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Zau Ra Zau is a member of the Simon Pirates and a creation of Niphtal.[1]


Zau Ra Zau and Kau Ra Kau.

Zau Ra Zau is a large, yellow and red robot with a broad chest, a flat head, one large eye, a red square where the other should be, and large teeth. It also has a sword and spear arm, silver shoulder joints, and a black lower half designed to resemble pants.[1]


Zau Ra Zau, as a robot, lacks any personality and only does what it is instructed to do by its creator, Niphtal.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Zau Ra Zau has incredibly strong defenses, taking no damage from gunshots and attacks from Hey. Zau uses its weapon hands to fight as well as a flamethrower that comes out of its chest.[1]


Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands

Roronoa Zoro clashing with Kau Ra Kau and Zau Ra Zau.

When Niphtal's men were defeated by Hey and his subordinates, the pirate summoned Zau and his fellow robot, Kau Ra Kau. The two fought Hey and his men, receiving no damage and defeating the gang with ease. When Niphtal tried to use the robots to attack the townspeople, Zoro blocked their attack with his swords. The Straw Hat Pirates fought Zau and Kau and destroyed them.[1]

Major Battles


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