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The Yonta Maria is the huge flagship of the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet, under the direct command of Orlumbus.[1]


The ship is massive, as even the giant Hajrudin is dwarfed by its size. The ship has three masts and its figurehead is a woman looking upwards with angel wings and a helmet based on the design of Ancient Greek helmets.[1]


The ship was docked at the eastern port in Dressrosa when the Straw Hats and their allies from Dressrosa were fleeing the Marines.


  • The ship is based on the Santa Maria, the main ship of Orlumbus' namesake Christopher Columbus on his first voyage. It is also a pun, as "San" in Santa Maria means three in Japanese, and "Yon" in Yonta Maria means four.
  • The figurehead resembles the ancient Greek goddess Athena.


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