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Yuta is the main protagonist of the game Set Sail Pirate Crew! and the captain of the Gejitsu Pirates.[1]


Yuta is a young boy with brownish-black hair. He wears a dark-blue pirate captain outfit with a hat that has a skull in the center and is pointed into cones on both sides.[1]


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Abilities and Powers

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Set Sail Pirate Crew!

Yuta and his friends Ryuji and Reika set out to sea to find a mysterious treasure. They came upon an island and found Usopp, sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates. Usopp showed the pirates that he had a piece of the mysterious treasure, and he left the island with them to guide them to the rest of the treasure.[1]

Legend of the Rainbow Island

During the Royal Combat Tournament, Yuta ran into Zoro again who was with Dias as they waited for the tournament to start. He then introduced himself to Dias and told him that he would tell him something good if him and Zoro made it to the finals. After the two won, Yuta followed through on his promise and told them something interesting.[2]


  • Like Dias, Yuta can have his name selected by the player before the events of the story begin. Yuta is his default name.[1]
  • When he encounters the player in Legend of the Rainbow Island, he will have the same name as the player.[2]


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