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Yotsubane[2] is one of the Shandia warriors who fought against Enel.[1]


Yotsubane is a lean man with wings, like other Shandia. He wears a red cap that resembles a chullo, with two white stripes on it, with four white feathers with black tips on the top. The hat also has a white cloth hanging down on the sides. He wears a dark yellow robe, that shows half his chest, has white frills at the bottom, purple triangle shapes with white triangles inside on the hip area. He also wears a brown belt across his torso, which he carries the holder for his arrows and his bow.[1]


As a Shandia warrior, Yotsubane has great pride and loyalty to his people. He was horrified when Wyper was attacked by Holy[1]. He is also quite aggressive, calling for Enel's head and retaliating at Ohm after Wyper was injured.[3]

Abilities and Powers

Yotsubane, being one of the few Shandia warriors to reach Upper Yard, is quite powerful. However, he was easily defeated when Holy knocked him into Ohm's White-Barbed Iron Deathmatch.[3]


He has a bow, which he is proficient at using. Some of his arrows are equipped with explosive dials at the tips that cause massive destruction.[1]


Sky Island Saga

Skypiea Arc

Yotsubane fought in the war for Skypiea alongside his fellow Shandia. He was one of the few Shandia warriors to survive long enough to arrive at Upper Yard. When Wyper was struck by Holy, Yotsubane called out to him in horror.[1] Yotsubane lashed out at Ohm in retaliation but was intercepted by a Divine Soldier. Now distracted, Yotsubane was unaware of Holy's approach and was knocked by the dog into the spikes of Ohm's White-Barbed Iron Deathmatch.[3].

Major Battles


  • His name means "four feathers", a reference to the four feathers he has on his cap.
  • Yotsubane's design was used for a generic enemy character in One Piece Treasure Cruise.


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