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Zanki is a member of the Numbers in the Beasts Pirates, representing the number "three".[2]


Due to the experiments conducted on him Zanki is far taller than even normal giants, and has a pair of slender, straight, outward-pointing horns, along with a mouth full of sharp teeth. He has a round body with slender arms. He has an oval-shaped face with a small downward-pointed nose, red cheeks and a bushy dark-colored goatee. He has a prominent brow-ridge, which is often seen sloped downward in a sad-looking expression. The kanji "参", which stands for the number 3, is tattooed on his right side. He wears a plain-looking dark-colored kabuto helmet, a braided Shimenawa rope as a necklace, and a dark garment on his lower body. On his left wrist Zanki seemingly wears some sort of dark, metallic bracelet or gauntlet. He wears a dark sash around his waist that he keeps a katana tucked into. He wears simple geta for footwear.


Like the other Numbers, Zanki possesses a unique laugh which plays off his name: "Zakikikiki".[2]

Abilities and Powers

As an artificial ancient giant, he is tremendously powerful[2] and can tear the roof off of a building with one hand.[1]

Zanki is seen wearing a katana at his hip but has so far not showcased his abilities with it in combat.



Sometime in the past, Zanki was part of an experiment on Punk Hazard that attempted to artificially recreate the ancient giants. The experiment was deemed a failure, and Zanki and his fellow test subjects were eventually bought by Kaidou, becoming known as the Numbers and residing on Onigashima.[3]

Wano Country Arc

Five days before the Fire Festival, the Numbers arrived in Hakumai via Mogura Harbor and headed toward Onigashima with Scratchmen Apoo.[4]

Zanki is defeated by Maha.

Zanki and fellow Numbers Inbi and Fuga were eating and drinking in a Skull Dome chamber together, and were not participating in the war that broke out between the Beasts Pirates and Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance. They were eventually joined in the room by Apoo and X Drake.[2] Zanki sat while Apoo and Drake fought. After Yamato passed through the room, Apoo chased after her and ordered Zanki and Inbi to follow him.[5] Zanki then participated in the fight against CP0, being defeated by Maha.[6]

Major Battles


  • Zanki's name contains the kanji for "three" ( zan?) and the kanji for "oni" (?)
  • The shape of Zanki's brow-line resembles the Arabic numeral used to represent the number three, the character's namesake.


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