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This is about the fish-man pirate named Willy. For physicist, see Willie Gallon.

Willy is a character from the fourth One Piece movie movie. He is an orca fish-man and the captain of a crew of fish-men that competed in the Dead End Race.[1]


Willy is an Orca fish-man. He wears a helmet, golden chains around his neck, and an orange shirt with black stripes.[1]


Willy Bounty Poster.png
Willy's bounty poster.
Willy Full Body.png
Willy's full appearance.


Willy has a strong rivalry with Arlong, something that Nami was worried about. He is also quite insightful, since he realized the race was rigged by Gasparde.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As a fish-man, his physical strength is ten times that of a normal human and double that under water. Although seeing as he is the captain of pirate crew of Fish-Men and a rival of Arlong, he could be assumed to be stronger than the average fish-man.


His weapon of choice was a morning star.[1]



In the past, he was an old rival of Arlong.[1]

Dead End Adventure

Willy's Jolly Roger.

He and his crew participated in the race with their ship, the Web Panic. He was last seen about to battle with Gasparde and his crew, but the outcome was never shown. He realized that Gasparde had rigged the race when he saw the former marine sailing away from the main course.[1]


  • Willy's name and species may be a reference to the movie Free Willy, which starred an orca.
  • Though non-canon, Willy is the first fish-man whose base species is a mammal, as opposed to a fish or cephalopod.
  • Willy is said to be a rival of Arlong's. They both share the same Japanese voice actor and bounty reward.


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