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Zap is a non-canon character who appeared in the second TV-special as a member of the Bayan Pirates and second in command.[2]


Zap is a tall, bulky man with a square chin and red hair. He resembles a viking in terms of appearance.


He is an aggressive man as seen, especially when things seems to go wrong, such as his hostage going missing. He also cannot communicate without directly talking to a person, as seen when Bayan tried to ask him some questions about his encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates but he understood something completely different.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Zap is seen wielding a sword, though it is known how skilled he is with it.[4] He also fights using sets of claws as seen, on both of his hands. It can be assumed that he is quite strong since he was capable of defeating Maccus and Bonney easily.[5] However, he is not as strong as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates since he was easily defeated by them.[6]


Zap Orders

Zap giving orders to his underlings.

During his first appearance, Zap was seen eating with his crew members.[1] But when he realized that his hostages were missing, he angrily ordered his underlings to get them back, but in vain. He later appeared again on board of his ship searching for his hostages. When he found them, he attacked the Straw Hat Pirates and he was beaten by the crew's captain, Monkey D. Luffy, who was asleep. Later, he managed to capture Luffy and Amanda in order to give them to his boss, Bayan. After Luffy woke up in Bayan's ship, Zap was seen talking to Bayan about Amanda. When Bayan noticed Luffy, he tried to communicate with Zap without talking to him, but Zap understood something completely different.[3] Finally, while the Straw Hats were fighting Bayan, Maccus and Bonney decided to attack Zap, but they were easily defeated.[5] Before Zap killed them, the Straw Hats appeared and defeated the man together.[6] What happened to him after that incident is unknown.


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