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Yokan[2] is a doctor assigned to treat the injured at sumo matches in Bakura Town.[1]


Yokan is an elderly man with a very long face. He has gray hair tied in a topknot, but the top of his head is balding. He has a thick gray mustache and a short beard. He wears glasses on top of his head and a rose-colored kimono with the kanji 医 ("medicine"?) printed all over it. [1]


Yokan is a stoic individual as he remained calm while counting the number of injuries at the sumo tournament.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Yokan appears to be a skilled doctor as he was able to accurately determine the injuries of the sumo fighters and count the number of broken bones.[1]


Wano Country Arc

Yokan was present to treat the injured at a sumo match occurring in Bakura Town. In response to a question by the announcer Ikkaku, Yokan listed the number of injuries caused by the yokozuna Urashima.[1]


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