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You Can't Turn the Tide is a song produced by 4Kids Entertainment for their English dub of One Piece.

The song originally accompanied a promotional video for upcoming episodes in Fall 2005; this video was later included on the promotional DVD The Hunt Begins.[1] A slightly different version of the song accompanied a second promotional video, mostly assembled with clips from the Arabasta Arc; an abridged version of this video occasionally aired on the original 4Kids block, while the full version was included as a bonus on several DVDs under the Shonen Jump Home Video label, and eventually incorporated into the dub of Episode 130.


Ya-yo ya-yo!

You can rock the boat
But you sure can't turn the tide
There's a rhythm to the way I move
And it's something I can't hide

(No, no-no)

And there ain't no way, no way you're blockin' me
'cuz there's just too much at stake!
If you try to stop me, wait and see
You'll get caught up in my wake!

You can't turn the tide
It's like treasure you can't find!
Go ahead and try to corner me
You will never change my mind!

(Now, now-now...)

And no matter what you do or say
I'm gonna leave you way behind
So you might as well give up, you see
I ain't giving up this ride!

(Go, go, go-go-go-go...)

You can't turn the tide, baby
You can't turn the tide!
(You can't turn it!)



  1. This DVD was bundled with select issues of the American Shonen Jump as well as Mattel's "Pi-Ripz" figures
  2. 'Music from 4Kids TV' - All music

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