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Yamato is the daughter of Kaidou of the Four Emperors. Groomed from a young age to be Kaidou's heir, Yamato instead developed a profound admiration for the samurai Kozuki Oden. After his death, Yamato chose to "become" Oden, impersonating him and adopting his mannerisms. As a result of this desire to become Oden, Yamato refers to herself as Kaidou's son, and Kaidou and his crew refer to her as such as well.

Yamato's path has put her at odds with her father and resulted in her being imprisoned on Onigashima for much of her life. She befriended Portgas D. Ace during his visit to Wano Country, though her Seastone shackles kept her from fleeing the island with him. After learning of Ace's death, she waited for the arrival of his sworn brother, Monkey D. Luffy, so she could join his efforts to overthrow Kaidou and then go out to sea with Luffy and his crew.[9]

Yamato is a major ally of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance during the Wano Country Arc.


Yamato is taller than an average human woman, standing at 263 cm (8'8"). She has long, white hair that is bound between orange rods into a ponytail at the back, which fades into aqua green and then blue the further down it goes, and ends in rectangular locks similar to Kaidou. Yamato also has large, orange eyes with prominent eyelashes, wears gold hoop earrings on both ears, and has horns on the top of her head which are mostly red, but gradually become more flesh-colored toward the base.

Yamato's current outfit is a sleeveless white garment with a diamond-shaped design on both sides and an indigo, wisp-patterned bottom half. She wears a pair of red hakama pants and sandals, and, much like Oden, wears a large purple and white nio-dasuki behind her back.[10]

While in disguise, Yamato originally also wore a hannya mask, which has a blue wig with an extremely long and wild mane attached to the top and a long blue goatee attached to the bottom.[10] Her kimono initially had long white sleeves, but she ripped them off when discarding her disguise, leaving the garment sleeveless and making it more form-fitting.

Four years ago, Yamato wore a similar long-sleeved outfit, but with different symbols near her breasts. The symbols resemble an oden skewer.

At age 8, Yamato's outfit was nearly identical to today, except with a slightly different mask with shorter horns and beard and without the nio-dasuki.[2] In the manga her outfit lacked the diamond-shaped design.[1]


Yamato Digitally Colored Manga.png
Yamato in the Digitally Colored Manga.
Yamato's Disguise.png
Yamato wearing a mask and full kimono.
Yamato at Age 8.png
Yamato at age 8.
Yamato at Oden's Execution.png
Yamato's appearance at Oden's execution in the anime.
Yamato as a Child.png
Yamato as a child shortly after Oden's execution.
Yamato Oden Skewer Symbol.png
Yamato at age 24, with an oden skewer symbol on her kimono.
Yamato Thousand Storm.png
Yamato Anime Concept Art.PNG
Yamato's concept art from the anime.
Yamato Everyday.png
Yamato in One Piece Everyday.


Yamato greatly admires the legendary samurai Kozuki Oden to the point of even proclaiming to carry his identity. She has referred to herself as Oden on multiple occasions and has even emulated his gender, referring to herself as the "son of Kaidou" due to Oden being a man.[4] Although initially carrying doubts as to how to present as Oden,[11] Yamato has steadily expressed a straightforward attitude regarding this identity as time has gone on, even proclaiming herself as such to Oden's son Momonosuke, to the boy's horror.[12] Although having wholeheartedly embraced this identity, Yamato has not cast aside her original persona, having referred to Yamato as her "other name".[2] Yamato does not seem to like people getting her name wrong, as she quickly corrected Luffy when he referred to her with a nickname.[13]

Having read of the great exploits documented by Oden in his logbook, which she considers to be her "bible",[4] Yamato dreams of leaving Wano Country's confines and setting out to sea with the Straw Hat Pirates, much like Oden did with the Whitebeard and Roger Pirates decades before.[9] Yamato also wishes to fulfill the goals that Oden had, namely opening Wano's borders, in direct defiance to Kaidou's wishes for the country.[4] Yamato has shown herself to be extremely strong-willed, having put up considerable resistance to Kaidou's imprisonment of her despite having yet to fully break free. Although initially seeming to be more subordinate to him previously, her battle with Ace led to her destroying Kaidou's dragon statue in an act of defiance that has since led to more outright rebellion.[14] Yamato has engaged in combat with her father numerous times and has openly expressed opposition and defiance to his plans for her, accompanied by insults.[3][13] When the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance invaded Onigashima, Yamato was immediately willing to help them and had no qualms with attacking members of her father's crew,[10] making her intentions and loyalty clear to them during her attacks.[15][16] Yamato is also willing to go to great lengths to achieve her objectives, having basically kidnapped Luffy in order to get to talk to him and following through with this tactic even after Luffy responded by attacking her.[4]

Yamato displays her earnestness to Momonosuke and Shinobu.

Yamato is more than willing to put her body and life on the line to protect people she cares about, as she believes that Oden would never abandon a comrade in danger. She resolutely withstood a barrage of powerful artillery strikes by the Armored Division to protect Momonosuke,[17] and later confronted Kaidou by herself to stall him until Luffy returned despite knowing she was no match for him.[9] However, Yamato also takes enjoyment in engaging in combat; despite framing her plan to split up from Momonosuke as a decoy strategy to trick the Beasts Pirates, Momonosuke and Shinobu both noted to themselves that Yamato seemed mainly interested in going to fight.[18]


Friends and Allies

Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy and Yamato charge into battle.

After failing to set sail with Ace, Yamato had been waiting for his brother, Monkey D. Luffy, to arrive at Onigashima.[3] For this reason, Yamato chased and clashed with Luffy after finding him, ignoring his time constraints in order to talk to him, even if for just five minutes.[10] Yamato then trusted Luffy enough to request his help in achieving Oden's dream of opening Wano's borders,[4] and told him that Kaidou was her father and then expressed a wish to be freed from Kaidou and an intent to leave Wano with Luffy's crew as a means to be free and explore the sea like Oden did. Therefore, after Luffy removed the explosive handcuffs Kaidou had used to imprison Yamato, the two decided they would fight Kaidou together.[3][13] Their trust has slowly grown and Luffy even entrusted Yamato to help protect Momonosuke.[11]

Luffy refers to Yamato by the nickname "Yama-o" (ヤマ男?), similar to the nicknames he uses for Trafalgar Law, Bartolomeo, and Eustass Kid. Yamato appears to not understand Luffy's use of nicknames, as evidenced by her attempt to correct Luffy with her actual name,[13] as well as Ulti's name when Luffy gives her a nickname as well.[15] When battling Kaidou, Yamato openly told him that he would lose to Luffy, believing that he would return, calling him "the one that Oden was waiting for", and then after that, she would go to sea with Luffy and the Straw Hats, which upsets Kaidou.[9]

Portgas D. Ace

Yamato sharing drinks with Ace.

Yamato met the pirate, Ace a few years ago and was initially antagonistic towards him due to his excessive rampage on Onigashima. The two quickly became friends, however, after Ace recognized that Yamato was being held captive by Kaidou. As they drank sake together, they talked about the current generation of pirates and Ace's little brother, Luffy.[14] Yamato would have liked to sail out of Wano with the Spade Pirates, but was kept prisoner on Onigashima, shackled with explosive handcuffs.[3][14] However, she created a Vivre Card for Ace so they could meet again.

Yamato thought highly of Ace and believed he would be the one leading the new generation of pirates, until his untimely death at Marineford two years ago.[19] This is also evidenced by the conversation with Luffy in which Yamato fondly stated that Luffy was reminiscent of Ace and that, although it was not possible to set sail with Ace, it would be possible to leave with Luffy due to them being brothers.[4]

Kozuki Momonosuke

Kozuki Momonosuke!! I am Oden!! I will protect you!!
— Yamato's introduction to Momonosuke[12]

Yamato initially believed that Momonosuke had died 20 years ago in Oden Castle.[13] Yamato had tried to save him from Kaidou at the time, but was powerless to do anything.[2] Yamato believes that Momonosuke is important for the "Dawn of the World".[17]

Upon meeting Momonosuke in the present, Yamato referred to him as "my son" due to assuming Kozuki Oden's identity,[15] but Momonosuke was confused by the fact that Yamato proclaimed to be Oden and was initially mistrustful.[11] However, after watching Yamato take on incoming attacks from Sasaki and his Armored Division to protect Momonosuke, he and Shinobu recognized her as an ally.[2] Later, Momonosuke was shocked to hear that Yamato was Kaidou's daughter, but did not hold it against her.[14] Later when Momonosuke returned to Onigashima in his adult dragon form alongside Luffy, Yamato was visibly shocked at the sight of another dragon besides Kaidou, but soon relieved to find out that Momonosuke was in fact that other dragon. After leaving with Momonosuke to stop Onigashima from falling onto the Flower Capital, Yamato decided to help Momonosuke out with his new abilities, trying to explain to him how dragons actually fly, and telling him how to make flame clouds to stop Onigashima from falling. Yamato even showed enough trust in Momonosuke to try to stop Onigashima from falling on his own, while she decided to return to the island to find all the weapons and try to minimize the odds of Onigashima falling onto Wano like a giant bomb.

Shimotsuki Ushimaru

20 years ago as a child, Yamato met and became indebted to the former daimyo of Ringo, Shimotsuki Ushimaru, as the two befriended one another while both being imprisoned in a cave on Onigashima. At first Yamato was scared that he would kill her simply for being Kaidou's child, but instead Ushimaru, Fugetsu Omusubi, and Uzuki Tempura gave her all the food that was in the cave and broke her chains. When she asked for his name he simply stated that he was "nobody important", and then they all spent the following days bonding over Oden and the stories in his journal. Ushimaru was the one who freed Yamato as a child, breaking her out of the cave and making sure she survived until the day that Oden predicted would happen in 20 years finally came, which lead to his demise and the demise of the other samurai. During her fight with her father Kaidou, when he told her that she spent all those years alone without friends, Yamato adamently rebuked his claim, saying that Ushimaru and the other samurai were her friends.

X Drake

As they were both affiliated with the Beasts Pirates, Yamato and X Drake are acquainted with one another, however Yamato was unaware of Drake's loyalties with the Marines, and was also unaware that he sided with the alliance. While Yamato races to find the weapons hidden in the castle, she runs into Drake, Apoo, and the some of the Numbers, and immediately attacks Drake first, thinking that he was still a member of the Tobiroppo. When Drake cleared up the mistake and told her that he also betrayed Kaidou, Yamato immediately stopped attacking him and apologized, then resumed her mission to find the weapons.


Despite betraying the Beasts Pirates and Kaidou, Yamato seems to still be on good terms with the Numbers member Fuga, as he delightfully smashed his way through a wall and followed her around, seeming happy to see her, with Yamato only trying to get him to leave her alone rather than attack him. As a large fire apparition began heading to where the weapons were located, Yamato asks Fuga for help in dealing with it.



Damn it, that bull-gorilla!! He was seriously trying to kill me!!! I understand!! He is not a parent anymore!!!
— Yamato severing parental ties with Kaidou.[13]

Yamato clashes with her father, Kaidou.

Kaidou is Yamato's father and the two have a strained, spiteful relationship with one another, as Yamato idolizes Kaidou's enemy, Kozuki Oden. When Yamato told Kaidou of her desire to be Oden, Kaidou responded by violently beating her and has subsequently been cruel to Yamato numerous times since childhood, having kept her imprisoned on Onigashima since the age of eight years old and earning her hatred and contempt for his actions, as Yamato wants nothing to do with Kaidou or his plans. When hearing Kaidou's plan for the New Onigashima Project and his desire for her to be Wano's shogun as a part of the plan, Yamato was visibly upset by the news, openly yelling that such a thing would never happen. Kaidou even had Yamato cuffed with explosive shackles to prevent a possible escape.[3] Despite being openly spiteful against Kaidou, Yamato still showed signs of familial ties with him, as shown when she had doubts about Kaidou's many threats, including using explosive cuffs to kill her in the event of an escape attempt. Despite Yamato's original doubts that they would explode, after Luffy removed them and they did in fact explode, she realized that Kaidou was actually willing to kill her and, as a result, chose to sever relations with him,[13] such to the point of proclaiming that there would not be any concern for Kaidou if he were killed during the raid on Onigashima, and to the point that she did not hesitate to openly side with Luffy and his alliance and to attack any and all Beasts Pirates, despite some members' confusion as to why.[15]

Kaidou's overall view of Yamato is unknown. Although, Yamato has emulated Oden for the past 20 years to the point of even dressing up as a man like him, and although Kaidou disapproves of this idolizing of him, he does refer to Yamato as his son. However, Kaidou does not seem to be aware that Yamato wishes to fulfill Oden's dream of opening Wano's borders, a cause which he is opposed to.[4] Furthermore, though he has called Yamato an "idiot," he wished to have Yamato participate in his party during the Fire Festival[20] and later announced across Onigashima his intention for Yamato to replace Orochi as shogun, showing that he places great trust in her to assume such a position.[21]

Beasts Pirates

As the daughter of Kaidou, the majority of the Beasts Pirates showed a great amount of respect towards Yamato, referring to her as "Lord Yamato", and having a great respect and fear of Yamato's strength, though most are perplexed by her self-declarations as "Kozuki Oden". Despite this, they openly followed Kaidou's every order to restrain and keep watch over Yamato for the last 20 years, and after Yamato officially cut ties with Kaidou, she openly attacked any and all members of the Beasts Pirates, despite some members' confusion as to why she was fighting with the enemy. After Yamato's rebellion from the Beasts Pirates was made apparent, they were ordered to immediately fight back against her, cementing them officially as enemies.


Despite Yamato being Kaidou's daughter, Ulti does not think too highly of her and expressed annoyance at Kaidou's repeating "family problems" involving Yamato.[22] After Yamato had interrupted Ulti's battle with Luffy by knocking Ulti unconscious, the latter tried minimizing what had happened by denigrating Yamato's strength, while at the same time swearing she would avenge herself on Kaidou's child, right before passing out from the attack.[23][24] Later, upon finding Yamato on the Live Floor, a vexed Ulti immediately went ahead with attacking and fighting her.[15][11][25]Yamato annoyed with Ulti repeatedly getting in her way, fully went on to fight her, and ultimately got her out of her way. In the anime, when Ulti berates Yamato for not treating her father with more respect, Yamato angrily states that Ulti should take her own advice with her brother Page One.

Abilities and Powers


I recognize your value as a soldier, Yamato!!
— Kaidou about Yamato.[26]

Yamato is an extremely powerful warrior, with Black Maria noting that bringing her back to Kaidou's fortress after having escaped would be a difficult task.[27] In the past, Yamato was able to clash against Ace, a powerful Logia user, on equal ground. Afterwards, Ace acknowledged Yamato's abilities, saying he could not believe someone as strong as her was not the captain and lamenting that Yamato could not join his crew.[14] During the battle on Onigashima, Yamato clashed with Kaidou, a particularly notable feat considering the Emperor's nearly unparalleled physical might, with Kaidou himself acknowledging her strength and value as a soldier.[26] While she wasn't able to gain the upper hand against her father, she managed to prevent him from rejoining the war until Luffy returned and even wound Kaidou a few times.

Physical Abilities

Yamato possesses immense physical strength resembling that of Kaidou, being capable of wielding a large and heavy kanabo and using it to knock out Ulti, an Ancient Zoan user and one of the Tobiroppo, with just one blow.[10] Yamato was also able to physically match Luffy's strength with relative ease, even when he increased his strength exponentially with Gear Second and Gear Third. When Yamato countered a punch from Luffy with a kick, the powerful collision destroyed part of the nearby wall and ceiling and blew back the Beasts Pirates around them.[4] Yamato could easily run while carrying Luffy with just one arm[10] and was able to shatter the extremely tough armor and weaponry of the Beasts Pirates' Armored Corps.[17]

Yamato is extremely fast, being able to lunge forward with blinding speed to attack, as well as outrun members of the Beasts Pirates in pursuit,[10] and eventually completely elude the pirates and escape to the attic with Luffy without anyone seeing them.[4]

Yamato possesses tremendous durability, having emerged from being struck by multiple explosive bazooka blasts with only superficial bruises and cuts,[2] though she eventually began taking more serious wounds as the bazooka strikes continued.[17] During her fight against Kaidou, Yamato was able to withstand her father's powerful attacks and continue to fight effectively.

Devil Fruit

Yamato in Human-Beast form.

Yamato ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows her to transform into a divine wolf, as well as a human-divine wolf hybrid. According to Kaidou, this beast is a "Guardian Deity of Wano Country". Yamato ate this fruit purely out of hunger despite the fact it was not meant for her.

As a Zoan, this fruit greatly bolsters Yamato's physical abilities. Yamato was able to clash near-evenly against her father, Kaidou, an Emperor of the Sea, while the latter had assumed his extremely powerful human-dragon form.[28] Furthermore, being a carnivorous animal, this animal transformation grants Yamato heightened predatory instincts, as well as equipping her with fangs and claws that are well-suited for combat.

Being a Mythical Zoan, this fruits bestows special powers that a regular wolf does not possess. Yamato is able to utilize the element of ice, allowing her to augment her kanabo, protect herself with ice armor, and even release a powerful blast of ice from her mouth that can clash evenly with and cancel out Kaidou's flame breath blast.[29][30]


Main article: Haki

Yamato is one of very few people in the world who is capable of using all three forms of Haki.

Haoshoku Haki

Yamato infusing her kanabo with Haoshoku Haki.

Yamato possesses Haoshoku Haki, a very rare form of Haki whose users are stated to have the qualities of a king. Yamato was shown to have unleashed this Haki while running wild through Onigashima as a child, knocking out many of her father's subordinates. As an adult, Yamato has demonstrated the advanced technique of imbuing Haoshoku, with her kanabo emitting streams of a dark lightning-like substance when performing the Raimei Hakke technique.[31]

Busoshoku Haki

Yamato is a highly skilled user of Busoshoku Haki, having imbued her hand and kanabo with it while preparing to attack Hatcha, resulting in a lightning-like effect. Yamato can use Busoshoku Haki to an advanced degree, being capable of projecting it a great distance forward and hitting faraway opponents with tremendous force with a simple kanabo swing.[32] However, Yamato appears to not be capable of performing the advanced internal destruction application of Busoshoku Haki, due to the fact that she needed Luffy to remove her explosive shackles for her.[13] Yamato can also use it to hurt Logia users, having clashed against Ace's fire when they first fought and managing to successfully injure him.[14]

Kenbunshoku Haki

Yamato possesses the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki.[8]


Main article: Takeru

Yamato's kanabo.

Yamato wields a giant kanabo club named Takeru,[33] which is much like Kaidou's club Hassaikai, though hers is studded and more slender, while Kaidou's is spiked and a bit thicker. Coupled with Yamato's immense strength, the kanabo can wreak tremendous damage to objects and opponents with a single hit,[10] and with Yamato's strength and Haki, it can be used to perform flying strikes that can even resemble energy blasts.[17] Yamato has masterful technique with her kanabo despite its great size and weight, being capable of moving it to counter Luffy's rapid attacks with little effort.[4]



Twenty years ago at the age of 8, Yamato was present at Kozuki Oden's execution in the Legendary Hour, being extremely saddened yet also inspired at the great samurai's death.[4] Immediately afterwards, Yamato ran to Kuri Castle to try to save Oden's family, but could only watch as her father Kaidou attacked them.[2] Following Kuri Castle's destruction, Yamato found Oden's logbook in a nearby river,[19] and at some point Yamato told Kaidou that she wanted to become Oden, leading to Kaidou beating her up and imprisoning her on Onigashima with exploding handcuffs on her wrists. However, this did not deter Yamato from continuing to emulate Oden.[4]

At some point not long after Oden's death, Yamato was running wild across Onigashima, and despite being chained up by Kaidou, unleashed Haoshoku Haki which knocked out many of her father's subordinates. Yamato insisted to Kaidou that she was Oden, and he responded that if she was, then she would have to die. To try to make Yamato see sense, Kaidou locked his daughter in a cave alongside Shimotsuki Ushimaru, Fugetsu Omusubi, and Uzuki Tempura for a month or until they agreed to obey him. He left them with food provisions for only a single person, and gave them swords to fight over it. Yamato grew extremely scared, believing the samurai would hate her due to her heritage; however, the samurai proceeded to immediately give her the food, saying they did not feel hunger. Ushimaru cut Yamato free from her chains, saying that he had been friends with Oden. Yamato asked for help reading Oden's logbook, and the samurai guided her through it as they took great interest in the exploits it contained themselves. After ten days, the samurai stated that they would not make it 20 years to the day of the promised battle and so prepared to escape the cave and confront Kaidou in order to enable Yamato to survive until that day.[31] One time, whilst starving, Yamato found the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami and ate it, not realizing it was a highly valuable Devil Fruit that Kaidou had worked hard to acquire.[26]

Yamato vs. Ace.

Four years before the present day, Yamato confronted the pirate Portgas D. Ace as he and his crew invaded Onigashima to kill Kaidou, who was on an expedition. Yamato and Ace engaged in a fierce duel, during which Ace learned of Yamato being trapped by Kaidou and thus encouraged her to break free from his control. This ultimately led Yamato to destroy a large dragon statue that her father valued in an act of defiance as she expressed her dream to be free and set sail. Yamato and Ace then had drinks together, and she asked him about other pirates making a name for themselves. Ace told her about several up-and-coming ones, but spent most of the time talking about his little brother Luffy.[14] Ace ended up accidentally mentioning Luffy's ambitious dream and, realizing his error, begged Yamato to not laugh at it; however, Yamato reacted with excitement and quickly affirmed she would not do so, as Luffy's goal was the exact same as that of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger which she read about in Oden's logbook. Following their time together, Yamato gave Ace a Vivre Card which would allow them to meet again one day as he set sail. Two years later, however, the card burned up and Yamato learned about Ace's death soon afterwards from the newspaper. In that newspaper, she also learned about the exploits of Luffy and gained the desire to meet him one day.[19]

Four Emperors Saga

Wano Country Arc

Yamato saves Luffy from Ulti with Raimei Hakke.

Right before the planned Golden Kagura festivities on the day of the Fire Festival, Yamato went missing and no one on the Beasts Pirates knew where she had gone.[27] Later, after Monkey D. Luffy had invaded the Skull Dome and began clashing with Ulti of the Tobiroppo, Yamato came charging in and knocked Ulti out with Raimei Hakke. She then grabbed Luffy and carried him off as she introduced herself;[10] however, Luffy was not willing to stay and talk with Yamato and so the two of them clashed as the Beasts Pirates gathered around. Eventually, however, Yamato was able to take Luffy into an attic space and he agreed to talk for five minutes. As she revealed her true appearance, Yamato explained to Luffy her goal of becoming Oden and fulfilling his goal of opening Wano's borders and thus expressed her intention to fight on his side.[4]

Yamato is thrown off by the explosion of her handcuffs.

Yamato also told Luffy about her exploding handcuffs, and Luffy offered to remove them. The duo then peeked from a crack in the floorboards to watch Kaidou give a speech, but the floorboard eventually collapsed and caused them to fall onto the main floor, where they were once again chased by the Beasts Pirates.[34] As they fended off the pirates, Luffy removed Yamato's handcuffs and tossed them aside. The cuffs then erupted, sending the duo flying toward the Live Floor where Kaidou was as Yamato grew angry at her father for actually being willing to kill her for escaping and thus disowned him. However, she was prevented from going after him by Luffy, who knew the Nine Red Scabbards would shortly be coming to initiate the assault on the Emperor.[13]

Yamato vs Ulti

Once the Scabbards arrived and ambushed Kaidou, Yamato raced to help them finish him off, only to be confronted by a vengeful Ulti. The two of them clashed with their clubs as Yamato explained her intent to become Oden, and when alerted to the attack on her father by other members of the Beasts Pirates, Yamato shocked them by revealing she was not on their side and was rooting for Kaidou to die.[15] After Kozuki Momonosuke was freed from Kaidou's captivity and sent to escape with his vassal Shinobu, Luffy told Yamato to go help protect him. Yamato was initially unsure if she should, but then realized it would be natural to protect Oden's, and thus her own, son.[11] Yamato chased after Momonosuke and Shinobu and called out to them, saying she was Oden and would protect them; this left the duo horrified and caused Shinobu to unleash a smoke ball to try to get away.[12]

Yamato battles Sasaki's Armored Division to protect Momonosuke.

While running from Yamato, Momonosuke and Shinobu were ambushed by Sasaki and the Armored Division, but Yamato stepped in to protect them in the nick of time, fully declaring her intention to fight for the Kozuki Clan to Sasaki.[16] Yamato attended to Momonosuke and Shinobu, and as she used her body to intercept a bazooka strike, she revealed to them her identity as Yamato and intention to protect them.[2] Yamato began battling and taking down members of the Armored Division, but her body started taking serious damage from constant bazooka strikes. Sasaki then prepared to intervene, and to deal with him, Yamato began activating her Devil Fruit transformation. However, the Straw Hat member Franky then came running in while being chased by the Number Hatcha. Hatcha smashed the floor with his club, creating a hole in the ground that enabled Yamato, Momonosuke, and Shinobu to escape by falling to a lower level. Yamato left Franky to take care of Sasaki's troops, but to aid him, she unleashed a long-range strike with her club which knocked out Hatcha. After landing on the floor below, Yamato continued running while holding Momonosuke and Shinobu, telling the former he must survive as he would be the one to guide the world to the "dawn".[17]

The trio went outside to the port to try to sail away from Onigashima, but found that Onigashima had been lifted into the air by Kaidou's Flame Clouds and was heading toward the Flower Capital.[35] The trio moved to a storeroom inside the Skull Dome, and upon seeing the dragon statue that she and Ace had broken, Yamato told Momonosuke and Shinobu about their encounter.[36] While recounting what Ace told her about Luffy, Yamato believed it was an act of fate that caused Momonosuke's group to bring him here, especially considering the initial D. in his name.[14] Yamato gave Momonosuke his father's logbook while reflecting that Oden's record foretelling a new generation of pirates coming 20 years after his time to strike down Kaidou was on the verge of coming true.[19]

Later, Yamato heard a voice coming from within the room and found a mouse Mary lurking nearby, which meant the Beasts Pirates had surveillance of their location. The trio then heard a group of Beasts Pirates gathering outside the storeroom to attack, and Yamato had Momonosuke hide inside her garment as she and Shinobu fought their way out of the room.[37] As they resumed running through the Skull Dome, Momonosuke suddenly transformed into a dragon, causing him to pop out of Yamato's garment to her and Shinobu's great shock.[38] Momonosuke quickly managed to calm down and revert back to human form, and Yamato noted his transformation's similarity to her father's as she expressed the desire to get a shot at defeating him.[39]

Yamato confronts Kaidou.

The trio hid inside the first floor crawlspace, and Yamato prepared to go out on her own. She claimed it was to serve as a decoy, but both Momonosuke and Shinobu knew she wanted to go and fight Kaidou.[18] Yamato rampaged through the castle, taking down any Beasts Pirates in her way.[40] Upon arriving at the dome roof, Yamato confronted Kaidou, who told Yamato to refer to him as "Father", but Yamato refused and expressed the desire to break the chains holding them together[41] as well as to go out to sea with Luffy after Kaidou was defeated. Kaidou stated that Luffy was dead and there was no way Yamato could beat him; Yamato acknowledged the latter, but still believed Luffy would return and so was prepared to hold Kaidou off until then as the duo clashed.[9] Soon into their battle, Yamato had transformed into her Okuchi no Makami hybrid form as she made clear her intent to fulfill Oden's vision for Wano and refusal to rule over Wano the way Kaidou had intended her to. As Kaidou unleashed a fiery Bolo Breath attack at her, Yamato countered with a breath attack of her own.[26][28] Kaidou then unleashed a flying strike that overwhelmed Yamato, who realized he was attacking with the intent to kill. Kaidou told his daughter that if she wished to bear Oden's name, she must be ready for war. As Yamato remembered the samurai who sacrificed themselves to keep her alive, Yamato asked Kaidou why he had taken away her and Wano's freedom, and Kaidou responded that there was no simple answer to that as the two both performed the Raimei Hakke technique and created a powerful clash of Haoshoku Haki.[31] The clash shattered Yamato's ice covering, preventing any injury.

She then leapt into the air and attacked Kaidou, knocking his head into the ground. As he stood back up, he mocked her defense of Wano and reminded her that she would never escape her heritage and that the samurai would never accept her; however, Yamato dismissed the claims. When Kaidou added that she had always been alone, Yamato yelled that she has friends, but Kaidou retorted that everyone who had ever shown her compassion had died, like Ace, the samurai in the cave, and any pirate that fed her. Disheartened, Yamato let her guard down, and Kaidou knocked her into the ground and proceeded to beat her, claiming that those friendships were phony and that she should rule others with the fear of her power.

Yamato and Luffy both strike Kaidou.

Standing back up, Yamato reverted back to normal and readied herself to continue the fight with Kaidou. She then infused her kanabo with Haoshoku Haki and struck Kaidou again. At the same time, Luffy rode an adult Momonosuke in his dragon form to the rooftop and struck Kaidou as well. The combined attack sent Kaidou flying, while Yamato and Luffy greeted each other. Kaidou transformed into his dragon form and confronted the other dragon, who Yamato was surprised to hear was Momonosuke.[42] As the fight continued, Yamato watched as Luffy and Kaidou clashed, with their attacks splitting the heavens, and Yamato looking onward with amazement. While Luffy tells Momonosuke to stop Onigashima from falling onto Wano, Yamato also begins to bleed, and clutches her head in pain due to not being able to block Kaidou's attack completely by herself. Luffy then calls to Yamato to help Momonosuke, Yamato agrees and climbed onto Momonosuke. Kaidou refuses to let them go anywhere and charges for the both of them, as Yamato tries to encourage Momonosuke to get going, which he eventually does, with Yamato even blocking her father, right as Luffy grabbed Kaidou from behind and stopped him.

Despite wanting to go back and help fight, Yamato quickly realizes that Luffy wanted a one-on-one with Kaidou, so with that, she and Momonosuke jump off Onigashima. As Momonosuke cries in fear of falling, Yamato tells Momonosuke to grab onto the clouds, because according to her, dragons don't actually fly; dragons create clouds to use as footholds to move through the sky. Momonosuke successfully conjures the flame clouds as Yamato destroys falling debris. That is when she realizes Onigashima is starting to crumble because Kaidou's powers are weakening and his clouds are becoming unstable. Momonosuke tries to stop the island himself but Yamato hits him and tells him it is useless. She then tells him that even though the two of them can see the Flower Capital from the air and it will be over the capital in under five minutes. Yamato then tells Momonosuke that if he wants to stop the island, he will have to conjure flame clouds stronger than Kaidou's, which Momonosuke sees as impossible since he is still new to his form and doesn't even know if he has the same powers as Kaidou. Yamato tells him that he will have to take a chance and hope for the best, because according to her, if the island drops, everyone in the Flower Capital will be crushed, and on top of that, Onigashima is filled with tons of weapons and gunpowder, which makes it practically a giant bomb. Momonosuke panics and considers getting Luffy to stop fighting Kaidou, but Yamato smacks him on the head and reminds him that Luffy is already putting everything on his shoulders with his fight, and he doesn't need anymore pressure, meaning the two of them need to figure out how to stop the island themselves. After realizing that they might not make it in time, Yamato leaves the rest to Momonosuke as she climbs back up to Onigashima, hoping to nullify the explosives and weapons in the castle to reduce the potential number of casualties, turning into her full beast form as she reaches the top of the island, surprising members of the Heart Pirates as she passes by.[43]

As she was making her way towards the weapons stock, she was witness to Kid and Law's fight with Big Mom, seeing Kid being sent out of the third floor [44] but due to her having to reach the stock fast, she later bashed into the Cave Chamber, right into Apoo's and Drake's skirmish. She would then procede to make her way thorugh, dismissing Apoo's attempt at allying themselves while also shortly clashing with Drake. She was surprised to hear he left the Beasts Pirates as well, but shook him aside and ran towards the stock again, this time chased by Fuga, closely followed by Apoo, Drake and the other Numbers.[45] When the Kazenbo made his way downwards, Yamato was immediately worried about it reaching the bomb stocks and blowing the island up, asking for Fuga's assist while making their way downwards.[46] Fuga and Yamato made their way down to the armory, where Rokki was sleeping while guarding the gate. Following Yamato's orders, Fuga charged headlong into Rokki, breaking down the gate in the process, and then held Rokki down, so Yamato could continue down into the armory.[47]

Major Battles

Anime and Manga Differences

In the anime, Yamato was shown to be the unknown figure who observed Robin and Jinbe when the Straw Hats enter into Onigashima's castle.[48] The manga has yet to show whether the person was Yamato or not.

Translation and Dub Issues


The gender identity of Yamato is a complex and nuanced issue that has resulted in a fair amount of confusion due to potentially conflicting information as well as conflicting interpretations of this information. This uncertainty has forced English translators to take their own stance on the matter, as translations must often add third-person pronouns on their own due to such terms being rare in Japanese.

Information on Yamato's gender that has come directly from the author has indicated that Yamato is female. This includes Yamato being referred to as the "daughter of Kaidou" in both her introduction box in Chapter 984 and her listing at the beginning of volumes starting in Volume 98. Additionally, Vivre Card - One Piece Visual Dictionary lists Yamato's gender as female in her card entry.

However, certain statements by characters in the manga have continued to create confusion and uncertainty regarding Yamato's gender, particularly regarding Yamato being referred to as Kaidou's son. Yamato has stated that she refers to herself as Kaidou's son due to her desire to adopt Oden's identity, saying "Oden was a man, wasn't he? So I chose to be a man too!" Yamato has also been referred to as Kaidou's son by Kaidou himself as well as the Beasts Pirates; though their reasons for doing so still remain unclear, given their relationship with the real Oden and their reactions to Yamato claiming to be the legendary samurai. This has led to a significant portion of the fanbase believing that, in-universe, characters who know Yamato consider her to be male, and the official VIZ and Funimation translations have taken this approach, with Luffy and the Beasts Pirates referring to Yamato with masculine ("he/him") pronouns.


Video Games

Playable Appearances


  • "Yamato" (大和やまと?), meaning "Great Harmony", is an ancient name for Japan (originating from the Yamato Province) and can can also refer to the Yamato period of Japanese history, which lasted into the 8th century. Relating to that, Yamato is the dynastic name of the ruling Imperial House of Japan and further refers to the dominant ethnic group of Japan, the Yamato people. Otherwise:
    • Yamato Takeru is a legendary Japanese prince of the Yamato dynasty, prominent in mythology. Yamato's kanabo being named Takeru makes it nearly certain that her name was based on this figure.[33]
    • Yamato is the name of a prominent WWII-era Japanese battleship.
    • Yamato nadeshiko is a phrase that refers to the idealized image of a Japanese female.

Yamato's "sideboob" as a person.

  • On a request from a fan in Volume 99's SBS, Oda drew a personification of the side of Yamato's breast, or "sideboob" (横乳 yoko chichi?).
  • Hannya, which Yamato's mask is based on, are well known in Japanese theatrical stage culture for representing characters who are the physical manifestation of twisted female souls.
  • Yamato seems to be inspired by Oscar François de Jarjayes, from the shōjo manga The Rose of Versailles, who is a woman raised by her father as if she were a boy in order to succeed him as the commander of the Royal Guard at the Palace of Versailles.
    • Additionally, in the Chapter 945 author's comment, Oda talks about reading The Rose of Versailles for the first time and being surprised to find out Oscar was a woman.[49]
  • Yamato's favorite food is oden and raw salmon eaten by biting into it.[7]
  • Yamato possesses some notable parallels to Kozuki Momonosuke, with both of them being born 28 years ago and given the shogunate of Wano as their birthright. Interestingly, however, each of them share traits and goals moreso with the other's father rather than their own. Yamato has been trapped on Wano for much of her life and wishes to leave and set sail with a pirate crew like Oden, while Momonosuke has been out on the sea but wishes to rule over Wano, much like Kaidou. Additionally, Yamato desires to directly become Oden while Momonosuke possesses the very same Devil Fruit transformation as Kaidou.
    • Both Yamato and Momonosuke ate their Devil Fruits purely out of hunger without even knowing what they were consuming.
  • Yamato being forced to wear exploding handcuffs by her father in order to fulfill his plans for her and prevent her from leaving their homeland is very similar to what happened to Sanji in the Whole Cake Island Arc.
  • Yamato battling Ace to a draw to defend the territory of one of the Four Emperors, then later befriending Ace and taking an interest in Luffy due to Ace's relationship with him, also occurred with Jinbe.
  • In the 7th fan popularity poll, Yamato was ranked 11th.


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