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"Worst in the East" is the eighth episode of the One Piece live-action series, and the final episode of the first season.[1][2]

Short Summary[]

The Straw Hats raid Arlong Park and defeat Arlong's crew. For taking down the pirate, Luffy is given his first bounty, and the crew sails towards the Grand Line.

Long Summary[]

The Straw Hats find that the Arlong Pirates thoroughly destroyed all of Coco Village. They decide to break into Arlong Park and battle Arlong and his officers. The Straw Hat crew splits up and each cover different areas of the battlefield.

Usopp battles against Chu, who chases him into the forest. Chu attacks Usopp by spitting alcohol at him as fast, bullet-like projectiles. However, Usopp shoots his bottle of alcohol with an incendiary projectile, causing it to ignite and explode, defeating Chu. Meanwhile, Zoro and Sanji battle against the Arlong Pirates' lesser combatants in the common area, involving Buggy getting his body back and making his escape, and then faced against Kuroobi, a practitioner of Fish-Man Karate. Sanji defeats Kuroobi with his Black Leg Style, knocking him into a bar.

Luffy and Nami go to her old office to confront Arlong, who is waiting for them there. Nami flees the scene so Luffy and Arlong could battle. Although Arlong possesses superior strength and Luffy is unable to harm him with standard techniques, Luffy decides to destroy the building, destroying many of the room's support pillars holding the rooftop. After the building starts to crumble, Luffy uses Gum Gum Battle Axe, stomping Arlong through several floors and causing the entire building to collapse.

Emerging victorious in battle, the Straw Hats party with the survivors of Coco Village. Garp, after Nezumi claims Luffy was responsible for destroying Coco Village, apprehends him and prepares to arrest him. After a brief battle, Luffy is completely defeated, unable to defeat Garp. However, after seeing his determination and ambitions as a pirate, Garp decides not to arrest Luffy, instead arresting Arlong and his crew.

The next day, Koby reveals to Luffy that upon Nezumi's request, Luffy had been given a bounty of thirty million, the highest in East Blue. This accomplishment is noticed by his allies across the sea, including Makino, Kaya and Zeff, as well as Shanks and Mihawk. After bidding farewell to Coco Village, the Straw Hats set sail towards the Grand Line. Meanwhile, Garp decides to personally train Koby and Helmeppo, seeing them as especially worthy Marines. However, Luffy also catches the attention of another, more hostile Marine.

Episode Notes[]

  • The live-action series changes the following:
    • Nami manages to convince the villagers not to raid Arlong Park.
    • Nami joins the Straw Hats in their fight against the Arlong Pirates.
    • The walk to Arlong Park is skipped.
    • Zoro now assists Sanji in battling Kuroobi, instead of fighting Hatchan.
      • Hachi is shown charging at Zoro and Sanji alongside the other fish-man, but his defeat is not shown on-screen.
    • Luffy getting incapacitated underwater is skipped.
    • Sanji no longer battles Kuroobi underwater.
    • Zoro and Sanji fighting Arlong is skipped.
      • Arlong's ability to hurt people with water is skipped.
      • Arlong getting scared of Zoro's scar is skipped.
    • The entirety of Luffy and Arlong's fight now takes place in the map room, rather than starting outside and making its way indoors in the manga and anime.
      • Luffy mocking Arlong's appearance is skipped.
      • Arlong taking out his teeth and using them as weapons is skipped.
      • Luffy breaking Arlong's nose is skipped.
    • Usopp realizing his cowardice and deciding to fight is skipped.
    • Usopp now defeats Chew by igniting the alcohol he uses to spit at people, rather than by dousing the fish-man in alcohol during their fight and beating him with a hammer.
    • Buggy reunites with his body in Arlong Park, instead of on Kumate Island.
    • Luffy visiting Bell-mère's grave is skipped.
    • Nami getting her new tattoo is skipped.
      • While the explanation behind the tattoo's meaning is skipped, it appears to be a tribute to Bell-mère only, instead of both her and Genzo.
    • Nami asking Nojiko and Genzo what Bell-mère would have thought about her becoming a pirate is skipped.
    • Nami leaving Cocoyasi Village, robbing everyone as she goes, is skipped.
    • Luffy obtaining his first bounty, and everybody's reaction to it, happen at the end of the Arlong Park Arc instead of during the Loguetown Arc.
      • The same is true of the Straw Hats' ceremony before entering the Grand Line.
    • Usopp now paints the sails of the Going Merry with the Jolly Roger after defeating Arlong.
    • Alvida now meets Buggy with her original appearance, while in the manga this occurs after she eats the Sube Sube no Mi.
      • They also meet at a bar, rather than at sea.
  • The live-action series also adds the following:
    • Nezumi meeting with Garp.
    • Garp apprehending the Straw Hats in Coco Village, before letting them go.
    • Luffy saying goodbye to Koby.
    • Smoker burning Luffy's wanted poster with a cigar.


  • When Nezumi salutes Garp, he does the normal military salute, rather than the iconic Marines salute from the series. It's unclear if this is a mistake or a change, as Nezumi is the only character so far to salute anyone.
  • The famous "Wilhelm Scream" can be heard after Zoro cut a fishman attacking Luffy.
  • The aforementioned scene where Usopp realizes his cowardice was filmed but it was cut from the edit for unknown reasons.
  • The ketchup Usopp uses to fake his death has "boshi" written on it, which is the Japanese for "star". This a reference to the fact that all of Usopp's attack contain the word "star".
  • The seaside entrance to Arlong Park can be seen during the wide shot after Luffy uses the Gomu Gomu no Ono.
  • Nami's outfit during the party is a reference to her outfit in Chapter 107's Color Spread.
  • Nojiko saying that Sanji should write a cookbook is in reference to One Piece Pirate Recipes.
  • The Revolutionary Army is mentioned having to taken Vira in a side article during the scene of Kaya reading the newspaper.
  • The bulletin board at the Baratie reference several ingredients, such as:
  • During the scene between Buggy and Alvida, Don Krieg's wanted poster can be seen behind her, looking closer to its original counterpart.
  • An instrumental of "We Are!" plays after the ceremony of the Straw Hat Pirates swearing by their dreams.
  • During his brief appearance, Smoker is seen smoking two cigars at once - a staple of the character, and practicing his hobby of Rock Balancing.
  • Both the actor who portrays young Smoker in the pilot episode, and in this episode are uncredited.
  • When Zoro questions Sanji about crying out "Mouton Shot!", Sanji mutters that "all great fighters call out their finishing moves" - the exact same thing Luffy said earlier.


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