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Wolf[2] is a member of the non-canon Organ Dealing Assassination Group.


Wolf is a large wolf mink with grey fur and lighter-colored fur on his abdomen, hands, feet, and snout. He has yellow eyes, long claws, and sharp teeth. He wears an open blue vest.[1]


Like the other members of the Assassination Group, Wolf is very violent, wanting to kill all the Big Mom Pirates to take their organs. He ran away in fear once he realized he was no match for his foe.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Like any mink, Wolf is a natural born fighter who can use Electro and can assume his Sulong form when exposed to the full moon. Wolf also fights with his claws, which glow slightly when he attacks. However, he was no match for the likes of Charlotte Family.[1]


Whole Cake Island Arc

The Organ Dealing Assassination Group went to Whole Cake Island with Jigra to get revenge on the Big Mom Pirates for killing Jigra's father. The group reached the top of the Whole Cake Chateau after Jigra had already been killed by Charlotte Katakuri, and they charged at the Fire Tank Pirates. Wolf slashed at the pirates while Opera ensnared them in his chain. Big Mom's sons Charlotte Daifuku and Charlotte Oven then arrived. Wolf, Opera, and Gum tried to run away, but Daifuku summoned his genie to defeat them.[1]

Major Battles


  • Unlike most members of the Mink Tribe, Wolf is not fully clothed.


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