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Xiao is a character who appears in the tenth One Piece movie. She is Ever's little sister.[1]


Xiao has short red hair that appears to be very unkempt. She has large round brown eyes, and her upper lip appears to peak downward in an almost beak-like pattern. She is very short and somewhat thin.[1]

Like all people in her village, she has feathers on her elbows. She wears a white and purple short-sleeved shirt.[1]


Xiao appears to have strong determination for her family, as she ventured past the Daft Green in her village in order to obtain IQ for her ill grandmother.[1]

She also appears to be easily surprised, as she has a tendency to faint at the slightest thing, like discovering that Chopper could talk.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Xiao is able to fly or at least to glide thanks to the feathers on her elbows.


Ever Anime Infobox.png
Ever: Xiao's older sister.
Xiao's Grandmother.png
Xiao's unnamed grandmother.
Xiao's Mother.png
Xiao's unnamed mother.
Xiao's Dad.png
Xiao's unnamed father as he appears in the film artbook's sketches.


One Piece Film: Strong World

Xiao's grandmother had fallen ill from over exposure to the Daft Green that borders her village, so she left her village to search for what little IQ she could find, since Shiki had taken all of it. After being nearly killed by wild animals, she is rescued by Zoro and Chopper, who take her back to her village.[1]

After seeing most of the Straw Hats, she hears that Shiki had planned on leaving the island and going to East Blue, thinking he was going for good (when he had intended to attack East Blue).[1]

Later, when Shiki constructs a pillar in their village, trapping Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp and Chopper, their village is attacked by wild animals after the Daft Greens had been taken away. Xiao, her mother and grandmother flee to an underground shaft, where they safely avoided the raid. After the Straw Hats (sans Nami) regroup, Xiao gives them the Tone Dial Nami had left them.[1]

After Shiki was defeated, Xiao is seen flying with her family reformed, her sister and father with them, as they safely avoid the destruction of Shiki's islands.[1]


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