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Wier[2] was the captain of a salvaging vessel in the East Blue. He only appeared in the live-action series.[1]


Wier was an older man with graying brown hair and a beard. He wore a simple red jacket and a cap.


Wier is a somewhat brave person, who was willing to engage the Alvida Pirates in combat instead of fleeing. However, once he was taken prisoner, he quickly became subservient to Alvida, shivering in fear and answering everything she asked.

Abilities and Powers[]

As the captain of the ship, he had some power over those who worked on his ship. However, the entire crew was unable to do anything against the Alvida Pirates.


East Blue Saga[]

Romance Dawn Arc[]

Wier was approached by Roronoa Zoro, who wanted to book passage to Sixis. Wier agreed, and brought him to the island.

Shortly after, Wier and his crew were attacked by the Alvida Pirates, who were hunting down Zoro. After a short battle, Wier was taken captive by Alvida, who interrogated him for information on Zoro. Wier explained that he had traveled to Sixis with a stack of wanted posters, but upon learning that hers wasn't included, Alvida killed Wier in a fit of rage.


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