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Yu[3] is a little girl who accidentally bumped into Smoker and got ice cream on his uniform.[1]


Yu is a young girl, with blonde hair. She has her hair in a ponytail in the back, and part of it in the front. In her hair, she wears two blue clips. She has big brown eyes, and wears a tan shirt, with a striped red and white color, and two orange stripes on the end of the sleeves.[1]


She is a young innocent girl, who was excited to get some ice cream. When seeing that she had spilled her ice cream on Smoker's uniform, she seemed very scared.[1]


Loguetown Arc

Smoker comforts Yu after she bumped into him.

After getting a triple scoop of ice cream, she was very excited. She ran down the streets of Loguetown, only to run into Captain Smoker.[1]

Her father, scared that the captain might do something harsh, apologized for Yu. But, Smoker was not angry. He apologized for his uniform "eating her ice cream", to the surprise of her frightened father. Smoker then proceeded to give her some money to buy another ice cream.[1]


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