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Hot Air Wilder is a Marine Vice Admiral stationed on Promise Land. He is the main antagonist of One Piece Premier Show 2016.[1]


Wilder is tall man with two scars on the right side of his face over his right eye and also wears a black captain's hat with goggles with gold rims around the goggles. He also wears a glittered black suit with a belt on it, glittered pants, and a pair of black boots. As a Marine, he wears a Marine jacket on his shoulders like a cape like the other high ranking Marines.[1]


Wilder is a practitioner of absolute justice, and he is willing to use and manipulate his subordinates to reach his goals. He is also dishonest, breaking his promise with Pokke to release the boy's father after Pokke fulfilled his part of helping capture the Straw Hat Pirates.

Wilder likes to act wildly, and his catchphrase is, "Let's go wild".

Like many other characters in the series, Wilder has a distinct laugh: "Geva geva geva geva".[1]



As Pokke's superior, Wilder has authority over him. However, Wilder takes advantage of the position, capturing Pokke's father and manipulating Pokke's Devil Fruit abilities for his own intentions. Pokke was betrayed by Wilder when the latter failed to release his father after the Straw Hat Pirates were captured.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As a vice admiral of the Marines, Wilder has command over his lower-ranking subordinates and responsible for leading the Buster Call alongside the other Marines vice admiral.[1]

Devil Fruit

Further information: Nepa Nepa no Mi

Wilder attacking the Straw Hat Pirates with a heatwave.

Wilder ate the Nepa Nepa no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to generate heat waves.[1]


Wilder's Basho Fan.

Wilder carries the Basho Fan (芭蕉扇 Bashō-sen?), which he uses to assist in spreading his Devil Fruit-created heatwaves.[1]


Further information: Haki

It was stated that all vice admirals possess Haki,[2] so Wilder can also use the ability.


One Piece Premier Show 2016

Wilder breaks his promise to Pokke by not releasing his father.

When the Straw Hat Pirates came to his island, Wilder captured Pokke's father and promised to release him if Pokke used his abilities to capture the crew. Pokke created clones of the crew's previous enemies, and Wilder used his heatwave attacks to pressure the crew. The two of them, along with Issho, successfully captured the crew, but when Pokke asked for his father's freedom, Wilder refused, breaking his promise. After the Straw Hat Pirates broke out, Wilder faced Pokke when the boy returned with Luffy by his side. With Wilder cornered, he used his strongest attack, Ikazuchi Neppa, and Promise Land began to collapse. Pokke rescued the crew with a clone of the Going Merry, and Luffy defeated Wilder with Gear 4.[1]

Major Battles


  • He is possibly named after Wilder D. Baker, a United States Navy Vice Admiral, who led the first naval attack on the Japanese mainland during World War II.
  • Wilder's Basho Fan is possibly based on the Banana Leaf Fan used by Princess Iron Fan from the novel Journey to the West.


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