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Wicca is a female dwarf from Tontatta Kingdom beneath Green Bit. She, along with other members of her kind often pose as Dressrosa's fairies and take their "offerings".[1]


Wicca's Manga Color Scheme

Wicca's color scheme in the manga.

Wicca, like all the other dwarves, is small in stature and has a large fluffy tail and a pointy nose. She has blue hair, and also wears a large blue hat, with a red stripe around it. She also wears a blue dress with a white colored scarf.[2][4]


She is quite emotional and worries about her comrades, and will throw destructive tantrums when her worry gets the best of her. She is not afraid to speak her mind as shown when she insulted Zoro for his stupidity.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Despite her small size, she is incredibly powerful, capable of smashing the stone ground beneath her with ease using her bare hands during her tantrum.

She is also a member of the scouting unit on Dressrosa which may further attest to her strength.[2]


Dressrosa Arc

When the Straw Hats were in a bar in Acacia, Wicca stealthily managed to steal Zoro's sword while they were not paying attention. When Zoro realized this, he spotted his sword being carried away outside and immediately went after it. A chase then ensued with the elusive Wicca trying to outrun Zoro, but eventually he captured the thief who, much to his surprise was a Dwarf.[2]

He then asked if she was a fairy and she quickly began to explain her origin as a dwarf from the Tontatta Tribe. Since she sprained her leg, she begged Zoro to take her to the flower fields so she can report to her commander. She also informed Zoro that Doflamingo's crew was on their way to attack the Thousand Sunny. Zoro was about to rush to the shore, but Wicca urged him to take her to the flower field first.[2]

Wicca brought Zoro to the Riku Royal Army Headquarters hidden beneath the flower field. While Zoro watched Luffy competing in a tournament at the Corrida Colosseum via a video broadcast, Wicca tried to remind Zoro about the Thousand Sunny.[5]

Wicca and Zoro were then seen heading for the Sunny. On the way, Wicca informed Zoro about Jora as well as Doflamingo's top three subordinates. They later ran into Sanji and Kin'emon.[3]


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