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Pastor Yomo[3] is a sheep mink and one of Inuarashi's Musketeers.[1]


Yomo is a large male sheep mink with fluffy, light-colored fur. He has narrow eyes, thick lips, and black skin. He has sheep hooves, horns, and a tail, and wears a pair of dark-colored pants.[1]


Yomo did not mind it when Nami slept on him[1] and seems to like it, as he attempted to accompany her to Whole Cake Island with the reasoning that Nami likes sleeping on him.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a mink, Yomo is a natural-born warrior and can use Electro. Furthermore, as a member of the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad, he is highly formidable in combat.[5]

Yomo is very large and has fluffy wool, allowing people to sleep on him without any discomfort.[1]



When the Beasts Pirates, led by Jack, invaded Zou in search of Raizo, Yomo and the other Musketeers fought against them.[2]

The battle against the Beast Pirates lasted for five days. On the fifth day of the battle, Jack lost his patience and unleashed Caesar Clown's Koro gas, which left the Mink Tribe poisoned and drastically weakened. The following day, Jack left Zou after hearing about Donquixote Doflamingo's defeat and capture,[6] and the minks were later saved when Sanji and his group came to Zou.[7]

Zou ArcEdit

When the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates arrived on Zou, Nami was sleeping on Yomo's belly in the Right Belly Fortress. After Chopper came into the room to inform Nami of Monkey D. Luffy's arrival, Yomo expressed his happiness about her friends arriving and started sitting up a little too soon, causing Nami to stumble and fall, which he apologized for.[8]

Shortly after, Yomo took part in the feast with the Straw Hats.[9]

The following day, when Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, the samurai, and the pirates returned from the Whale Tree with Raizo, Zou began shaking as Zunesha started crying out, throwing Yomo and the others into a state of panic.[10] Jack had returned and was attempting to destroy Zou by killing Zunesha, who retaliated on Kozuki Momonosuke's command and sank Jack's fleet with one blow, calming down Yomo and the others in the process.[11]

Later on, he requested to go with the Sanji retrieval team because Nami liked sleeping on his belly, but was told to stay behind on Zou by Nekomamushi.[4]

Wano Country ArcEdit

The Mink Tribe later infiltrated Wano Country. Yomo was next seen inside Tama's house in Amigasa Village.[12]


  • Yōmō (羊毛?) means "wool".


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