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Zenny is an old man from Goat Island. He is a debt collector who got stuck for 20 years on an island which was full of goats. He is suffering from a fatal disease, though he received medicine from Chopper. He had a childhood dream of becoming a pirate and decided, even though he was old, to sail the sea with the goats that he had trained to obey him. He seems to be very happy to have got the chance to fulfill his dream, thanks to the Straw Hat Pirates.[1][2]

He is the main ally of the Straw Hat Pirates during the Goat Island Arc.


Zenny when he was younger.

Zenny's current appearance is that of an old man with a long gray beard and hairstyle, and thin arms with brown skin. He wears a dark captain's jacket over green overalls and a brown, striped shirt. He also wears a yellow sash around his waist and brown sandals.[1]

When Zenny was younger, he had a healthier build and wore the same dark captain's jacket with a white cravat around his neck. His gray hair was in the same style, except it was darker shade of gray and shorter than his current appearance.[2]


His personality is similar to the way Nami's was originally, in that he hates pirates and he is stingy with money (similar to his name, which means 'money').

Abilities and Powers

Apparently Zenny is physically a weak person, which is supported by his claim that the only reason he managed to collect his debts is due to the fact that he has such a burning desire to fulfill his dream, not because he is a skilled fighter. However although he may be weak he is shown to be smart, showing signs of great logic for in a flashback he is seen to be collecting a debt from pirates, and instead of using force to collect the debt he rigs their ship with explosives to intimidate them into giving him the money. Other signs of his intelligence are shown when he repeatedly defeats Nami in games of chess, much to her frustration.


Sky Island Saga

Goat Island Arc

Zenny first appeared looking upon the Straw Hat Pirates when they landed on Goat Island. He was revealed to have ordered the goats on the island to attack Luffy and the others. When he was found out, he tried to run away but failed and ended up getting stuck in low-hanging branches. Zoro freed Zenny, and Zenny's heart stopped. Chopper took care of him and thought he had three days to live, so the pirates stayed and took care of him.


  • His name is a reference to the term (Zeni?), an Edo-era designation for "common" coinage that eventually became a byword for all forms of cash (and an inspiration for a number of fictional currencies, including that of Dragon Ball).


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