real Nami, and after freeing her, they talked with Pound, who revealed how Brûlée had created the disguised animals and what had happened to Chopper. Pound then told them how homies were created by scattering a month's worth of lifespan given by the citizens of Totto Land every six months as a tribute, as Big Mom was able to remove lifespans with the power of her Devil Fruit. Pound then revealed that he was once one of Big Mom's husbands, but had been cast aside after giving her twin daughters. Right then, Charlotte Cracker, the tenth son of the Charlotte Family and one of the Big Mom Pirates' Three Sweet Commanders, pulled Pound out of the ground and prepared to kill him for giving information to their enemies. Pound pleaded with Cracker to let him see his daughters, Chiffon and Lola, before he died.[12]

Homies Repelled by Nami's Vivre Card

Nami repels the homies with the Vivre Card Lola gave her.

Nami realized that Lola was Big Mom's daughter and the sister that Pudding mentioned, and when Randolph attempted to attack her and Luffy, Cracker blew him and the other homies away with just his voice. Cracker stated he had come to deal with Luffy's group to eliminate them before the Vinsmokes all arrived, much to the chagrin of Brûlée and the homie Kingbaum. Cracker prepared to kill Pound first, but Luffy blocked his sword strike, and the homies ran in fear from the powerful clash. Nami and Pound ran away and were chased by Brûlée and the homies, but Nami pulled out the Vivre Card Lola gave her, and her suspicions were confirmed as the homies were repelled by the soul of Big Mom in the card.[13] However, Cracker quickly overpowered Luffy, and Brûlée confronted Nami, saying they would have no chance of getting anywhere close to Sanji or Big Mom. Brûlée then attempted to grab Nami and pull her into the Mirro-World, but Pound attacked his ex-stepdaughter, allowing Nami to strike Brûlée with Thunderbolt Tempo. Nami then decided to take advantage of the card's power against the homies by forcing them to serve her.[14]

Luffy Attacks Cracker With Gomu Gomu No Kong Organ

Luffy battles Sweet Commander Charlotte Cracker.

Luffy continued fighting Cracker, but was unable to injure the Sweet Commander even with Gear 2 and Gear 3. Cracker spawned additional limbs on his body and created copies of his sword and shield, allowing him to overpower Luffy. However, when Cracker stated that Sanji would not want to return to the Straw Hats, an enraged Luffy activated Gear 4 and successfully injured him with Kong Gun.[14] However, as Luffy split Cracker's body in half with additional attacks, the real Cracker leaped out and cut him in the arm, injuring him. Cracker revealed that he was operating in a biscuit body crafted by the Bisu Bisu no Mi, and created more biscuit bodies that shielded him and allowed him to gain an edge offensively.[15]

Bege Shoots Pekoms Off a Cliff

Bege attempts to assassinate Pekoms.

Brook and Pedro infiltrated Sweet City, where they read the news about Jinbe and, to their surprise, found Pudding being forced to try on wedding dresses. They then overheard from Tamago that the Big Mom Pirates knew the locations of everyone in the Sanji Retrieval Team except for the two of them. At the northwestern coast of Whole Cake Island, Capone Bege and the Fire Tank Pirates brought a captured Pekoms to the edge of a cliff. Bege had offered Pekoms the chance to join him in his plot to assassinate Big Mom, but Pekoms refused, and the lion mink told Bege to not underestimate Big Mom before being shot into shark-infested waters.[8] However, Pekoms was swiftly rescued by members of the Sun Pirates.[16] In the Whole Cake Chateau, Big Mom talked to Caesar about her job and asked him to find a way to turn her children into giants like her. Caesar had long ago realized that gigantification was impossible and so blew all the money Big Mom invested in the project, and to protect himself, he claimed that his research had been halted by Luffy and Law for destroying his lab. Big Mom then revealed that she had her eldest son Charlotte Perospero create a perfect replica of his lab out of candy with the power of the Pero Pero no Mi, and gave Caesar two weeks to complete his research, or else Perospero would turn him into candy and kill him.[8]

A Family Reunion: Sanji's Loyalties Tested[]

Diable Jambe Collier Shoot

Sanji battles against his estranged father Judge.

At Lake Aprico behind the Whole Cake Chateau, several Germa ships docked together to form the mobile Germa Kingdom. There, Sanji had reunited with Yonji and beaten him up after Yonji tried bossing him around. Reiju then asked Sanji why he did not accept the new lifestyle offered to him, but Sanji continued expressing his disgust with his family. Sanji's father, Vinsmoke Judge, then arrived and tried talking to his estranged son about the incident with Yonji, but Sanji treated him coldly as well, causing him to take Sanji outside to settle matters physically.[11] As they started to fight, Sanji demonstrated his abilities to be on par with Judge's, and remembered how his father allowed his brothers to bully him mercilessly. Sanji went on the offensive, but Judge had Germa soldiers form a wall in front of him, preventing Sanji from attacking while allowing him to penetrate one of the soldiers with his spear and hit Sanji with an electric discharge from the tip. Afterwards, Reiju treated Sanji's wounds, and Judge told Sanji that he no longer considered him a son and had brought him for the arranged marriage because he considered Big Mom to be a psychopath. To ensure Sanji's cooperation, Judge had Reiju put exploding cuffs on his wrists, which would explode and destroy his hands if he attempted to escape.[17]

Sanji Confronts Niji

Sanji feuds with his brothers.

The next morning, Ichiji and Niji arrived at the Germa Kingdom, and the Vinsmoke Family had a meal together. There, Sanji was angered when Niji scraped some of his food onto the floor and attempted to throw his plate at the head chef, Cosette. However, Sanji was prevented from acting further by Judge, who revealed that Germa had sent assassins to the East Blue who would take out Zeff upon command. After the meal, Sanji discovered that Cosette had been brutally beaten, and Yonji offered to take him to see Niji.[18] Yonji took Sanji to a laboratory where Germa grew its clone soldiers, and Sanji was then confronted by Niji and Ichiji. Sanji attacked Niji, but was quickly overpowered by his three brothers and left injured in the laboratory.[19]

Reiju Helps Sanji Escape

Sanji escaping from his abusive family 13 years ago.

Sanji remembered growing up in the Germa Kingdom, where his father Judge had him and his siblings train to unlock special superhuman modifications. However, Sanji constantly fell behind in all the exercises, and was brutally bullied by his brothers as a result. Sanji's compassionate activities such as cooking were put a stop to, and although Sanji's mother, Sora, encouraged these activities, she eventually died. After finding out that Sanji appeared to be a normal human without a trace of modifications in his body, the judge had Sanji locked away in a dungeon and had his death faked.[19] Although he had to wear an iron mask, Sanji was fed in his cell and was able to study, but was eventually found by his brothers who started bullying him again. Eventually, Reiju told Sanji that the Germa Kingdom was heading to the East Blue, and that this would be his best chance to escape. When Germa came to the East Blue and invaded the island Cozia, Reiju freed Sanji and told him to head to freedom on a nearby ship. Sanji encountered Judge, who allowed him to run away so long as he never associated himself with the Vinsmoke Family again, and he ran crying to the ship Orbit, where he embarked on his journey to freedom.[20]

In the present, Reiju found Sanji in the laboratory and took him to fix his face in preparation for lunch with Big Mom and Pudding.[20] She put a mask on over his face that made it look normal, and asked him why he acted so chivalrously. Sanji revealed that he learned it from Zeff, who was the only man to consider him a son. Sanji then headed out with his family to go to the banquet at the Whole Cake Chateau.[21]

Luffy Defeats Cracker

Luffy defeats Cracker.

Back in the Seducing Woods, Luffy's fight against Cracker lasted for eleven hours. With the protection of her enslaved homies, Nami created rain clouds to soften Cracker's Biscuit Soldiers, allowing Luffy to eat them. After eating the soldiers, Luffy ran away before coming back and repeating this over and over. Luffy's body was so full it threatened to burst, but his efforts managed to fatigue Cracker. Eventually, after Luffy continued eating even more Biscuit Soldiers, Cracker snapped and charged in to finish Luffy off himself. However, Luffy then activated a form of Gear 4 known as Tankman: Manpuku Version, and he absorbed Cracker into his body before shooting him out, sending him crashing through his Biscuit Soldiers and the trees all the way to Sweet City,[21] where he was discovered by his siblings Opera, Mont-d'Or, and Galette. Shocked by his defeat, they raised a state of emergency in the city. Pound, who had run away during the battle, returned and warned Luffy that Big Mom's wrath would be unleashed upon Luffy now, recalling how in the past she had sent her weapons Zeus and Prometheus to create a storm before sending Cracker to avenge the former Sweet Commander Snack, who had been beaten by the Supernova Urouge. However, Luffy had no choice but to continue saving Sanji, and he and Nami forced Kingbaum to take them out of the Seducing Woods.[22]

Carrot Defeats Brûlée

Chopper and Carrot defeat Brûlée and her entourage in the Mirro-World.

Meanwhile, Chopper and Carrot found themselves in the Mirro-World, and Chopper told Carrot to follow his lead as he sought to use the mirrors connected to Whole Cake Island to their advantage.[15] However, they were soon chased by Brûlée,[21] and they briefly got in contact with Luffy and Nami with a mirror shard before it was shattered.[22] Brûlée eventually captured them, but accidentally turned a frog into the mirror image of Carrot and captured the frog. She brought Chopper and the frog to her house and prepared to cook the latter, and Carrot hid in the attic. Guests gathered at Brûlée's house, among them being Randolph, the Noble Croc, and Diesel. When the party prepared to cook the frog, Carrot climbed down on the rope holding her duplicate and kicked over the giant pot of boiling water onto Brûlée. She and Chopper then quickly defeated the rest of the guests,[23] and captured Brûlée and Diesel to guide them through the Mirro-World.[24]

Luffy Refusing to Fight Back Against Sanji

Sanji refuses to rejoin Luffy and attacks him.

After leaving the woods, Luffy's group reached a clearing where they immediately ran into the carriage containing Sanji and the Vinsmokes. Luffy became excited as he ran toward Sanji, but Sanji kicked him away.[22] With the threat against Zeff hanging over him, Sanji claimed that he had rejected the Straw Hats in favor of his royal heritage, and he attacked Luffy, who refused to accept this but also would not lay a hand on him. After defeating Luffy, Sanji returned to his carriage, but Luffy proclaimed that he would wait in this clearing and would not eat anything until Sanji came back.[25]

Sanji Agrees to Marry Pudding

With everything taken away from him, Sanji decides to marry Pudding.

The Vinsmokes' carriage then arrived at Sweet City and the Whole Cake Chateau, and Sanji and his family watched as a massive army headed out to take down Luffy and avenge Cracker. The Vinsmokes went inside and began their lunch with Big Mom and Pudding, and Pudding told Sanji to meet her in private. There, Pudding confided that she had failed to help Sanji return to his crewmates and apologized for putting him in this situation, but Sanji declared that he had accepted his situation. Having decided to make the best of what he was given, he decided to get married to Pudding the next day.[26] After this, Sanji went to Big Mom and made an agreement that she release his crewmates in return for his willing participation in the wedding.[27]

The Truth About the Wedding: Race to a Reunion[]

Big Mom's Army Defeats Luffy

Luffy and Nami are defeated by Big Mom's enraged army.

Meanwhile, Zeus and Prometheus created a storm on the outskirts of Sweet City, and Big Mom's enraged army arrived to battle Luffy.[26] Although Luffy's group managed to take down many of the Chess Soldiers with the help of Nami's Vivre Card, Luffy was eventually overwhelmed by the vast array of Devil Fruit users, and Nami was immobilized by Galette's ability. Luffy was then knocked out by Counter and Cadenza's punches, and after she had killed Kingbaum by slicing him in two, Amande took Nami's Vivre Card from her. The Big Mom Pirates then took Luffy and Nami to the Whole Cake Chateau, where they were imprisoned in a book in the Prisoner Library.[27]

Big Mom Shows Vinsmokes Her Collection

Big Mom shows the Vinsmokes her library of rare creatures.

Big Mom took the Vinsmoke Family save Sanji to another part of her library, where she kept a large variety of rare species. Judge noted that he had not seen any giants in Totto Land, and Big Mom was briefly angered, but then said that he must have just missed them. Big Mom then went to contact Luffy and Nami, and Lola's Vivre Card. Big Mom revealed that she wished to kill Lola for ruining a political marriage that could have let her become the Pirate King. However, Luffy was unfazed by Big Mom and challenged her, arousing her wrath.[28] After the call, Pudding then came to the library and entered Luffy and Nami's cell. She told them that she would not be marrying Sanji,[29] revealing to them in secret that she would murder him during the wedding. As she said this, she revealed a third eye on her forehead, and she also revealed that Big Mom would also renege on her agreement to spare the rest of the Sanji Retrieval Team. This left Luffy and Nami completely aghast, although they were unable to do anything.[24]

Pudding's True Nature

Pudding reveals her third eye and true nature.

Soon afterwards, Pudding shot Reiju, who was snooping around the Chateau, in the leg. Reiju initially managed to keep moving, but was eventually captured and taken to Pudding's room. There, Pudding revealed that the Big Mom Pirates planned to massacre the Vinsmoke Family[24] with special Walkers whose bullets could pierce through the Vinsmokes' exoskeletons. Sanji had made a meal for Pudding to make up for her not eating lunch, and after being unable to get through her door, he snuck around to her window where he overheard her revealing the plan, leaving him in despair. Pudding then used her Devil Fruit to remove Reiju's memories of their encounter and sent her to the infirmary.[30] Sanji went to the infirmary and told Reiju what had happened, and she believed him. She urged him to run away, saying that the rest of the family's lives were worthless. She revealed that their mother Sora opposed Judge's wishes for their sons' emotions to be suppressed, but was forced to undergo a surgery to insert these modifications into the unborn sons. Afterwards, Sora took a drug in the hopes of reversing these modifications, and the drug weakened her to the point where she eventually died. The drug worked on Sanji alone, and Reiju urged him to keep living as Germa's failure.[31]

Brook vs

Brook battles Big Mom after she catches him in the Room of Treasure.

In the Whole Cake Chateau's Room of Treasure, Sweet Commander Charlotte Smoothie was stationed to guard Big Mom's Poneglyphs along with Tamago and several other fighters. Brook spies into the room with his soul projection and sees the security, and he and Pedro decide that Pedro will provide a distraction.[27] Pedro created a ruckus outside the room, causing Tamago and some of Big Mom's forces to pursue him.[28] This caused Smoothie to be lured out of the room and locked out by Brook, who confronted the forces still inside and swiftly overwhelmed the homies with his Yomi Yomi no Mi abilities.[29] Big Mom then received a signal from her hat Napoleon that there was an intruder in the Room of Treasure, and as Brook was copying down the Poneglyphs after having taken all the guards out, she barged into the room and confronted him.[23]

Pedro Creates an Explosion

Pedro blows up the courtyard to try to take out Tamago.

Tamago and his subordinates chased Pedro to a courtyard, where Tamago and Pedro dueled for the first time since five years ago, when Pedro had taken Tamago's eye. Pedro remembered his voyage into Totto Land five years ago, where after his defeat he and his comrade Zepo were forced to spin Big Mom's roulette wheel to see what lifespan they would lose. They landed on 100 years, and Zepo was killed after having 30 years removed. However, Pekoms, who had recently joined Big Mom, pleaded for her to spare Pedro, and Pedro earned her respect by removing his right eye, causing the remaining 70 years to be shaved to 50 and allowing him to survive. With not much lifespan left, Pedro was willing to die here to help the Straw Hats. During the battle, however, Chopper and Carrot found Pedro, and they devised a plan for Pedro to escape into the Mirro-World. Pedro managed to bisect Tamago, only for the Baron to use his Devil Fruit abilities to regenerate into a stronger form called Viscount Hiyoko. Pedro managed to bisect Hiyoko as well, and before Hiyoko regenerated into his final form, the "true knight" Count Niwatori, Pedro blew up the courtyard in what appeared to be a suicide attack.[24] However, he managed to escape into the Mirro-World right after setting off the explosion.[9]

Gosenmaigawara Seiken

Jinbe defeats Opera and frees Luffy and Nami.

In the Prisoner Library, Luffy tried twisting against his binding in order to rip his hands off and escape.[24] Opera then prepared to torture Nami to get her to reveal Lola's location, but before he could, Jinbe entered the library and knocked him out with Gosenmaigawara Seiken.[30] Jinbe then burned the books, freeing Luffy and Nami.[31] Luffy then ran on ahead to find Sanji, and he was pulled into Reiju's room. Reiju told Luffy that Sanji knew about Pudding's treachery and that he was trapped by threats against Zeff, and Luffy thanked her before jumping out the window onto the streets below.[32] Smoothie heard about the breakout, and to avoid Big Mom's wrath, she had her forces seal off the fourth floor and attack the escapees without letting Big Mom know.[31] Nami and Jinbe battled Big Mom's forces in the Chateau until they were reunited with Chopper and Carrot and brought into the Mirro-World. Elsewhere in the Chateau, the Big Mom Pirates met to discuss the fates of the Sanji Retrieval Team. Count Niwatori, who had survived Pedro's explosion, reported Pedro as dead. The crew assumed that Brûlée had dealt with Chopper and Carrot, and Opera then lied that Luffy and Nami had died in order to protect himself from Big Mom's wrath. Due to an Eggplant Soldier sleeping in Sanji's bed, the Big Mom Pirates were unaware that Sanji was unaccounted for.[9]

Brook Reveals Poneglyph Copies

After being rescued, Brook reveals that he successfully copied Big Mom's Poneglyphs.

In the Room of Treasure, Brook was overwhelmed by Big Mom's power, but refused to go down.[30] Eventually, he was defeated, and after not finding any copies of the Poneglyphs on him, Big Mom decided to keep him as a pet. Although Brook could not overpower her homies Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon due to them being made from her own soul, he was capable of giving Prometheus a small wound. Pudding then entered the room and asked to speak with Big Mom.[32] Pudding and Big Mom went over the plan to assassinate the Vinsmokes in the throne room, with Brook overhearing it.[9] In the Mirro-World, Nami, Chopper, Jinbe, Pedro, and Carrot, along with Brûlée and Diesel, searched for Brook, and they eventually found Big Mom sleeping with him. After multiple attempts and barely escaping Big Mom's power, they successfully rescued Brook and brought him back to the Mirro-World. There, Brook revealed that he had copied all of the Poneglyphs and stored them in his skull, and the team celebrated before going to look for Luffy and Sanji.[33]

Luffy Punches Sanji

Luffy forces Sanji to tell him the truth about his situation as the two reconcile.

Sanji remained in the Chateau, and despite Reiju's encouragement, he resigned himself to death. Bobbin then came up to him and took a piece of food out of the bento box that Sanji had made for Pudding. In an instant, Sanji kicked him into the wall, and was immediately forced to run away.[9] Sanji escaped to Sweet City with Bobbin in hot pursuit,[33] but he made it to the outskirts of the city while Bobbin was shot by the Fire Tank Pirates. Sanji found Luffy at the promised spot, with his captain incapacitated from hunger. Luffy ate Sanji's bento and found it delicious even though it was ruined, but Sanji then told him that he would not be rejoining the crew. However, Luffy punched him and told him to say what he really felt, and Sanji admitted that he wanted to save his family from assassination. Upon hearing this, Luffy immediately agreed to help in the endeavor.[34] The rest of the Sanji Retrieval Team then got in contact with Luffy and Sanji, and upon hearing their new objective, Jinbe suggested proposing an alliance to Bege, who was aiming to assassinate Big Mom during the wedding. Luffy and Bege both agreed to Jinbe's proposition.[16]

Crashing the Wedding: Alliance With the Fire Tank Pirates[]

Straw Hat Pirates Meet Fire Tank Pirates

The Sanji Retrieval Team forms an alliance with the Fire Tank Pirates to assassinate Big Mom and save the Vinsmokes.

In the Whole Cake Chateau, the Vinsmokes partied and drank heavily, looking forward to the wedding.[34] Meanwhile, the Straw Hats arrived at the Fire Tank Pirates' hideout and were forced to bathe before meeting with Bege. While in the bath, Nami and Carrot spoke with Chiffon, who revealed that Lola had turned down a marriage proposal from Prince Loki of Elbaf. Due to her resemblance to Lola, Chiffon had been abused by Big Mom after the marriage's failure, and she now had no problem with her husband trying to kill her mother. The two crews then met, and although things got off to a rocky start due to Luffy being angry at Bege for shooting Pekoms, a collaborative plan was set.[35] Bege had recruited Caesar Clown to his side after being put on guard duty at the latter's lab, and had gained KX Launchers that would instantly kill anyone upon penetrating their skin. However, Big Mom had skin as hard as iron, but Bege knew how she could become weak. At every tea party, Big Mom brought out a portrait of a mysterious woman named Mother Carmel. Recently, someone had accidentally cracked it, which had caused Big Mom to enter a psychological crisis, and during this crisis she scraped her knees upon falling to the ground. Bege gave Luffy the task of destroying the portrait, and Luffy accepted despite the heavy risk.[36]

After the meeting, Luffy got an idea to enter the wedding and requested that Bege have a mirror be placed in the wedding cake. He then went and gathered several animals and told Brûlée to turn them into reflections of himself.[37] At an inlet on Whole Cake Island, the Sun Pirates treated Pekoms' wounds, but did not tell him what Jinbe was plotting.[35] They then tied him up as they departed from Whole Cake Island the morning of the wedding.[38]

Tea Party Infobox

The tea party and wedding begins.

As morning broke, the Underworld Emperors who were invited to the wedding arrived on Whole Cake Island, with the conglomerate member Du Feld, the queen of the Pleasure District Stussy, and the reporter for the World Economic Journal Morgans among them. They went to the wedding venue at the top of the Whole Cake Chateau, where Bege stood guard. A man named Jigra attempted to get in, but was shot by Sweet Commander Charlotte Katakuri. Katakuri, whose Kenbunshoku Haki was so advanced it allowed him to see into the future, had foreseen that Jigra had been attempting to attack Big Mom. At 10:00 AM, Big Mom entered the venue, and the tea party festivities began.[38] Big Mom was presented with presents from her Underworld guests, and revealed that she planned to open the Tamatebako that she received from Fish-Man Island as well. With everyone in the venue, Caesar remained outside while Bege took the Sanji Retrieval Team in to initiate their plan.[39]

Pudding Breaks Down

Pudding breaks down after Sanji compliments her third eye.

Inside the Chateau, Pudding changed into her wedding dress and prepared to have to modify everyone's memories after the assassination.[36] Sanji returned to the Chateau and soon joined Pudding, and as Pudding continued with her facade, Sanji struggled to remind himself of her true intentions despite her looks.[39] The two of them were then brought out to the venue, and inside Bege's body, Jinbe desperately tried to wake Luffy up as the time for his entrance was soon. Pudding and Sanji stood before the altar, and when the time came for Pudding to lift her veil, she did so intending for Sanji to be shocked by her third eye. However, Sanji called her beautiful, shocking Pudding and causing her to break down as she remembered being bullied for her appearance as a child. With this development, both the priest and Katakuri moved to shoot Sanji, but Sanji dodged Katakuri's shot, and it hit the priest, causing his gun to go off. With the sound of a gunshot being his cue, Luffy and his animal duplicates then burst out of the wedding cake.[40]

Jinbe Leaves the Big Mom Pirates

Jinbe officially declares that he is leaving the Big Mom Pirates.

Luffy's entrance caused chaos to erupt in the venue, and Big Mom began to go crazy at the destruction of the wedding cake. Katakuri found the real Luffy and attacked him with his Mochi Mochi no Mi abilities. However, Jinbe freed Luffy from Katakuri's mochi and spoke to Big Mom, declaring that he wished to leave her crew. He was willing to have Big Mom take his lifespan so long as she did not harm any of his comrades, and Big Mom tried to do so, but found herself unable to due to Jinbe lacking fear. She then attacked Jinbe and Luffy, but as she did this, Brook, who had disguised himself as Luffy, went up to the Carmel portrait and destroyed it.[37] However, Big Mom did not enter a crisis due to being overwhelmed by the destruction of the cake. Pudding attempted to complete her job and shoot Sanji, but was hit out of the way by her brother Charlotte Daifuku, who summoned a genie that briefly overpowered Sanji. Meanwhile, Pedro was confronted by Charlotte Oven, who used his Netsu Netsu no Mi abilities to heat up his sword and prevent him from holding it. Meanwhile, the Vinsmokes were bound by Perospero's candy and held at gunpoint, and were unable to escape due to not wearing their Raid Suits. Judge wept as he was left aghast by the Big Mom Pirates' treachery, while his sons showed no emotion at all and Reiju accepted their fate.[41]

Sanji Saves his Family

Sanji saves his family.

Bege pretended to go after Luffy, and Brook went to them to tell them to show Big Mom the pieces of the Carmel portrait. Katakuri then confronted them, and Bege shot the Sweet Commander to give Luffy time. Katakuri avoided various attacks from the enemy alliance as he pursued Luffy, but subdued Luffy too late as Luffy stretched his arms in front of Big Mom's face, showing her the portrait pieces. Big Mom then entered a crisis, unleashing Haoshoku Haki that knocked out several guests and a scream that immobilized everyone else. The Straw Hat-Fire Tank Alliance members put on earplugs, and with the assassins incapacitated, Sanji freed his family from their bindings as they were given earplugs as well. As she screamed, Big Mom despaired over Mother Carmel, wanting to know where she had gone.[42]

The Wedding Becomes Chaos: Going After the Emperor's Head[]

Carmel Teaches Linlin

Big Mom being raised by Mother Carmel on Elbaf 63 years ago.

63 years ago, a 5-year-old Charlotte Linlin had been abandoned on Elbaf by her parents after causing too much destruction in her hometown. Her parents hoped that Mother Carmel would take her into the Sheep's House, and Linlin indeed found a home in the orphanage where children of all races were raised. Carmel, who had ushered in a new era of human-giant relations after pleading for the lives of the Giant Warrior Pirates to be spared, was patient with Linlin's obliviousness that led to violent tendencies, but never taught her to curb these tendencies. One day, Linlin and the Sheep's House took part in a semla feast prior to a 12-day fasting period for the Winter Solstice Festival, but Linlin loved the semla so much she had to be restrained before she could eat it all. Linlin greatly struggled during the ensuing fast, and by the seventh day, she had snapped and gone on a crazed rampage for semla.[43] One of the oldest giants in the village, Jorul, attempted to kill her for her actions, but Linlin threw him to the ground and gave him fatal injuries. Linlin was then given semla, and Carmel pleaded for the giants to spare her. They agreed, but on the condition that Linlin leave the island, and so Carmel took the Sheep's House to a new island.[44]

Linlin's Loved Ones Disappear

Big Mom remembers Carmel and her housemates mysteriously disappearing 63 years ago.

Life resumed as normal on the new island, and one day, Carmel met with agents from the World Government. Working as an Underworld trafficker named "Mountain Witch," Carmel operated the Sheep's House to sell recruits for the Marines and Cipher Pol under the guise of adoption. She sold Linlin for a hefty price, and prepared to retire once Linlin was gone. Soon afterwards, the Sheep's House celebrated Linlin's sixth birthday, and they made a croquembouche of semla for her. An overjoyed Big Mom rapidly consumed the croquembouche, oblivious to everything else around her, but after finishing her meal, she looked to see that Carmel and the Sheep's House children were all gone.[44] Two people witnessed this event: a giant, whose report of it to Elbaf caused the giants to hate Linlin even more, and a man named Streusen, a failed pirate and chef who was captivated by what he saw. Streusen approached the distressed Linlin and offered to feed her with his Kuku Kuku no Mi powers if he joined her, and in the years that followed, Linlin became a terrorizing pirate who quickly earned high bounties and could not be stopped by anyone. Linlin and Streusen also worked on turning the island they first met on into a place where everyone could live in harmony, as Linlin had inherited this dream from Carmel, although she misinterpreted it to believe that everyone should be the same size as her.[45]

Big Mom Destroys the KX Launchers

Big Mom's screaming unwittingly foils Bege's assassination attempt.

In the present, Vito and Gotti exited Bege's body and the trio shot their KX Launchers at Big Mom. However, in her anguish, she unleashed a powerful scream that blew up the missiles in midair. As Katakuri created mochi earplugs to protect his crewmates from Big Mom's scream, the Fire Tank-Straw Hat alliance's mission ended in failure, and they were left with no choice but to run away. Caesar flew in with Brûlée and a mirror for the alliance to escape through, but Big Mom's scream shattered the mirror, leaving the alliance trapped. Bege then transformed into a giant humanoid castle known as Big Father and told the alliance members to get inside him.[45] Katakuri rescued Brûlée and Smoothie, Daifuku, and Oven captured Nami, Carrot, and Chopper respectively. However, after regaining their Raid Suits, the Vinsmokes put them on and attacked the Big Mom Pirates, freeing Nami, Carrot, and Chopper. They then joined the alliance inside Bege, and he attempted to kill Big Mom, but was stopped by Perospero and Katakuri and besieged. Big Mom then regained her senses and started attacking Bege, with her punches strong enough to damage him.[46] The alliance tried to think of a way to escape, and they considered having Caesar fly Bege out of the venue, although this was extremely risky. Meanwhile, Sanji talked with Judge, and made it clear that he would no longer be associated with the Vinsmokes. Judge agreed to never go near him, or the East Blue again, and then took his other children toward the exit as they prepared to repay their debt by giving backup to Caesar and Bege.[47]

Big Mom Pirates Defeat the Allied Forces

The Big Mom Pirates defeat the Straw Hat-Fire Tank-Germa alliance.

When the Vinsmokes and Caesar exited him, Bege transformed into his normal body and was carried away by Caesar as the Vinsmokes shielded them from the Big Mom Pirates' bullets. However, Big Mom began attacking and injured Reiju with Prometheus, but before she could finish her off, Sanji and Luffy came out and intercepted her strike.[47] Sanji wanted to escape immediately afterwards, but Luffy clashed with Big Mom again, telling her that he would return and beat her after Kaidou. Judge then came to confront Big Mom, but she swiftly took him down, followed by Niji and Yonji. Ichiji was beaten by Katakuri and Sanji, Luffy, and Reiju were subdued by the Big Mom Pirates, leaving Caesar and Bege helpless.[48] Meanwhile, Du Feld had gone to the Tamatebako to try to steal its contents.[46] After accidentally dropping it onto a ledge below, he went down to get it, but ended up being shot by Stussy, who was revealed to be a CP0 agent. However, his incapacitated body pushed the Tamatebako off the ledge, and it fell all the way to the ground and exploded, which damaged the base of the Whole Cake Chateau and caused it to start tipping over.[48]

Whole Cake Chateau Falls

The Whole Cake Chateau tips over after being damaged by the Tamatebako's explosion.

Sanji and Caesar flew their allies to safety, parting ways with the Vinsmokes, while the Big Mom Pirates fell to the ground far below. However, Streusen turned part of the Chateau into soft cake, cushioning the fall. The Straw Hat-Fire Tank alliance went to the northwest part of Whole Cake Island, and Caesar left after getting his heart back while the Straw Hats and Fire Tank Pirates parted ways. Back in Sweet City, the Big Mom Pirates planned to pursue their enemies, but Big Mom started craving her ruined wedding cake[49] and went on a mad rampage, removing Opera's lifespan in the process. Perospero lied that there was a second wedding cake that the Straw Hats had stolen, and Big Mom believed him, but said she would kill him if he was lying, causing him to panic. Pudding then arrived and told her crew that she could make another wedding cake with the rare ingredients left over on Cacao Island and with the help of her sister Chiffon. She told them that she wanted to make the cake to get revenge on Sanji,[50] but when she found Chiffon and the Fire Tank Pirates, she told Chiffon that she wanted to make it to help Sanji, and wanted to enlist him in the effort. Chiffon agreed to help Pudding, as she wanted to repay Nami for helping Lola, and they flew to Sanji on the carpet homie Rabiyan.[51]

Escaping the Wedding: Big Mom's Unstoppable Craving[]

Big Mom Pirates Chase the Straw Hats

A crazed Big Mom and her crew chase the Straw Hats for wedding cake.

Chopper and Brook headed off on their own to retrieve the Shark Submerge, and as the rest of the Straw Hat group approached the Seducing Woods, they found Kingbaum who had been resurrected. Nami used a part of Lola's Vivre Card that she had torn off and retained to force him to take them into the woods, but Big Mom then flew in behind them on Zeus looking for her wedding cake.[50] She had Napoleon turn into a sword and unleashed devastating attacks at the Straw Hats, but Nami got an idea and fed Zeus some thundercloud balls. Zeus loved the clouds and stopped to eat them, causing Big Mom to fall off of him. However, Prometheus incinerated Kingbaum, and the Seducing Woods homies attacked as well, as Big Mom nullified the power of Lola's Vivre Card.[52] Additionally, some of Big Mom's crew arrived to back her up, but Jinbe weakened Prometheus with Fish-Man Karate, and while Nami was distracted, Zeus ate her entire Weather Egg. This caused him to swell up with storm energy, and Nami forced him to discharge, hitting Big Mom and her crew with a massive lightning bolt.[51] Big Mom was left in a crater, but was still conscious and continued chasing the Straw Hats. Pudding and Chiffon then flew in to recruit Sanji to their cake baking operation, and Sanji agreed to it. Pudding then used her ability to restore the Seducing Woods homies' memories of their past lives, leaving them confused and overwhelmed and clearing a path to the Sunny.[53]

Thousand Sunny Escapes Whole Cake Island

The Straw Hats escape Whole Cake Island thanks to Pedro's sacrifice.

Katakuri and Perospero took thousands of Chess Soldiers through the Mirro-World to occupy the Sunny, and they were met by Chopper and Brook from the Submerge. Perospero offered to let the duo run away, but they refused to abandon the ship and took down dozens of Chess Soldiers.[53] Perospero then encased them in candy, leaving them three minutes until they suffocated. The Straw Hats then emerged onto the beach with Big Mom on their tail, and Perospero and Katakuri confronted them. Luffy clashed with Katakuri, but Perospero trapped the Sunny in candy as the Big Mom Pirates' fleet besieged it, leaving the Straw Hats trapped. Pedro then attempted to attack Perospero, but was overwhelmed. However, he then lit up several bombs in his jacket, engulfing him and Perospero in a massive explosion.[54] Perospero survived, but received heavy injuries that left him unable to maintain his candy creations, thus freeing the Sunny, Chopper, and Brook. The Straw Hats prepared to escape with Coup de Burst, and to prevent him from going after his crew, Luffy grabbed Katakuri before grabbing Brûlée, who had been watching from a nearby mirror. He pulled himself and Katakuri into the Mirro-World as the rest of the group activated Coup de Burst, blasting them away from Whole Cake Island.[55]

The Sanji Retrieval Team Plan to Meet at Cacao Island

The Sunny crew plans to reunite with Luffy on Cacao Island after he defeats Katakuri.

The Sunny crew mourned Pedro's death, but could not do so for long as Big Mom and her fleet quickly caught up to them. In the Mirro-World, Luffy began fighting Katakuri, but Katakuri used his mochi powers to mimic Luffy's abilities and overwhelm him.[56] Brûlée and her subordinates then prepared to attack the Sunny through its mirrors, and after Katakuri prevented him from stopping them, Luffy contacted his crew through a mirror shard and told them to shatter all of the ship's mirrors and planned to meet back up with everyone on Cacao Island. The Sunny crew was attacked by a giant wave created by Big Mom,[57] but Jinbe singlehandedly piloted the ship through the inside of the wave, successfully riding it out and escaping from Big Mom once again. The crew then shattered their mirrors, and everyone thought the Sunny had sunk,[58] but Brûlée overheard Luffy talking to his crew and realized they were still alive, causing her to contact Perospero.[59]

Cooking Up a Solution: The Sanji Retrieval Team's Last Stand[]

Germa Commanders Defeat Big Mom Pirates Squad

Germa 66 defeat the army of Big Mom Pirates sent to attack them.

On Whole Cake Island, Mont-d'Or received a report from Custard that the Fire Tank Pirates had escaped. Meanwhile, the Vinsmokes defeated the 10,000-strong army of Big Mom Pirates sent to take them down, and Niji impersonated one of them to trick Mont-d'Or into thinking that the Big Mom Pirates were victorious.[59] The Big Mom Pirates were unable to track the locations of the Fire Tank and Straw Hat crews, however, as the Sun Pirates had stuck around Totto Land and Praline had distracted the Territorial Sea Slugs by singing. Near Mont-d'Or, Pekoms cried over Pedro's death.[60] Hours later, Stussy and Morgans joined Mont-d'Or's group and revealed to him that the Tamatebako caused the explosion that tipped over the Chateau.[61] They then wondered if the Straw Hats would escape from Totto Land, but Mont-d'Or assured them no such thing would happen.[62]

Katakuri Gatling

Luffy fights against Katakuri.

Luffy continued fighting Katakuri in the Mirro-World, but Katakuri used his advanced Kenbunshoku Haki to dodge all of Luffy's attacks and overwhelmed Luffy offensively. Luffy was even more overwhelmed when Katakuri brought out his trident Mogura, but worked to dodge Mogura's deadly strikes and managed to stay in the fight. Brûlée told Luffy he had no chance of beating Katakuri, saying that Katakuri had never laid on his back since he was born.[59] Katakuri became annoyed as his merienda was made late, and he stopped Luffy from entering Gear 4 before burying him in a pile of mochi. Some chefs then brought out sweet treats, and Katakuri created a mochi house to consume them in private. However, Luffy ate his way out of the mochi pile and broke into Katakuri's house, where he saw Katakuri laying on his back and eating donuts with his large mouth. Upon seeing Luffy, Katakuri flew into a rage and attacked his chefs, but Luffy activated Gear 4 and managed to hit Katakuri for the first time.[63] As he assaulted Katakuri, Luffy realized that the Sweet Commander used his Kenbunshoku Haki to move his mochi body out of harm's way, and was defenseless now that he had lost his composure. However, Katakuri regained his composure and started dodging attacks again, and Luffy was quickly back at a disadvantage as Katakuri assaulted him with powerful attacks.[60] However, Katakuri accidentally revealed that Gear 4 would wear off soon, allowing Luffy to run away from him. Luffy then ran into Brûlée, and took her through a mirror into the real world.[64]

Big Mom Attacks Peanuts Town

Luffy ends up near Big Mom after escaping to recharge his Haki.

Perospero took Big Mom to Cacao Island to eat the wedding cake, but to his horror, she decided to go to Nuts Island instead and destroyed everything in her path as she looked for cake.[59] Luffy and Brûlée arrived on Nuts Island through the mirror, and ended up right in front of the rampaging Big Mom. Perospero pointed her to Luffy, and Luffy was forced to run away while still being unable to use Haki.[64] Eventually, Luffy took Brûlée inside a mirror, and the two of them visited several islands before eventually ending up in an empty house. As he waited to regain his Haki, Luffy remembered Silvers Rayleigh teaching him that Haki could be strengthened by battling opponents with strong Haki. This made him decide to use the fight against Katakuri to improve his own Haki.[65]

The Cake Baking Commences

Sanji, Pudding, Chiffon, and their team race to make a wedding cake.

Meanwhile, as Pudding, Chiffon, and Sanji flew toward Cacao Island, they were spotted by Pound from a boat below, and he recognized his daughter Chiffon.[56] Upon reaching Cacao Island, they were greeted by Whole Cake Island's top chefs the WCI 31, who had been enlisted to help. Pudding altered their memories, making them believe that there was no fighting and Sanji had gotten married to her, and the team got to work making a cake in three hours, with Chiffon making the base chiffon cake, Pudding making the chocolate icing, and Sanji making a special whipped cream.[57] As they were working, Pound unsuccessfully attempted to get into the Sweets Factory to see Chiffon. Oven then arrived on Cacao Island, and after seeing Pound making a commotion, he beat him up and threw him out.[60] Inside the factory, Sanji finished his cream, which was so sweet it made people nearly die from happiness. With the parts of the cake finished baking, Sanji decided to set sail and construct the cake on the way to the Sunny.[64]

Sanji Saves Chiffon

Sanji saves Chiffon from her brother Oven.

The cake baking team headed out with the cake, and Sanji hid as Oven greeted them. He allowed Pudding to go on, but attacked Chiffon for being complicit in Bege's assassination attempt. Pound then tried to save his daughter, and Sanji took the opportunity to attack Oven and rescue Chiffon without being spotted. However, Oven quickly found Chiffon and confronted her again, and as he prepared to execute her, he got in contact with Bege who was heading for Cacao Island. Bege said he would stand down, but as his ship the Nostra Castello got closer to the island, he shot Oven in the face.[65] The Nostra Castello then used its tank treads to move on land, and Sanji brought the cake onboard as Chiffon was reunited with her family and crew. Bege took the Nostra Castello back to the sea, but the ship and cake were then threatened as Oven boiled the ocean. However, Pound attacked Oven again, giving the pirates and chefs time to escape while Oven turned to confront him, and before he was struck down by a flaming naginata, Pound congratulated Chiffon on her marriage.[66]

Big Mom Attacks the Sunny

Big Mom attacks the Sunny to find her wedding cake.

Meanwhile, Big Mom and her fleet found and pursued the Sunny crew again, and Daifuku arrived with another fleet to surround the Sunny. However, after seeing the full moon in the sky, Carrot told the crew to leave Daifuku's fleet to her. She then gazed into the moon and transformed into her Sulong form, which increased her abilities, and she flew toward Daifuku's fleet. Overwhelming them with her speed, she took down several of Daifuku's subordinates while removing the ships' helms,[67] and Daifuku unwittingly aided her as his genie was unable to hit her and destroyed several ships instead. However, Carrot's transformation caused her to become very exhausted, and Brook went and took her back to the Sunny, which had a clear path with Daifuku's fleet in chaos. However, Big Mom, who was rapidly growing thinner, summoned Zeus and Prometheus back to her side and boarded the Sunny to look for the wedding cake.[68]

Daifuku Attacks Carrot

Daifuku attacks Carrot.

The Sunny crew was unable to stop her, but Big Mom ended up hitting Jinbe into the ocean, allowing him to come back and hit her with a powerful blow that knocked her off the ship. After landing on Zeus, Big Mom prepared to slice the Sunny in half, but Nami managed to distract Zeus long enough for Brook to cut the cloud homie in two. Nami then sent small thunderclouds to Zeus, forcing him to discharge again and engulfing Big Mom in lightning. The Sunny crew quickly sailed away from Big Mom as Nami captured a weakened Zeus, saying that he would become her servant.[69]

A Clash of Haki: The Final Push to Freedom[]

Oven Ambush Luffy

Oven gathers an army on Cacao Island to ambush the Straw Hats.

Back on the Nostra Castello, Sanji and Bege argued over whether or not to poison the cake, and Sanji fed Bege his whipped cream to convince him not to. The cake was then completed, and the pirates and chefs celebrated.[68] Meanwhile, Big Mom caught up to the Sunny on Prometheus, who threatened to burn the ship and crew up.[61] However, she then smelled the cake on the approaching Nostra Castello, and headed toward it while Pudding and Sanji went to the Sunny. The Sunny crew then headed for Cacao Island, and Smoothie's fleet pursued them while Perospero followed Big Mom and the Fire Tank Pirates, who took the cake to Liqueur Island to get it far away from the Straw Hats. Perospero feared that the Fire Tank Pirates had poisoned the cake, and was consumed with paranoia. Meanwhile, on Cacao Island, Oven had every mirror destroyed except one, had a fleet besiege the island, and gathered thousands of his crewmates to lie in wait to ambush Luffy and the Straw Hats.[70]

Katakuri Wounds Luffy

Katakuri severely wounds Luffy, but not without Flampe's help.

After regaining his Haki, Luffy returned to the Mirro-World to confront Katakuri again.[67] Although he was still overwhelmed by Katakuri's strength, he continued working on trying to improve his Kenbunshoku Haki by dodging the Sweet Commander's attacks. Hours passed, and Katakuri's younger sister Charlotte Flampe entered the Mirro-World with her subordinates. Wanting to be Katakuri's favorite little sister, she and her subordinates tried to shoot Luffy, although had a difficult time doing it.[61] As Katakuri realized what Luffy was doing and moved to finish him off quickly, Flampe managed to shoot Luffy with her blowgun, preventing him from dodging Mogura in time and causing him to receive a massive injury to his side.[70] Katakuri assaulted Luffy with relentless attacks, but realized what had happened upon overhearing Flampe laughing. He shouted at her angrily for interfering in his fight, and stabbed himself where he hit Luffy in order to remove his advantage. In the process, Katakuri uncovered his mouth, causing Flampe to lose all respect for him and make fun of his mouth. Although Katakuri had been bullied for his mouth as a child, he paid no mind to it as he faced Luffy again, and the two of them unleashed Haoshoku Haki that knocked out Flampe's group as they faced off as equals.[71]

Luffy and Katakuri's Final Clash

Luffy and Katakuri's final clash.

Luffy had advanced his Kenbunshoku Haki enough to be able to counter Katakuri's attacks and lay hits on the Sweet Commander, and the two of them fought brutally. Luffy then attempted to end their battle by activating a form of Gear 4 known as Snakeman.[72] With Snakeman, Luffy moved at an extremely fast speed, and his attacks changed direction and grew faster. Luffy and Katakuri continued exchanging blows until they eventually headed for a final clash, in which they hit each other with their strongest attacks.[73] Both of them were knocked out for a brief period of time, and when Luffy got up, Katakuri got up as well and foresaw that Luffy would come back and take down Big Mom before falling on his back, defeated. As Luffy headed away, he was then greeted by a disguised Pekoms, who had decided to help him escape to honor Pedro's memory and so had captured Brûlée to get out of the Mirro-World.[62]

Vinsmokes Save Sanji And Luffy

The Vinsmokes help Sanji and Luffy escape from Cacao Island.

Sanji and Pudding went on ahead to Cacao Island to rescue Luffy, and as the Sunny crew headed there, they were forced to dodge flying water slashes from Smoothie.[72] Sanji and Pudding made it to Cacao Island, where they hid in an alley near Oven's army. Pudding bid farewell to Sanji, and kissed him before removing his memory of it.[62] In the Mirro-World, Pekoms told Luffy he would activate his Sulong form to distract the Big Mom Pirates, even though only Pedro could bring him out of it. Pekoms and Brûlée then arrived on Cacao Island with Luffy hidden, shocking the Big Mom Pirates. Pekoms tried to activate Sulong, but was quickly overwhelmed by Oven, and the Big Mom Pirates quickly spotted the escaping Luffy. Sanji came in to rescue Luffy and as they ran off, Brûlée with tears in her eyes told everyone that Katakuri was defeated by Luffy breaking the Sweet Commander's undefeated record; hearing this the Big Mom Pirates were all shocked and outraged and went in an all-out attack. Sanji tried to escape, but he was eventually overwhelmed by the sheer force of the army and was held at gunpoint. Right then, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji arrived to block the bullets as the Germa Kingdom fleet battled the fleet besieging Cacao Island.[74] The three brothers took down several of the Big Mom Pirates as they brought Sanji and Luffy to safety, and Sanji and Luffy ended up flying over the Big Mom Pirates' fleet right toward the Sunny, with Reiju taking out the forces on the fleet.[75]

Straw Hats Escape Totto Land

Jinbe and the Sun Pirates take on the Big Mom Pirates, allowing the Straw Hats to escape Totto Land.

Sanji and Luffy made it to the Sunny, and Germa's fleet provided backup against Smoothie and Daifuku's fleet. Judge asked Luffy why he wanted Sanji with him despite what he viewed to be Sanji's shortcomings, but Luffy saw none of those as shortcomings. Another Big Mom Pirates fleet arrived in front of the Sunny to surround the Straw Hats, but the Sun Pirates then emerged and took out the fleet to give the Straw Hats a path to freedom.[76] Meanwhile, Oven had Brûlée bring special bullets to the Cacao Island army that would harm the Vinsmokes, and he went out to the water and boiled it to force the Sun Pirates to retreat. The Queen Mama Chanter then arrived and nearly destroyed the Sunny,[77] but Wadatsumi managed to replace it with the Sun Pirates' ship before carrying it in his mouth. Oven used his heat to force Wadatsumi to spit up the Sunny, but the Sun Pirates rose back up and prepared to take on the Big Mom Pirates to allow the Straw Hats to escape. Jinbe told Luffy he could not leave his old crew behind to die, and Luffy told him to reunite with his new crew on Wano once he was done. Jinbe then joined the Sun Pirates as they began battling, and as the Big Mom Pirates were occupied, the Straw Hats managed to sail out of Totto Land.[78]

Big Mom Eats the Wedding Cake

Big Mom eats Sanji's wedding cake.

As the Fire Tank Pirates headed toward Liqueur Island with Big Mom on their tail, Chiffon said that they needed to go further ahead to Funwari Island to give the Straw Hats enough distance from Big Mom.[72] However, the crew struggled to withstand Prometheus' heat as he and Big Mom drew closer to them.[62] Mont-d'Or contacted Perospero to ask about the cake, and Perospero told him about its situation. At this point, Perospero could only hope that the cake would satiate Big Mom's craving, as they would all die otherwise. Mont-d'Or then realized that Morgans and Stussy had left, and ordered them to be found to prevent them from revealing these events to the outside world.[76]

Big Mom Arrives at Cacao Island

Big Mom arrives at Cacao Island in the midst of the battle.

The Fire Tank Pirates reached Funwari Island as the Nostra Castello finally gave out and sunk, and left the cake on the coast before heading out of Totto Land. Big Mom then ate the cake, and was overjoyed by its delicious flavor as her craving was satisfied.[77] Once she regained her senses, she headed for Cacao Island to take on the Straw Hats, and her crew rejoiced as she entered the fight against the Sun Pirates and Germa.

Seafood Fried Rice

Sanji cooks a meal for those who want to eat as his true father does the same.

Morgans and Stussy left Totto Land on a hot air balloon, and Morgans predicted that a member of the Worst Generation would become the next Pirate King. On Cacao Island, Pudding wept as she held the film of memories she had taken from Sanji. In the Mirro-World, Brûlée tended to Katakuri's wounds, admitting that she had seen him on his back before as she remembered how Katakuri had attacked some bullies for scarring her face as a child. Outside of Totto Land, Sanji found out about Pedro's sacrifice before going to work cooking, and as he cooked, a rowdy pirate crew was coming to Baratie. Despite his workers' complaints, Zeff said he would serve them food no matter what, just as his son Sanji served his crew.[79]

Story Impact[]

  • Some characters make their first appearances after the timeskip. The characters (in the order they were reintroduced) are: Dracule Mihawk,[3] Aladine,[3] Yasopp, Bonk Punch, Monster, Gab, Building Snake,[14] Shanks, Benn Beckman, Rockstar,[15] and Stansen.[74]
  • Sanji's family, the Vinsmoke Family, is formally introduced.[3][4][11][20]
    • His father, Vinsmoke Judge, is revealed as the one who sent bounty hunters after Duval in order to find Sanji, and later changed his bounty condition to "Only Alive."[3]
    • His family once ruled over North Blue, and Judge seeks to reclaim it. Though they no longer rule over land, the family can still attend Levely.[3]
      • However, due to Judge's attempt to ally with the Big Mom Pirates, the World Government would cut all ties with the Germa Kingdom in the following arc.[18][80]
    • Judge is a scientist and former peer of Vegapunk, and the pair had worked together on the Lineage Factor of living creatures (genetics). Judge has implemented this via Cloning an army for Germa 66, as well as by making his own children into Modified Humans with genetically enhanced abilities.[19]
      • Sanji did not receive these abilities due to his mother Sora's interference, as she wanted to keep her sons human. He was bullied by his brothers, who were successfully advanced and, in the process, lost their humanity while Judge neglected Sanji due to Sora's interference.[17][31]
    • Sanji's statement about growing up in the North Blue is confirmed and expanded upon. He grew up there in the Germa Kingdom, but he was imprisoned by his father for being a "failure." After his sister freed him, Sanji escaped from his abusive family at the age of 8, during an assault by the Kingdom in East Blue. It is revealed how he ended up on the Orbit.[20]
    • After Sanji saves his family from Big Mom's assassination plan and disowns his father, Judge finally relents and vows to never interfere in Sanji's life again nor harm Zeff.[47]
  • Sanji is revealed to have developed his chivalry from Zeff, whom he considers his true father.[21]
  • Big Mom and her crew are heavily revealed and much of their nature is elaborated.
    • Big Mom rules over a 35-island archipelago known as Totto Land, where she seeks to house a population derived from all races living in harmony.[5] Totto Land is inhabited by numerous anthropomorphic animals and objects known as homies, which have been ensouled via Big Mom's Devil Fruit, the Soru Soru no Mi.[12]
    • Big Mom has been married 43 times. She has 46 sons and 39 daughters, who together form the Charlotte Family.[4]
      • Lola is revealed to be one of those daughters, thus revealing that the Vivre Card she gave to Nami on Thriller Bark points to Big Mom. Due to Big Mom's Devil Fruit, the fragment of her soul within the Vivre Card is extremely powerful and can repel homies,[13] unless Big Mom herself is present.[51]
      • Big Mom's 35th daughter and Sanji's ex-fiancée Charlotte Pudding is the first member of the Three-Eye Tribe to be shown in the series. Pudding has the potential, if awakened, ability to read Poneglyphs.[32]
        • Following Sanji's comment about her third eye during the Tea Party/wedding, Pudding has developed genuine romantic love for him along with an erratic personality disorder.[53]
    • Big Mom has an enmity with the Giant race due to unwittingly killing one of their heroes as a child, as well as unwittingly causing the mysterious disappearance of Carmel and the Sheep's House children.[45] She attempted to amend relations with them through a political marriage between her daughter Lola and Prince Loki of Elbaf, but Lola ran away. Big Mom attempted to substitute Lola's identical twin sister Chiffon in her place, but the giants saw through the ruse, which only made tensions between them worse. Big Mom has since abandoned her efforts to befriend the giants, and has nursed a grudge against Lola and Chiffon ever since.[35]
      • No giants reside in Totto Land as a result of this enmity. Big Mom commissioned Caesar Clown to research artificial gigantism, so that she might convert members of her family into giants. Caesar blew off the assignment and embezzled the funds, so Big Mom sent her underlings to track him down from Dressrosa to Zou.[8]
  • Jinbe officially breaks off from the Sun Pirates and the Big Mom Pirates in order to join the Straw Hat Pirates.[6][37][78]
    • Prior to that, he gave Big Mom the Poneglyph he found during his journey.[7]
    • Wadatsumi joins the Sun Pirates.[6]
  • Luffy reveals two new forms of Gear 4: Tankman and Snakeman.[21][72]
  • Pedro is revealed to have once led a pirate crew called the Nox Pirates, of which Pekoms was once a member. The crew was defeated in Totto Land, and Pekoms joined Big Mom while Pedro had 50 years of his lifespan taken away.[24]
  • Big Mom has no less than three Poneglyphs in her possession: a Road Poneglyph and two regular ones, one of which she obtained recently from Jinbe. Brook manages to steal imprints of the text recorded on all three.[33]
    • According to Tamago, there are approximately 30 poneglyphs in the entire world.[27]
  • Capone Bege's past as a leader of the Five Families of the West is revealed. He was once a Rook combatant in the Big Mom Pirates, but has been plotting to assassinate Big Mom since before he joined.[16]
    • Tributary crews must marry into the Charlotte family in order to join Big Mom. Thus, Bege married Linlin's daughter Charlotte Chiffon, and they have a son named Capone Pez.[8]
  • Some of the Underworld Emperors are shown for the first time.[38]
    • Stussy is revealed to be an agent from CP0.[48]
  • Elbaf is shown for the first time, 63 years before the present day.[43]
  • Luffy vows to defeat Big Mom after he defeats Kaidou.[48]
  • Caesar gets his heart back and is finally freed.[49]
  • Pedro gives his life in hope that the Straw Hat Pirates will bring forth the new Dawn of the World.[54][55]
  • More information about Haki is revealed.
    • Advanced Kenbunshoku Haki allows one to see a few seconds into the future.[38]
      • Luffy gains the ability to see slightly into the future like Katakuri.[71]
    • Kenbunshoku Haki requires a calm mental state to work.[60]
    • Kenbunshoku Haki can deplete like Busoshoku Haki.[65]
    • Haki can strengthen through encounters with stronger opponents.[65]
  • It is revealed that minks transform on a full moon.[67] However, using the Sulong form for too long can cause exhaustion and possibly death. A mink can revert back to normal from the Sulong form by not looking at moonlight.[68]
  • The Straw Hats Pirates capture Zeus to serve as Nami's slave.[69]
    • However, when the Big Mom Pirates later follow the Straw Hats to Wano Country, Big Mom intends to get Zeus back.[81]
  • Jinbe separates from the crew to help his former crew escape from Totto Land, and later as he planned rejoined the Straw Hats in Wano Country during the Wano Country Arc.[78][82]


  • This is the third longest arc in the manga and anime to date, following the Wano Country Arc and Dressrosa Arc.


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