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The Yes Pirates were a pirate crew that originated from the East Blue.[2]

Crew Members

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Yes Pirates
Billy Koze Packy

Crew Strength

Billy, the captain of the Yes Pirates, had a bounty of Beli.png3,000,000,[2] which is considered a standard low for East Blue, the weakest of the Four Blues. The crew is rather weak, as the captain was easily arrested by Smoker, and Koze and Packy attempted a surprise attack against Tashigi, but also lost.[1]


East Blue Saga

Loguetown Arc

The crew originally dreamed of entering the Grand Line, but the captain, Billy the Orca Killer, was arrested by Marine Captain Smoker.[2]


Two members, Koze and Packy, felt angered that their dream was ruined, and decided to take revenge against Smoker's subordinate, Master Chief Petty Officer Tashigi. She easily defeated them.[1]


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