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Yuba is a small oasis town in Arabasta where Toto lives.[1]

Originally built with the purpose of acting as an intersection for the towns and villages of western Arabasta, Yuba was endlessly struck with sandstorms summoned by the leader of Baroque Works, Mr. 0, a.k.a Crocodile, as part of his plan to agitate the country's rebellion forces.

It once served as the headquarters of the Arabastan rebel army until they moved to Katorea. Unaware of that, Nefertari Vivi and the Straw Hat Pirates came to this town thinking they could meet with the rebels and stop the civil war.


Yuba is a recent town, no older than 8–10 years old. Its location, at the very middle of the western portion of the Sandora Desert, was strategically decided in order to provide Arabasta with a hub that could act as a rest stop for merchants traveling through the desert.[2] Rainbase is located to its north, the Spiders Cafe to its southwest and Erumalu to its southeast.

During the Arabasta Arc, Yuba was almost as ruined as Erumalu due to the countless sandstorms hitting the place. The oasis where the town was built upon was nearly dried up due to the endless sand brought by said storms, with Toto desperately digging in the middle of Yuba in search of an underground reservoir.

Yuba features circular buildings with a clay-like look and poles sticking from the outer walls. As a town built primarily for desert travelers, Yuba has many inns, which were still functioning during the drought.[1][3]

After the defeat of Baroque Works, Yuba was shown to have regained its oasis, going by the events of Gedatsu's Accidental Blue-Sea Life.[4] Post-timeskip, it has visibly grown into a prosperous location, displaying a more sophisticated architecture, with the primitive circular buildings from before being only present as part of the town's welcome sign.[5]



10 years before the start of the series, Nefertari Cobra and Toto devised a plan to build an oasis town in the center of the western Sandora Desert, so merchants and travelers would have a place to rest while crossing the perilous desert. Toto accepted to spearhead this assignment, leaving Alubarna with his young son Koza in order to establish this new dream settlement.

Years after settling, Koza and Toto would start facing more and more difficulties in maintaining Yuba thanks to the drought ravaging the country. Koza witnessed Erumalu and several other villages succumbing to the lack of rain as Toto remained hopeful that the rainfall would come. Not tolerating the fate befalling his country and arguing with King Cobra about the usage of Dance Powder, Koza gathered many of the drought's victims and formed a massive rebellion army to oppose the crown.

Koza's rebels were headquartered in Yuba for some time before moving to Katorea in the east due to supply issues, with Toto being the only citizen staying behind. With Yuba's oasis drying up, Toto would struggle by himself alone and dig around, hoping to find water once more while braving several sandstorms that were, in truth, intentionally caused by Crocodile.

Arabasta Saga

Arabasta Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates headed to Yuba following Vivi's plan to meet with Koza and the rebels. Unfortunately, they only found a sandstorm raging through the town during their arrival. The Straw Hats then met Toto, who was relieved to know Vivi was okay and told them that the rebel army had relocated their operations to Katorea, much to Vivi's frustration as she and the Straw Hats had been close by earlier at Nanohana.

Toto handing Luffy the small amount of water he had found.

As the Straw Hats rested for the night in one of the town's inns, Monkey D. Luffy decided to keep Toto's company, showing respect for the old man's dedication and perseverance while trying to help him out with the digging job. As Luffy fell asleep from digging too much, Toto carried him to the inn where the other Straw Hats were sleeping. The next day, Toto gifted the Straw Hats with some water he had managed to extract from damp sand the night prior. Bidding his farewell, Toto went back to digging for water.

Later, while Luffy confronted Crocodile at Rainbase, Toto was able to hit a new underground reservoir. His happiness was short-lived, however, as Crocodile had summoned another sandstorm to hit Yuba, with the intention of burying it up for good. Toto was unafraid of the incoming threat though, boldly claiming that Yuba would not lose to any disaster befalling it.

Toto was later shown to have survived the latest sandstorm and witnessed rainfall coming to Yuba once again. With the war now over, Koza decided to return to his father at Yuba.

After Nefertari Vivi delivered her speech at the end of the arc, an amused Toto called for the returning rebels to aid him in digging back the town's oasis. Some citizens from Rainbase also decided to migrate to Yuba in order to help revive it.[6]

Water 7 Saga

Gedatsu's Accidental Blue-Sea Life

Koza and Toto continued their efforts to revive Yuba, managing to recover the town's oasis. They were suddenly visited by Gedatsu and Goro, Toto's brother, who had accidentally created a tunnel from Ukkari Hot-Spring Island to Yuba.[7]

Fish-Man Island Saga

From the Decks of the World

Yuba's new appearance.

Two years after the events of the Arabasta Arc, Yuba is now shown to be flourishing thanks to the efforts of Koza, the new Arabasta Minister of Environment.


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